Malfunctions of the dishwasher Indesite

Dishwashers from the company "Indesit" are affordable appliances. The price of dishwashers of this brand is much lower than that of other brands. Therefore, they are in demand among consumers.

Malfunctions can appear in a year or two after the purchase of the dishwasher "Indesit". Electronics is very sensitive to voltage surges, which leads to burnout of contacts and control card. We will analyze the main causes of breakages and the options for their elimination.

Indesit MMC error codes are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

Content of the material:

  • 1The main causes of dishwasher breakdowns Indesit
  • 2How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands
    • 2.1Replacement of the heating element
    • 2.2Cleaning and replacing the drain pump
    • 2.3Replacing the door seal
    • 2.4Problems with the Management Card
    • 2.5Checking the flood system

The main causes of dishwasher breakdowns Indesit

The time of failure can not be foreseen, but the reason must be clarified. After years of operation in the dishwasher can "hand over" any of the nodes. How to identify the problem? See the recommendations:

  1. Pay attention to the symptoms of breakage. Is the machine malfunctioning, or does it not turn on? All this indicates the cause of the malfunction.
  2. Look at the display. Often the self-diagnosis system produces an error in the form of a code. Decoding the code will indicate a breakdown.

What faults are typical for Indesit dishwashers:

  • Failure of TEN leads to a decrease in the quality of washing dishes. The machine does not heat water. It is necessary to check the heater, its wiring. Also, the electronic module, triacs of the TEN control are inspected.

  • Extraneous noise during operation may indicate the wear of the engine bearing. This happens when the stuffing box becomes unusable, the grease is washed out and the bearing starts to creak. It is necessary to completely disassemble the pump and carry out bearing replacement. Also, noise occurs when glass enters the impeller pump.
  • Typical malfunction - the machine does not gain water. The problem lies in the flood system. We need to check everything, clean it, replace it.
  • When the dishwasher leaks, the cause may be in the door seal. It could be worn or damaged, then a replacement is needed. Often the dish of the dishwasher "Indesit" flows. Here you will need knowledge about how to disassemble the equipment and replace the tank.

  • Why is the dishwasher "Indesit" squeaking while working? The problem can be in the control module. You will need to diagnose and replace the part.
  • If the water drain does not work, the drain pump, filter and hose must be checked.

We now turn to the search for faulty parts and their repair.

How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands

Repair of the dishwasher "Indesit" can be done independently. For everything to go well, follow our recommendations.

Replacement of the heating element

The heater often suffers from scale and voltage drops. Due to poor quality water with a high salt content, the plaque settles on the TEN. Over time, the scale becomes larger, which leads to overheating and combustion of the heater. In addition, more energy is used to heat water.

Instructions for replacing the heater:

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains. Shut off the water supply.
  • Lay the machine on its side.
  • Open the bottom cover. In the dishwasher "Indesit" TEN is connected to the pump.
  • Before removing the heater, check it for service. Disconnect the heater wiring, attach the meter probes to the contacts. If the part is faulty, replace it.
  • Unclip the heater clamps and unplug it.
  • Disconnect the clamp and remove the hose from the pump to the water tank.
  • Disconnect the pump wiring.
  • Pull the pump and heater out of the housing.
  • After turning clockwise, disconnect the heater.

To install a new element, remove the seal from the pump and replace it. To easily heat the heater, lubricate the edges and seal with grease.

The heater is installed in the reverse order, the removed clamps are replaced with new ones.

Cleaning and replacing the drain pump

If the wastewater is not washed off after cleaning, check the drainage system. How to do it:

  1. Open the door of the car, pull out the trays and shelves for the dishes.
  2. Pull out the filter at the bottom and the metal mesh (if there is one). Rinse the parts under running water.
  3. If water has accumulated in the installation site of the filter, remove it with a sponge.
  4. Press and pull the pump cover.
  5. Inspect the impeller for obstruction, clean.

To check the operation of the pump, get to it through the bottom of the machine.

Disconnect the pump wiring and check the contacts with a multimeter. In case of breakage, replace. To remove the pump from the circulation pump, turn it clockwise.

Replacing the door seal

The leak in the dishwasher "Indesit" is formed due to a worn seal on the door. Replace it easily with your own hands:

  • open the hopper door;
  • disconnect the seal around the perimeter of the machine;
  • take a new gasket, put it in place of the old, distributing around the perimeter;

  • remove excess sealant with a knife.

Do a test job to check the seal in the case.

To replace the lower door seal, proceed as follows:

  • open the hopper door;
  • unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the inner door panel;
  • Lift the door up, pull the outer door panel down and remove;
  • open the door again and pull the basket out of the bunker;
  • below you will see a part of the seal;
  • Pull out the seal by pulling the edges with tweezers;

  • on the new product you will see a mark on the right side - this means that the right side of the seal should be installed on the right inward;
  • Fill the seal and assemble the door.

Problems with the Management Card

The control module is a complex and expensive part. Each triac on the module is responsible for the operation of certain parts of the dishwasher. Repair of the module is best entrusted to the master.

But if you want to inspect it and find a malfunction, here's the manual:

  • remove the front panel of the door, as described above;
  • unscrew the bolts that hold the control panel;
  • put the panel on top of the case;
  • To disconnect the module, disconnect the black wire;

  • unscrew the screws holding the module on the panel;
  • disconnect the wiring; before fixing, it is better to photograph the location of the connectors.

You can inspect the details. Installation of the new module is in the reverse order.

Checking the flood system

A long set of water in the machine indicates a blockage in the system. How to troubleshoot:

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Unscrew the filler hose from the PMM housing.
  3. Disconnect the other end of the hose from the lines.
  4. Inspect it and rinse under running water.
  5. Pull out the mesh filter. It is installed at the inlet to the inlet valve.
  6. Clear it from blockage.

The inlet valve is also checked.

If there is no clog, call the electronic parts with a multimeter. If the valve is damaged, it must be completely replaced.

A common reason why the quality of washing dishes is reduced, becomes a stuffed dispensing tray. If you do not clean the compartments of the detergent and powder, the stones are stony on the walls. Remove it afterwards is difficult, so after each washing, wipe the tray with a cloth.

Also check the jets of the rocker arms for blockage:

  • Remove the upper blade by unscrewing the fastening element;
  • lower pull on yourself;
  • clean the small holes with a toothpick, rinse under running water.

Now you can start the dishwasher "Indesit" and check the serviceability of all elements.

Keep track of the state of your equipment, do not neglect the first symptoms of breakage. It is much easier to eliminate the problem immediately than to perform a full repair afterwards.

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