Which is better to buy epilator

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of different models of epilators. Price from 4000 (for shares) and 10,000 rubles is quite high. Please find information about the models on the market.

Shavers Braun Series Silk epil (silk hair removal)

Braun 7681 deprived pronounced disadvantages. 7681 models are designed for dry and wet hair removal. Feed devices internal battery. According to the manufacturer Close-Grip technology will find small hairs "to 0.5 mm". Four weeks will keep feet smooth after application Braun 7681. Disadvantages:

Epilator Braun Silk epil

Epilator Braun Silk epil

  1. There is no indication of time before the end of battery power. Scale flashes at the approach to zero level.
  2. Braun epilator 7681 noisy, housewives prefer to use the device only in solitude.
  3. Often have to pass portions of 2-3 times. It is faster than waxing. Some girls break the process a couple of days.
  4. We have to carefully read the instruction: approach to the intimate parts of the body is different.
  5. It is difficult to create a high bikini line, poorly suitable for eyebrows, antennae.
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There are funny comments about trying to connect the device to a power outlet in the shower. It is dangerous to life. Most buyers consider the price of the main drawback of Braun 7681. List the advantages of the opinion of the girls:

  1. The process of using simplified after reading the instructions. There nozzle to epilator for different parts of the body. Most have tried abandon wax, shaving.
  2. Wireless technology provides maximum maneuverability. Charge is enough for both feet, armpits, and other places.
    Cordless epilator on the battery

    Cordless epilator on the battery

  3. The purification process is simple, convenient, the device goes from a pretty small handbag.
  4. Hairs grow back thinner, appear less likely to be slower than shaving or waxing.
  5. Compared to previous generations makes it possible to remove more hair. Girls show: after spending 2-3 times, remove the hairs from the root. The device porastoropnee previous series.
  6. Epilator Braun 7681 removes even the shortest hairs. Good for legs, underarms.

Apparatus with two speeds for high-quality, fast hair removal. Two basic tips: trimmer, epilator. Several different in width as a window in the controller the footprint width of the device will be applied in dot or with a maximum scale. It reduces pain special massage system that works in conjunction with a nozzle-epilator; Included are towels Olej, which must be applied before the procedure.

Models epilator from Braun

Model epilators Braun

Battery lasts for 40 minutes of operation, charge time on line 220 is 1 hr. Brush face will whisk sostrizhennye hairs. Using the accessory efficient washing 6 times. Epilator hair leaves 4 times shorter than when using wax, special nozzle fingers and went out and brought pripodnimut too much better than any other means. The main drawback - the price.

Babyliss epilators

In our country less popular epilators French manufacturer Babyliss, and nothing! In the West, some models are not worse assessment Braun. Today Babyliss offers to buy a laser epilator - a device that removes hair at the root using a light emission. The effect depends on the natural color of hair. The law of physics: the more rays are absorbed by the dark hairs. For brunettes laser epilator advantageous than for blonde.

Hairs removed from the root. Grow again, not so soon. Laser epilator Babyliss suitable for 5 types of skin:

epilator Babyliss

epilator Babyliss

  1. The first corresponds to the type of skin a matte pallor. Breast skin is more common in red-haired people, burns easily in the sun.
  2. The second type of skin found in blondes. They burn easily in the sun, but less than the red girl.
  3. The third type of skin occurs in brown-haired women with brown or green eyes. Sunburn easily stick, but difficult to burn in the sun.
  4. The fourth type of skin corresponds to a light brown. It's Asians, and other dark-skinned people.
  5. The fifth type of brown skin. Caucasian girl with black hair and brown eyes fit into this framework.

Meets and sixth Skin type: black.

Laser Hair Removal are used in beauty salons. Discourages price: one flash costs 50 rubles. Banal toe treatment in 12 sessions worth 100 thousand. RUR exchange rate. Not every woman wants to invest in the appearance of such amounts. The advantage of home treatments such epilator - price.

Each lamp unit is worth the money. Counting on one flash, globally results in savings every 5-6. It is important to find out the type of the skin, to estimate the parameters of the state of the body, the health before the procedure. Laser epilator is able to change hormones, cause burns, scars left by insufficient knowledge of the theory.

Hair bulbs burns out due to the presence of melanin. 3-15 days falls. On the area of ​​the skin can grow new hair. Shoots are treated in a time interval. When used properly, clean skin is formed, with forever. Growth can be resumed after six months, you can not sunbathe month. Ladies arrive just chat with laser epilator in the spring, hoping to show off the beauty of the beach season. After laser epilation can not be:

  1. Take a hot bath.
  2. Use cosmetics on alcohol.
  3. Shave the remaining hair.

There are other limitations. Important theoretical training before using the epilator. Check out the information from the experts, understand, read before you try for yourself. Ideally, you should visit a beauty salon where a professional will decide whether it is possible to use laser epilators. Do not forget that between treatments will take time.

Pro can buy a home laser epilator, the rest will have to think about. Note businessmen: think twice before buying a laser epilator for the interior. We need an experienced expert (female), familiar with the side effects of the procedure.

Now, readers will be able to choose the appliance: expensive or cheap, optical or mechanical, claims or simple. The difference lies in the sensations that accompany the process, effectiveness of anti-hairs, the possibility of procedures in a moist environment that mitigates the painful response. You can buy epilator Roventa on the recommendations. Ignore the advertisements, read the forums, reviews of women. Specialized sites interested only in sales.

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