Review of washing machines Miele

Miele washing machines for quality and reliability competently compete with the technology of such German brands as Bosch and Siemens. If you intend to buy a Mile brand car, you will be interested in our review: you will find out where they are manufactured, how they are arranged and how positively they are responded to by buyers.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where to produce washing machines Millet
  • 2How is the washing machine
    • 2.1Miele Power Wash System
    • 2.2Intensive Flow
    • 2.3Twin Dos
  • 3Which Mille model to choose: customer reviews
    • 3.1Miele W 1714
    • 3.2Miele W 3575 WPS

Where to produce washing machines Millet

The manufacturer of equipment under the Miele brand is associated with buyers from all over the world with super reliable quality and high price. The German company "Mile" occupies the third stage among the companies whose income is built on the sale of household appliances.

Country of origin of the AGR is Germany. The Germans collect it at the factories manually, after which they test the quality of their own assembly. Spare parts are manufactured using modern automated equipment, which ensures their durability and quality.

Up to 80% of the components are made by the company independently, and only a part is purchased. This explains the high price of this brand's equipment. It is fully justified by a long service life, so buyers are willing to give their "blood" for good German equipment.

The corporation "Mile" is working under the slogan: "Everything is better and better". New models of washing machines delight users with ease of use and convenient menus in Russian.

How is the washing machine

The modern washing-machine "Mile" is not the same as it was a century ago. It has a new functionality, innovative options, compact dimensions and unique characteristics. Consider the unique technologies and developments that the manufacturer has implemented in the latest line of washing machines.

Miele Power Wash System

Technology has made a revolution in the world of washing - the machine works at a unique speed. The system combines two options - Intens Flow and Quick Power Wash.

The first intelligent program improves the quality of washing: the final result is higher by 10% due to the economic consumption of detergents and a sufficient volume of foam. Thanks to the second function, the time for washing clothes is reduced, the usual cycle takes no more than an hour.

Intensive Flow

The washing process is more economical, since the machine itself controls the amount of water that is required for washing.

Twin Dos

To this option the manufacturer special attention. The function is unique in its kind, and is only available in the Miele w1 series. Option doses the amount of detergent and rinse aid.

Other functions in the Mile washings:

  • The program manager. Provides only five cycles, which are oriented to different types of tissue and their degree of contamination. It is enough to press the button so that the system itself selects the desired mode.
  • Mixed loading. For washing different types of fabric in one drum. The regime demonstrates excellent results in the traditional economy of all resources.
  • Highest class of energy efficiency. While other manufacturers still produce machines of classes A ++, A +, and even B, the concern "Mile" descends from the conveyor with the lowest energy consumption class A +++.

Of course, these are not all the features of the Miele washing machine device - a detailed description of the functions and You can view the options of a specific model on the manufacturer's website or consult the store.

Which Mille model to choose: customer reviews

The choice of washing machine determines not only the price, functionality and capabilities of technology, but also reviews about it. To determine which machine is best - with front or vertical loading, you need an opinion from the side. With regard to the functional - if you need a machine with drying, ironing or steam function, reports on their use will also not interfere.

Miele W 1714


The machine we chose our whole big family - even children and a cat participated. And now we have it - Miele W 1714. We fell in love with her from the first day, we wrote her into our family members, deciding to treat her carefully and carefully. And there is for that: it erases everything, absolutely trouble-free. You do not need to soak or boil - the clothes are even smoother, although nothing about smoothing on the control panel is written. I liked the quiet work - while the machine squeezes, it quietly catches the cat. Upon completion, a quiet but audible signal from another room, so no one is frightened, but it is not necessary to watch. One of the smart options: protection from crushing - if you forget things to get right away, they do not crumple. There are no shortcomings, I hope that it will work for many years, as promised in the store.

Miele W 3575 WPS


Have decided to buy Miele W 3575 WPS? I advise you to think and observe my bitter experience with this technique. I bought a car for my wife before the birth of my son, so that she did not care for washing. The seller in the salon insisted on quality, German assembly and other bells and whistles. Yeah, they believed the same. She worked for two years. And then the control panel blinked abruptly - all the lights glowed somehow chaotically. But this is only the beginning of the most interesting. For the departure was given to 2500 rubles. (not huhry-muhry, elite technology!). For the first visit, the master did not understand what had broken (great, and money paid). The second time the mechanic took a test card with him, and the problem was found - the control unit broke. Torn again, thousands.

Now it's even more fun. The master sent a request to the warehouse, and from there the answer: there is no such detail, it is necessary for the Germans to call and order. Price of the issue: 15 000, + only 4000 rubles. for delivery. Mile does not have a guarantee for a fee, so the expenses naturally fall on me. By the way, the guarantee is given only to the tank and the bearing (so, it's a pity that I was not alerted earlier). Now we consider how much I got: the cost of the machine is 6, 00, the detail cost 1, 00, and nothing at all, gave the master 5 pieces. Total, after only 2 years, this German immigrant shook out of me 91 thousand. It's okay, huh? I do not know, the board has not yet been put, probably selling along with the notorious quality styaralka.

Conclusion: do not believe the guarantee that is given to the STAINLESS TANK, such as it will not rust. With such success on all stainless steel, you can give such guarantees - on spoons, forks. Another one-year warranty on the bearing is given that they usually break down in 3 years not earlier.

Of course, in the Mile assortment there are also expensive built-in or narrow models, of which there are a lot of good reviews on the net, but often people write bad things. Do not forget that the breakdown of the machine can be caused by improper operation, which negligent users try to cover with poor quality.

Filter the information, study the facts and buy only reliable AGR.

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