Repair faults dishwasher Ardo

If the dishwasher does not flood the water or the washing cycle does not start, do not rush to contact the service center. Ardo dishwasher repair can be done by hand.

In this article we will describe how to find the cause of the breakdown of Italian equipment, to fix it at home.

Error codes for Ardo dishwashers are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

. Contents2.5 Proper installation of the dishwasher

  • 2.6 Replacing the electronic module
  • Causes of damage to the Ardo dishwasher

    In the Ardo dishwasher there is a sensitive electronics that is constantly underAgra voltage drops. This is one of the main causes of vehicle breakdowns. If the main module malfunctions, the machine does not work, the panel does not respond to pressing, the running washing cycle lasts indefinitely until you disconnect the PMM from the network.

    Other failures also occur:

    1. Water overflow. A permanent fence or drain indicates a malfunction in the level sensor( pressure switch) that monitors the water level in the tank. Repair will not work, you can only replace the pressostat tube.
    2. Leakage. Hoses could wear out, loose connections. The tank of the car is also inspected at the time of the leak. A float sensor that sends a leak signal is also checked.
    3. High power consumption may indicate a problem with the heater. Why? Because of the hard water, the heating element is scaled. It becomes harder for him to heat water, more energy is expended.
    4. Clogged system. If the dishwasher does not get water or does not drain it after washing dishes, check the system for clogs. Leftover food, broken dishes can clog filters and hoses.
    5. Incorrect connection of PMM to communications also leads to problems with the operation of equipment.

    How to fix the damage yourself, read below. Pay attention to the board of the machine: often in the event of a malfunction, the system gives an error code. He points to a specific vehicle breakdown.

    How to repair the dishwasher "Ardo" with your own hands

    There is a simple problem that probably happened with every dishwasher after a year or two of operation - this is a blockage. Let's figure out how to get rid of it and in what sequence to disassemble the details. But before we tell you what to do before disassembling.

    Water does not flow into the tank.

    What to do:

    1. Check the presence of water in the water supply system.
    2. Twist the stop valve. Maybe it was blocked.
    3. If there is insufficient pressure in the water supply, wait for the resumption or call a specialist.

    If everything is in order, go to the next item.

    Eliminate blockage in the

    system. The problem may manifest itself in different ways, depending on which part of the machine is blocked.

    If you turn on the Ardo PMM, but water is not collected in the tank - check the filler system.

    • Disconnect power from the mains and turn off the water supply.
    • Unscrew one end of the filling hose from the body of the machine, the other end from the pipeline.
    • Flush the hose under running water.
    • Next, remove the mesh filter. It is located at the inlet of the intake valve.

    • Clean it of impurities.
    • Check the filling valve, its tube could be blocked. In this case, unclip the hose clamp, disconnect and clean the hose.
    • The valve itself is checked for operability with a multimeter. In case of breakage, the part must be replaced.

    If the water is poured normally, but does not leave after washing, clean the drainage channel:

    • Open the hopper door.
    • Pull out the baskets and trays for dishes.
    • Below is the filter - pull it up and pull it out.
    • If there is a metal mesh on the bottom, also remove it.
    • Clean the parts under running water with a brush.
    • Behind the filter is a drain pump. Before you get to it, you need to remove the water from the hole. Use for this kitchen sponge.
    • Remove the pump cover by pressing and pulling it towards you.

    • Inspect the pump impeller. Remove contamination.

    Noticed that the dishes are badly laundered? Inspect the sprinkler nozzles; they might also be clogged. The fix is ​​simple: take out the sprinkler and clean it with a toothpick under running water.

    Solve leakage problems

    What is checked:

    1. The tank is inspected at the time of damage. If it is proven to be leaking, it will have to be replaced.
    2. The tightness of the hoses and their connections is checked.
    3. Examines the door. Found that the door is leaking? Then replace the seals. Make it simple: remove the old seal around the perimeter of the door, install the same in the seat.
    4. It is also worth checking how tightly the door closes. The hinges may have loosened and need to be tightened.

    Replacing the heater

    If the machine stopped heating, there could be several reasons:

    • the heater wiring deteriorated;
    • burned down the TENA relay on the control board;
    • heater is overgrown or scorched.

    How to replace:

    1. Remove all trays from the tank.
    2. Remove the filter and drain the water.
    3. Put the dishwasher "on the back", pre-laying a rag.
    4. The heater is connected to the pump by a rubber mounting element.
    5. Detach the mount.
    6. Disconnect the wiring to the heater.
    7. Remove the clamp from the socket and pull the part out of the housing.

    Install the new item in the reverse order. If during the inspection found burnt wires, they must be replaced.

    Proper installation of the dishwasher

    After buying equipment, before installing, look at the instructions. It details how to properly connect the communication. At the wrong connection the constant set and water discharge will occur.

    If you are not sure that you can connect the hoses, call the wizard.

    Replacing the electronic module

    Unfortunately, it is possible to find out about the module's malfunction only by external signs. For example: the

    • indicators on the panel blink randomly;
    • keys do not respond to pressing;
    • washing program lasts longer than usual.

    In fact, a lot of signs. Accurately determine the damage will help diagnostics in the service center. But you can replace the module yourself:

    • open the door and unscrew the six screws from the top;
    • remove the control panel;
    • disconnect the black wire;
    • unclip the module wire clips.

    As you can see, you can repair your own Ardo dishwasher. To avoid malfunction, follow the rules specified in the instructions of the PMM.

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