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Cabinet cabinet or chest: what kind of freezer should I choose?

Most functions for storing products can be performed by a conventional refrigerator. But it's possible to quickly freeze fruits, meat, ice cream and store them in this state only if you buy a freezer.


Finding the right model for a home or a shop can be problematic. The market has a large and diverse number of models differing: size, number of cameras and functionality. In this connection, the question arises as to how to choose a freezer of such a model that would fully meet the customer's expectations and had the necessary technical characteristics?


  • 1Choice of model for home use
  • 2Features of the choice of industrial equipment
  • 3Pros and cons of different types of freezers

Choice of model for home use

This category includes two models that differ in type of construction. This, a freezer - a curbstone, and a cabinet (a universal design that is equally effective both in domestic, domestic conditions, and for industrial purposes).

To choose the right equipment for the house, you can start from the following criteria:

  • Dimensions. This criterion is one of the most important if you plan to install a freezer at home. And choose the best model, which in size will match furniture in the kitchen. Household freezers, as a rule, have a depth of 63 cm, which completely corresponds to kitchen cabinets and pedestals.
  • Overall volume. If you determine in advance how many different types of products you will need to store, you can significantly alleviate the task associated with the choice.
  • Electricity consumption. How to choose the most economical electricity consumption? It is better and right to pay attention not to the indicated class (from A to E), but to the actual flow indicated in the instruction. The fact is that household freezers of different manufacturers can significantly differ in electricity consumption, even if they have the same marking. For example, equipment class A can spend an hour working from 240 to 266 kW.

  • Noise level. There are models with reinforced soundproofing. For sure to install a freezer in the house that hums during use is not the best idea.
  • Defrosting method. Freezers can use both manual and automatic function. The second is more convenient to operate, but increases the cost of equipment.

Attention! To choose the right freezer, you need to think about whether certain functions are important, or perhaps do without them. It is best to choose a model that fully meets the needs of the family.


Features of the choice of industrial equipment

Industrial freezers, better known as the chest, are designed for use in shops and warehouses. Their main function is: storage of products, quick freezing, automatic defrosting if necessary. Select a chest is easy enough if you follow certain recommendations.

  • Temperature conditions. The freezer cabinet is designed for long storage of products, at the same time the chest, is most often designed to freeze them for a short time. The temperature regime, therefore, can vary. For the store, equipment with a cooling intensity of not more than 18 degrees is suitable. In the warehouse you can put a chest with a freezing temperature of -24.
  • Presence of fast freezing. Not all models have this feature. Only equipment with a cooling intensity of -24 degrees can quickly freeze products.

Crowd is more economical and more profitable than a freezer because of the elementary laws of physics and the location of such equipment.

Even after a power outage, the cold is better left in the horizontal than vertical plane, Therefore, cooling and maintaining the necessary temperature regime requires much less electricity.

Not surprisingly, some owners decide to install a mini chest at home.

Pros and cons of different types of freezers

In addition to productivity and functionality, when choosing a freezer, you should pay attention to their shortcomings and disadvantages, as they can significantly spoil the joy of owning such a technique.

Type of freezer pros Minuses
Cabinets They have a height of about 2 m. Sufficiently convenient for domestic use. As a rule, they have a large number of departments for freezing. High cost, as well as dependence on the density of the doors. The violation of sealing leads to increased electricity consumption.
Curbstones Can be built into furniture. They have standard height. Small volume of chambers and limited opportunities associated with the number of departments (no more than 4).
Lari Have a large volume and great performance. Able to maintain the necessary temperature for a long time after a power outage. Bulky. It is also quite inconvenient to get food from the bottom of the chambers.

Regardless of the model chosen, each of the used freezers is able to effectively freeze products: meat, fish, fruit and store them.

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