Why a dishwasher does not do the dishes, what to do

Why not wash the dishwasher? You loaded the dishes, started the washing cycle, which ended successfully, but, having opened the door, found the plates in dirty divorces or unwashed in general? Perhaps the dishwasher does not take away detergent or take water, but does not wash the appliances. How to find and fix the problem, read the article.


  • 1 Symptoms of malfunction PMM

    First you need to understand exactly how the machine performs the cycle. Each sign may indicate a separate failure. Note your dishwasher:

    1. Got water, but does not wash the dishes. At the exit the plates are dirty and untouched by water.
    2. Stopped washing tableware, because at the end of the cycle the dishes are wet but dirty.
    3. Poor washes. Technique worked on the installed program, but the result - poorly washed utensils.

    Why did the PMM start working poorly? The reasons may be varied, here are some of them:

    • errors during operation;
    • water supply problems;
    • water does not circulate in the system at the proper level;
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    • no detergent intake;
    • sprinkler malfunction( upper or lower).

    Only a thorough inspection will help determine where the failure occurred. Consider everything in order.

    Incorrect operation of the dishwasher

    Each dishwasher( "Ariston", "Bosch", Kuppersberg) is instructed. The manufacturer really hopes that you will read it, because most of the problems arise when the elementary rules for using PMM are not followed.

    1. Dry food residue on dishes. No matter how good the technique is, it is recommended to completely clean the dishes from the food pieces. Otherwise, the washing result will not be perfect.
    2. Incorrect program. You want to save resources, so install short programs. They are designed for lightly contaminated appliances. Grease and persistent stains must be removed at high temperatures.
    3. Incorrect selection of detergent. Your powder may not be suitable for dishwasher washing. Try changing the tool.

    Arrangement of dishes in baskets also matters. Here are the mistakes that users make:

    1. They put large dishes and plates in the upper section, and small cups and glasses - in the lower section. This blocks the access of water to the instruments.
    2. They have items in the pan, near the sprinkler that can block its work.
    3. Set the plates so that they close the compartment for detergent.

    It is important to properly care for the dishwasher. Drain should be cleaned 1-2 times a month, and also run chemical cleaning cycles once every six months.

    The reason that the technique fills the water and does not work may be scum. Outside it is not noticeable, but inside it settles on the metal parts. It can clog the nozzles in the yoke, blocking the flow of water. Therefore, it is important to use special salt .It reduces the level of water hardness, and hence the amount of harmful impurities.

    Solve problems in the DIP with their own hands

    There are also more serious problems that need repair.

    There is no water intake

    Why does the system heat water but do not do the dishes? The control board "thinks" that there is water in the tank, since it receives such data from the pressure switch. As a result, the heating element is turned on for heating, but without water it overheats and burns. So you need to check the level sensor.

    Watch the work of the dishwasher. If you see that the technique works, but you do not hear the characteristic murmur when you draw water, then you need to check the inlet valve.

    What to do:

    • stop the program;
    • check shut off valve;
    • check valve.

    Usually it is placed on the bottom of the front panel. But different manufacturers can place the valve on the side and back.

    We describe the general sequence of work:

    • shut off the water supply;
    • remove the bottom panel under the door;
    • disconnect the inlet hose;
    • behind it is a valve;
    • check the electronic part of the part with a multimeter, connect the probes to the contacts and see the value;
    • if the valve is working, it will show from 500 to 1500 Ohm;

    • mechanical part check by applying a voltage of 220 V;if the membrane opens at the same time, the part is in good order;
    • for replacement; disconnect the hose and wiring from the valve;
    • install new item.

    Also check the inlet hose and mesh filter. Cleaning is carried out under pressure from the crane.

    Water circulates poorly, problems with detergent powder

    If there is a normal water intake, but the equipment does not begin to wash or does not wash away the dirt from the dishes, it means that the circulation system in the PMM is broken. Check out:

    1. Spray Nozzles. Open the bunker, pull out the basket. Remove the lower and upper sprinkler. Clean the nozzles with a toothpick and rinse under the tap.
    2. Circulation Pump. The machine picks up water, but then stops. For the diagnosis will have to disassemble the dishwasher.

    Important! Circulation unit( or engine) - the item is expensive. Sometimes it is better to entrust the work to the master.

    What should be done:

    • disconnect the DIM from the network and communications;
    • put on an empty seat and lay an old blanket( towel);
    • turn the case on the back panel;
    • remove the bottom panel under the door;
    • remove the screws around the perimeter and remove the pallet( disconnect the float sensor, which is located on the pallet);
    • in the center you will find a circulation unit;

    • inspect the pump; call the electronic part with a multimeter;
    • in case of malfunction will have to completely replace the item.

    If you are satisfied that the water washes the dishes normally, but that stains and food remains on the surface, check the detergent dispenser. Unscrupulous manufacturers make a cuvette of cheap material.

    When exposed to hot steam, plastic expands. Therefore, the compartment wedges. The tablet can not normally dissolve. The solution is to replace the cuvette or adjust the compartment yourself.

    Problems with heating

    Depending on the PMM device, a breakdown may manifest itself in different ways. In more modern models, a thermal sensor is built in that controls the heating temperature. If you set the program to 70 degrees, then when the temperature reaches the sensor sends a signal to the module, which turns off the heater.

    If the heater burns, the machine( Bosch, Siemens, Ariston, and others) takes water, starts to heat and stops. Models without a sensor continue to work with cold water, so the devices are poorly washed.

    How to understand that washing happens in cold water? Open the door after the end of the cycle. Walls and dishes should be warm. You can also feel the pipe at the first drain.

    Usually, a flow heater is installed in the machines, so if there is a breakdown, the entire unit will have to be changed. The sequence of work is the same as when replacing the pump. Only first you need to unscrew the fastening screws inside the chamber.

    When the equipment does not turn on and does not start, the matter can be in the control module. This is the most serious damage that can not be fixed by yourself. The electronic board manages all the processes in the dishwasher. You can check it, but repair is better to entrust a specialist.

    We have listed the possible reasons for the decline in the quality of washing dishes. If you notice something like this, start troubleshooting. After all, why do you need a machine that does not perform its main function?

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