Dishwasher does not drain, water is in the pan

The dishwasher is already completing the wash cycle, but suddenly stops before draining. There is water in the bunker, the pump may “be silent” or hum. What happened? Why does the dishwasher not drain? There are two reasons for such problems: the first is

  • - incorrect connection or clogging;
  • second - technical failures that require repair.

We will describe how to forcibly drain water from the MMP and remove the cause of the breakdown.

The content of the materialWhy there are problems with the discharge of

Let us examine the problems that users most often complain about. You can fix them with your own hands:

  1. Drain hose. Inspect the detail: if the hose really bent over somewhere, then it is not surprising that the water does not go away. Straighten, make sure that he has not lost tightness. Run the drain mode again.
  2. Drainage filter closure. Remains of food, small debris, broken pieces of broken dishes - all of this gets into the filter. At least once every 1-2 months, the part needs to be cleaned. If you ignore the rules, then the machine will not begin to flush. How to remove the clog, read below.
  3. Clogged drain pipe and pump. The reasons described above lead to the accumulation of water in the pan, because the drain path is clogged, so it does not let the liquid through.

How to resume draining in the dishwasher

Let us examine in detail how to act if you find a blockage or a problem with electronic control.

Cleaning the filter

A similar problem occurs in the PMM of any brand: Veko( Beko), "Ariston", "Whirpool", "Zanussi", "Crohn".All you need to do - to carry out periodic cleaning. But first drain the water from the bunker. Prepare a deep container, disconnect the hose and start the drain mode. At the same time check for clogging pipe and sewer.

Before performing work, be sure to disconnect the equipment from the network.

What to do:

  1. Open the hopper door.
  2. Take out the basket for dishes.
  3. Unscrew and pull out the filter. It is located at the bottom of the department.
  4. Remove the grid, which is located below.
  5. Clean parts from debris and flush with tap pressure.
  6. Remove the pump cover, wear gloves and check the impeller - it may have been blocked by glass fragments. Depending on the model of the PMM, the pump cover can be mounted on the latch or screw.

Start the loop. Is the water running again? Then keep checking.

Some users complain that there is water in the compartment( tank) for salt. Should she stay there? This is normal. Pour salt into the compartment and start the washing cycle.

Checking the drain pump

If there is water in the dishwasher, it's time to check the pump. To get to it, dismantle and inspect, it is necessary to disassemble the LMP.The work may take place in different ways for brands Daewoo, Whirlpool, Candy, Hansa. We will describe the general sequence:

  1. After washing, water remains in the bottom pan. If you have already drained the main body from the drain hose, tilt the dishwasher a little so that the remains flow into the container. Now sponge remove the water in the filter.
  2. Turn the PMM onto the back wall.
  3. Remove the screws holding the bottom cover.
  4. On the other hand, a leak sensor is attached to it. Therefore, disconnect it by unscrewing the bolt.
  5. Disconnect the wiring from the pump, remove the mounting screws.
  6. Check if the impeller rotates. If not, the part must be replaced.
  7. Additionally measure the resistance with a multimeter, connect the probes to the pump contacts. Normal indicators are equal to 200 ohms.

If the pump is clogged, the water does not descend and remains in the sump. To fix this, it is enough to eliminate the cause of the blockage.

Problems of the pressure switch( level sensor)

If there is water at the bottom of the dishwasher, the pump does not pump out any residue, the reason may be in the level sensor. When a defect occurs in one of its parts, the device gives incorrect readings. The control board does not receive a fault signal, so it does not issue a command to turn on the pump.

If you have already checked the pump, take up the pressure switch. The level sensor is also located under the bottom and is a plastic box, to which the pressure tube leads. Disconnect the pipe with pliers, remove the mounting screws, remove the sensor. Found a problem? Then change the part to a new one, because a broken one cannot be repaired.

Electronic module

In all modern models of Electrolux( Electrolux), Siemens( Siemens), Hotpoint Ariston an electronic module is built-in. This is the "brain" of the dishwasher, which controls the operation of all systems. Due to power surge or moisture ingress, the board may be damaged. Sometimes the module is subject to repair if one of the elements is faulty. But do not try to fix it yourself, leave this case to specialists.

Now you know the reasons why water does not leave the pallet or remains in the bunker.

How to prevent problems with discharge in the future

To avoid breakage, follow simple rules:

  1. Install the MMP in accordance with the instructions.
  2. Clean the filter at least twice a month, carry out preventive start of the machine without dishes once a month. Do not forget to clean the seals on the door.
  3. Remove food debris from dishes.
  4. Use special detergent and salt to soften the water.

Our advice will help extend the operation of the dishwasher for many years. Take care of the technique, then the damage will not be terrible.

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