Overview of washing machines with steam

Steam processing is carried out thanks to Steam technology, which was adopted by leading manufacturers of washing machines. The first car with steam came out in the middle of the 2000s. On the domestic market, these models came even later.

From the review you will learn the principle of the operation of a steam staircase and find in our rating a suitable model.

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How steam function works in a washing machine

The machine that erases the steam is arranged differently than the traditional SMA. The principle of its work is this:

  1. Steam is produced by a steam generator. It is located at the back of the machine, near the solenoid valves.
  2. Through one of the valves, water enters the generator.
  3. In the drum, the steam is produced by a flexible tube fixed to the top of the hatch.

In such a styalka, you can press "Refresh" to steam served separately, without water, or add processing to a normal wash.

Why steam? They began to complement the design of SM is not for the sake of marketing. It helps the powder to dissolve completely in water and reveal its properties. With steam processing of laundry in the drum, the temperature is maintained at 550 degrees, which is much more efficient than boiling.

How steam function works in a washing machine

Today SMA with a steam cycle can afford almost everyone, whereas before it could be found in a laundry or a large hotel.

Steam - pros and cons

The function was noticed by consumers. If your styralka will provide a steam generator, you will get such advantages:

  1. The efficiency of washing will increase by more than 20%, since the spots are better displayed.
  2. You will save electrical energy. Washing takes less time than with heating water to high temperatures in a standard way - TEN.
  3. Wash delicate fabrics even more carefully. The steam regime resembles boiling, but does not spoil the fabric. Do not discolor fiber, unlike hot water.
  4. Forget about soaking, as this technology can be used instead.
  5. Disinfect things - new clothes or children's toys.
  6. Bring crumpled clothes into a neat appearance and prepare dry clothes for ironing, using the Steam Refres model.
  7. Kill 90% of the germs, eliminate allergens with the help of a steam effect.

There are also shortcomings:

  • The function is not compatible with all wash modes.
  • Not every spot is completely eliminated. Stains from red wine or blood must be pre-washed.
  • Not all users believe that the effect compensates for ironing - it makes it easier.
  • Things treated in such a styalke, you need to dry it.

Models with a fashion option are more expensive than conventional ones, so you should carefully study all the advantages and disadvantages to determine whether you need such a regime, how often it will be used.

Rating of washing machines with steam

Our rating includes the models developed by the LG trademark, since this brand produces the most such SMA. So, what is the best washing machine with drying?



The machine is equipped with an electronic type of control and a digital display, which is convenient to manage. A pleasant silvery color opens up opportunities for successful interior solutions for the kitchen or bathroom.

Dimensions of the model - 60h46h85, it is relatively narrow. At modest sizes, the CMA drum is designed for 8 kg of laundry. When spinning, it produces up to 1400 rotations per minute. Classes of washing, energy efficiency and spin - the highest.

In addition to the steam function, there are 14 modes. The manufacturer has provided in this model a full protection against leaks.

The average market value is about 6, 00 rubles.



A car with two modern technologies - True Steam and TurboWash. Control - touch. In the tank there is a sprinkler, which shortens the cycle time, costs for electricity and water. There is a sensor that determines the weight of the laundry and selects the appropriate washing mode for it.

The machine can be controlled from the smartphone. There are 14 programs. Dimensions - 60h45h85 centimeters, capacity of the drum - up to 7 kg.

The price is half that of the previous model, around 3, 00 rubles.



Overall dimensions are 60х48х85 cm. The drum capacity is calculated for 7 kg of dry linen.

The manufacturer has implemented an option, a memory mode. There is protection from leaks and cancellation. 14 programs, among which special attention should be paid to the cycle "Hypoallergenicity".

The price is within 30 000 rub.



A capacious model for 12 kg of laundry. Management is electronic. There is a drying for 8 kg of laundry. This is a full-size model with dimensions of 60x64x85 cm.

The maximum spin speed is 1600 rotations per minute. There is a sensor, weighing clothes and determining the volume of water for washing. The choice of 16 different programs, among which is the mode of cleaning the drum. Classical protection against leaks and self-diagnosis of breakages in the kit.

It is worth more than 60 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews

Before you make a purchase, we recommend that you study the reviews in order to profitably invest in durable and functional equipment.

Oleg, Tomsk

My assistant LG F14A8TDS a little less than six months. I bought my wife as a gift-she asked me to wash children's things. I can say that the laundry is soft and clean. No breakdowns, the child fumbles next to the machine, we are sure that he is completely safe. The petty had an allergy at first, but changed the powder and realized that the machine does not matter. The wife praises the effect of whitening - towels and underwear just shine. He washed his fishing clothes in it, was pleased.

The machine works quietly, does not knock on the wall to the neighbors, and this is when pressed in 1400. As an engineer, I am pleased that the technology is clever - weighs the laundry, calculates how much water it takes. It was certainly decent, and to find this model traveled more than 5 stores, but it was all for good reason.

Alina, Permian

My machine AEG L87695WD for more than a year. When I chose this model, I believed the brand's reputation, so I did not regret money. At first, it was worried that she was very big, barely got into the kitchen. But after the first three wash, I realized that a small machine would not provide such washing. The drum is very capacious, I've got a blanket with a blanket - now I do not go to dry cleaners. A couple of times she saved her dress from stains with a special regimen. I treat the children's things with the steam and refresh the stale laundry.

It was difficult to get used to strange compartments in a fence, several times mixed powder with a rinse, because of narrow cells, later bought a measuring spoon with a spout, the problem fell away.

Models with vertical loading and the function of steam in our market is practically nonexistent. If you need an embedded model, then there is something to choose from - Samsung, Electrolux, Bosch and Hotpoint Ariston can offer such options.

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