We get rid of the unpleasant smell in the freezer

We get rid of the unpleasant smell in the freezer


The freezer is an indispensable assistant for storing products prepared for future use, but with prolonged storage in the chamber for freezing products, there is often a persistent unpleasant odor. Consider how to get rid of the smell in the freezer and what steps to take.


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Prevention of odor in the freezer

In view of the fact that the freezers have sufficiently low temperatures, the spoilage of products during storage in it is practically excluded. Unless, of course, you have not unintentionally disconnected electricity for a long time. Therefore, most often the smell appears due to improper and unsealed storage of food, which have their own specific, strong enough and not particularly pleasant aroma: garlic, pepper, fish, cabbage and etc.

Worst of all, this sharp incense is soaked in all the other frozen foods, even completely neutral for the sense of smell. In order to prevent the appearance of odor in your freezer, you must follow certain precautions.

  • Pack the products for storage in special plastic containers with tightly closed lids, or in cellophane bags designed specifically for freezing food. These packaging materials are manufactured in such a way that they protect the contents of the household appliance as much as possible from the penetration and spreading of unpleasant ambre.
  • Thaw more often and wash the freezer, because in a hurry you can still forget to close carefully and Pack the remains of food in the used container, and the smell will invariably penetrate into the inner space freezers. In addition, when you open the door to the freezer fragrances come from the room, which are mixed with the smell of frozen food.
  • Despite the fact that the shelf life of products in the chamber is quite long, try to use them for 3-4 months, do not store food for a long time.
  • Prophylactically after washing before the next freezing, use for the interior space of the household appliance various air flavors and scavengers for unpleasant odors.

We remove the unpleasant smell from the freezer

If the unpleasant smell in the freezer still appeared, then in order to remove it, it is necessary one way or another unfreeze the freezer, remove and wash the shelves, and thoroughly wipe the walls with the following ways.



The aqueous solution of vinegar is most effective for eliminating third-party flavors in household appliances. Wet a soft cloth and wipe the walls of the freezer and all the internal parts with this solution.


Dilute ammonia with water in the proportion: and wipe the walls and shelves in the freezer. This will help kill germs and get rid of the unpleasant odor.


Soda and salt

Very effective for getting rid of unnecessary aromas in the freezer strong solutions of baking soda or table salt, prepared from the calculation of 2-3 tablespoons per liter of warm water. Moisten a soft cloth in this solution, thoroughly wiping all the internal surfaces.

Wait until all the treated parts have dried completely and place a couple of flat plates with soda powder or coarse salt into the interior of the chamber for a while.


It has long been known that coffee is a very strong adsorbent and scavenger of aromas. Pour a small amount of coffee beans or freshly ground coffee powder into saucers and place it inside the unit.


You can use both woody and usual activated in tablets. Just lay briquettes with coal or tablets in the inner part of the chamber as an adsorbent.


In this case, the freezer must work at minimum power.

Onions, spices, black bread

If you cut a few bulbs in circles and arrange them on the shelves, they will quickly and easily eliminate outside flavors. The same properties have some spices and spices: turmeric, celery, thyme, basil, cloves.


Another question is that the replacement of the smell from frozen foods with the aromas of onion and spices may not all please. In this case, you can remove the smell from the freezer, replacing onions and spices with rice grains or pieces of ordinary black bread.


Bestseller among natural air fresheners. You can wipe the walls with lemon slices during defrosting. Smells of lemon and orange skins, laid out on the shelves of the freezer, will also be well removed. You can make the following mix: carefully remove the flesh from the whole orange and fill the inside with baking soda, spreading such orange models on the shelves of the household appliance.


Ready synthetic and natural odor eliminators

They are now a great variety in the networks of household chemistry stores. These are special absorbents, having in their majority removable blocks, which are attached or glued to the internal parts of the surface of refrigerators and freezers. Called to effectively ozonize the interior of household appliances, destroying any unpleasant odors. As a rule, they change to new ones about once every three months.

For example, an antibacterial jelly-like odor eliminator for a freezer is a mixture of charcoal and bamboo powder.

The use of the product is extremely simple: remove the lid from the plastic packaging, remove the foil, return the lid to its original position and install it in the freezer. If the volume is significantly reduced, replace it with a new one.

Video: storage of food in the freezer

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