Basic rules for defrosting modern and old refrigerators

Basic rules for defrosting modern and old refrigerators


Gone are the days of small pot-bellied refrigerators, from the sudden noise of which the hosts jumped at night. However, the problem of how to defrost the refrigerator remains relevant to this day.

Nowadays, the kitchens are mostly decorated with tall multi-chambered handsome men, who have a "no frost" system and the defrosting of the refrigerator takes place automatically. Such a system equips many designs of refrigerators of known brands, it is also available in models of such relatively inexpensive firms as Atlant or Biryusa.

But even in modern units on the walls periodically formed ice and you have to think about the process of defrosting.

If you are already puzzled by the question of how to properly defrost the refrigerator, we will give you recommendations to make this process go quickly and in the right direction.


  • 1The causes of frost on the walls
  • 2How to prepare a refrigerator for defrosting
  • 3Step-by-Step Action Plan
  • 4General recommendations for completing the defrost process

The causes of frost on the walls

The formation of frost on the internal parts of the refrigerator is a natural process that occurs due to the introduction of warm air inside the unit when the door is opened. If the snow "coat" often grows rapidly on the walls of the refrigerator, the reasons for its occurrence can be different, from technical to household. As a rule, ice builds up if:

  • thermostat faulty;
  • The geometry of the refrigerator door is broken and it does not fit snugly;
  • often you think long before the open niche of the refrigerator, what should you eat at the moment: sausage or yogurt, and how this food can affect the slenderness of your figure.

How quickly to defrost the refrigerator and what is the order of the actions, if the technical reasons are excluded? Just prepare the necessary tools for a problem-free defrosting of the refrigerator and inspire yourself for the future to be determined from the menu for your dinner even before the door is opened.

How to prepare a refrigerator for defrosting

When starting the defrosting process, do not forget about the following preliminary points:

  • do not start the process if your refrigerator is packed with perishable products and you have nowhere to shift them, rather leave it to more favorable times;
  • often there is a very high temperature in the room, do not start the procedure to defrost the device if at the moment it is just such, in this case the refrigerator will gain a long and intensive set-up parameters, which can shorten the life of the compressor, engine and other parts;
  • Turn the temperature control knob to "0" and disconnect the refrigerator from the mains supply before you start to take out the food;
  • if you have a system that does not provide a capacity for draining thawed masses, then before you start defrosting the device, it is better to install a pan or a wide flat bowl to collect water;
  • well, if you have a drain hose, which you can directly install in the drain hole for draining melted masses, so that the water is better out of the refrigerator;
  • Remove all trays and drawers so that they do not interfere with the defrosting process.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

When you finish the preparations, the question will immediately arise: how quickly to defrost the refrigerator and how the process itself will proceed at the same time. If you have enough free time, and the products extracted from the refrigerator are almost not there, then it's best to just open the door and wait for the ice to drift off and drain yourself.

If you are in a hurry, the process of how to unfreeze the refrigerator can be accelerated in the following ways.

  1. Place a bowl of hot water or a heating pad filled with boiling water on one of the shelves of the refrigerator. Warm couples will actively influence the ice masses and quickly defrost them, leading to a liquid state.
  2. Install a heater or fan heater in front of the open door, which will drive the heated air into the refrigerator compartment, contributing to the thawing process.
  3. Rinse the unit of snow build-up, using a conventional hair dryer. The flow of warm air will create conditions for quickly clearing the walls from ice.
  4. It is often necessary to clean the melted pieces of ice with a special plastic spatula, then the defrosting of the refrigerator will pass faster. Do not use sharp metal objects that can damage the paint and even spoil the parts that affect the working capacity of the refrigerator!

Carefully make sure that the running water does not get inside the unit, this can lead to spoilage of the working parts by the gradual formation of corrosion in the inner part.


General recommendations for completing the defrost process

When your refrigerator is completely freed from ice frost and the system is cleaned, it is necessary to take into account that

  • it is necessary to wash the internal surface well, as well as trays and boxes, and carefully dry, add to the solution during washing flavor, baking soda or vanilla essence, it will help to remove the smell and give a pleasant aroma of internal surface;
  • in order to carry out the drying process quickly, you can use a conventional fan, installing it in front of an open door, or a vacuum cleaner working on blowing air.
  • after you have dried the refrigerator, thoroughly dry the floor around and under it, so that when turning on does not happen and other negative consequences, then wipe off the surfaces again with a dry, clean cloth, close and connect to network.
  • To load products it is necessary when after switching-on has passed necessary time and it is visible, what temperature at this moment inside the unit, it should be already low enough.

Do not forget that if you have an old refrigerator, you need to unfreeze it, without waiting until the door closes from the snow coat.

Even if you have a new model and it has an automatic "no frost" system or a dribbling "crying" evaporator, you need to remember how Defrost the refrigerator and that it is necessary to defrost your appliance quite often to bring it to a better working condition and extend the term service device.

If you follow these recommendations, you do not have to reflect annually on the fact that the refrigerator does not work well and needs to be brought to repair, or even buy a new one.

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