How to wash the hood in the kitchen: clean the filter from fat

Cleaning the kitchen is a very individual procedure. Someone monitors cleanliness every day, someone the opportunity to clean the dirty stove or microwave falls once a week( for example, on weekends), but the skill in how to clean the hood in the kitchen may not be formed at all. Then after a while the filter will become soiled with fat so that the hood will not be able to fully draw out the evaporation and odors generated during cooking.

Ideally, the filter in the hood should be washed at least one day every two weeks, but in practice this is not always the case.

Therefore, if you notice that the outer side of the exhaust hood is very dirty and the filter is filled with grease, it’s time to clean everything for real.


  • 1 with the appropriate instruction. And if you have a modern built-in equipment and a cleaning system attached to it, it is better to first read how everything works, or ask those who have experience with such a system. In any case, the procedure is approximately the following:
    1. Unplug the device from the outlet to de-energize the hood.
    2. Remove the outer panel located directly above the stove. If it is bolted, you need to put them in one place, then to find all the details.
    3. Remove the filter and soak it in a soapy solution.
    4. Remove and clean the pipe leading from the exhaust hood to the outlet in the wall.
    5. Clean the inside and outside of the unit itself.
    6. After cleaning in the reverse order, assemble and bolt everything.

    Cleaning the filter

    If the extractor is new and the pollution is not too strong, it is enough to soak the filter in a hot soapy solution, slightly adding to it any type of “Ferri” or “AOSa” type that dissolves grease, and then clean it with a stiff brush and wash itin clear water. If there is no result, it is time to take drastic measures.


    This method is suitable if there is a large enough pan to include at least half of the grate from the iron filter. It is necessary to prepare a strong saline solution with soap, it is better economic( as it has a high alkaline index), add a couple of tablespoons of soda and boil the grill until it is completely cleared of fat. This can take from 5 to 10 minutes. Then you should turn it over and repeat the procedure. Then the grate can be placed in a basin or other large container, pour the solution remaining after boiling, and hold it in it for several more hours. Then it remains only to clean the filter from dirt and grease.


    If, after several washes and boiling, the filter grill is still full of fat, you will have to resort to a folk remedy. Most of all for this purpose suitable liquid ammonia. It is necessary to dilute it in the following proportions: 0.5 cups per 3.5 liters of water.

    Since this alcohol is very caustic and the smell of ammonia can cause tearing or burn of the respiratory organs, you should put on a mask or respirator and open a window in the kitchen before starting work. Next, in a hot solution with ammonia, you need to put the filter for several hours, after which the remaining fat and dirt should be cleaned with a hard brush or a sponge with a dense side.

    Means for cleaning drain pipes

    The method of cleaning a metal filter using means for cleaning drains can be considered the most extreme. There are liquid means, and there are powder. They need to be applied in different ways, so the differences in the cleaning steps can be seen in the table below.

    Liquid detergent Powder
    Pour the filter in a pipe cleaner over a stainless steel sink. Place the rack in a deep pan.
    Pour boiling water into the sink with a solution. Sprinkle with cleaning agent( usually in the form of granules).
    Wear rubber gloves and gently dip into the solution. Pour hot water over, then a violent reaction should begin.
    Evaluate the result - in 10 minutes there will be no trace of fat. Leave the filter in solution for 10 minutes.
    Rinse in cold water. After 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly under running water, and pour the solution into the toilet

    Attention! It can be cleaned with such means at least once a year, otherwise the metal will start to break down and gradually the filter will fail.

    Cleaning the

    cap The external hood body also needs serious cleaning, as not only grease but also dust accumulates on it. Over time, this “explosive mixture” can turn into a real shell, which will be very difficult to tear off.

    Therefore, it is better to treat the outer surface with some kind of grease remover from the stove or oven in the form of a spray, wait a few minutes and clean the surface with a sponge. If the individual drops of fat are left, you can try to scrape them with a special plastic scraper for dishes.

    Someone suggests to wipe the most intensely polluted places with half a lemon so that the acid destroys the fat. It is not advisable to dilute any solution, because everything will flow from above onto the face, arms, neck.

    How often you need to clean the hood in the kitchen

    Each family has its own traditions associated with cleaning the house. If a woman is allowed time, she can clean every day those items that are used daily. Although the hood is used every day, there is no need to clean the filter so often.

    Typically, general cleaning of the hood should be done once a quarter. In this case, it is necessary to clean both the outer and inner parts of this kitchen unit, with the help of a man in the house, to clean the pipe leading to the outlet.

    In modern hoods, they began to practice replaceable air filters, which simply change every three months. But in older structures, in order to avoid severe contamination, it is recommended to clean the filter once a month in a normal soap solution. Some try to do it in the dishwasher. They say it works out well.

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