Select HDMI for your TV, computer, or set-top box

Select HDMI for your TV, computer, or set-top box


Today it is very difficult to meet a modern device for multimedia playback, which does not have an HDMI connector. Recently, this type of connector has become traditional for signal transmission (HD), so the question of how to choose hdmi cable often faces many people. HDMI outputs are endowed with many devices: BluRay players, TVs, DVD players, xbox 360, however they do not always come bundled with the device. Therefore, the owner of these devices have to buy their own.


  • 1The popularity of HDMI cables
  • 2Cost - the whole head
  • 3Types of HDMI cable
  • 4General recommendations

The popularity of HDMI cables

Despite the huge demand for all devices with HDMI output, this cable is due to xbox 360 game consoles and, of course, to TVs. The modern game console xbox 360 is developed by the giant in the world of computer equipment - the company Microsoft. Console xbox 360 - the prefix of the third generation, which allows you to play on the network, download popular media content (demo versions of games, music trailers). Being the main rival of Sony PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii, the xbox 360 console quickly captured leadership in this segment of the market, which was the impetus for cable manufacturers with an appropriate output.

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Regarding TVs, comments are unnecessary here. TV is still the most popular type of products among audio and video equipment. It costs almost every house, so the demand for the described products is very difficult to overestimate. Every TV owner or xbox 360 prefix sooner or later faces the question of which hdmi cable to choose and what criteria to follow.

Cost - the whole head

When choosing an HDMI cable, the main criterion is the cost. Here, the opinions of users differ unevenly. The vast majority of people argue that buying the most basic cables is necessary. This view is based on the fact that the standard of digital transmission of information is strictly regulated. In other words, HDMI for a TV, xbox 360 and other devices, either can transfer data, or can not do it. Therefore, the brand and its quality do not matter.

Once gamers and fans of xbox 360 conducted special studies to identify the dependence of the cost of HDMI cable and image quality. A variety of models were purchased, ranging from the cheapest to the equivalent of hundreds of dollars. The result of the experiment - the quality of the image has nothing to do with the cost. At the same time, testing did not take into account the sound quality at all, but it would hardly be different.

Of course, how to choose an hdmi cable is a matter of course, but according to experts, it is not worth choosing a frank "cheap" one. Here we are talking about the durability of the product. Good cables for the TV have a greater thickness, a better winding, so the cost is slightly higher.

Types of HDMI cable


To understand which cable will be most optimal, the consumer needs to understand the types of this product. It is necessary to understand the features, advantages and disadvantages of each model. Only after this it is possible to draw certain conclusions.

Modern HDMI cables come in the following types:

  • Standard - guarantees the transmission of a signal with a resolution of 720p;
  • standard with Ethernet. This option has a similar bandwidth, and it is equipped with an additional twisted pair for connection to the network. When using such a cable for a TV that is equipped with a function to connect to the World Wide Web, the latter can connect to the router via Wi-Fi. If there is no Wi-Fi module in the TV, you can connect it to the twisted pair router;
  • high-speed - it makes it possible to transmit an image in 4K resolution (3840 × 2160) and is characterized by high bandwidth;
  • high-speed with Ethernet - is characterized by high bandwidth and is additionally equipped with a twisted pair for connecting devices to the network;
  • Automotive - designed for operation in difficult circumstances (at high temperatures, strong vibrations). Often used in cars, for which he received the appropriate name.

General recommendations

To answer the question, how to choose hdmi cable, to know the main types of this product and to navigate the cost is not enough. For a correct final decision, you need to listen to some recommendations.

So, you can often hear that a connector that has a gold-plated contact displays a lot more clearly audio and video data. In practice, the role of this gilding is to protect the contacts from corrosion, increasing resistance and reducing the level of the signal. Other methods can provide reliable corrosion resistance, for example, chromium plating, nickel plating.

In general, the digital signal does not put high demands on the HDMI cable for the TV, xbox 360 and other devices, however, "artifacts" can arise in The result of serious violations of production technology: wrongly selected conductor cross-section, absence of signal amplifier when it is transmitted to a serious distance.


There is a traditional rule, the longer the cable is selected, the bigger diameter it should have. The cable diameter is denoted by the American AWG gauge (the higher value of the parameter corresponds to the smaller diameter). There is a recommended ratio of this parameter and the length of the HDMI cable. It looks like this:

  • 5 m - 28AWG;
  • 10 m - 26AWG;
  • 15 m - 24AWG;
  • 20 m - 22AWG.

An important criterion for choosing an HDMI cable is shielding. It provides good protection against internal and external interference. The most optimal option is the principle of twisted pair, where each signal pair (plus and minus postings) is intertwined with the "earth" along the entire length of the wire. This kind of shielding dramatically reduces the interference. To prevent external interference, shielding from braiding and foil is used.

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