An overview of Sanit powder for a dishwasher, customer reviews

A variety of detergents for dishwashers pushes the question: what to choose. On the shelves of shops you can find funds of both Russian and imported production - they are all widely known, they are bought. One of such preparations is the powder "Sanit". We will analyze its composition, method of application and feedback from experienced users.

Content of the material:

  • 1Sanit: Overview and Specifications
  • 2How to use "Sanit" for a dishwasher
  • 3Reviews about the powder "Sanit"

Sanit: Overview and Specifications

As indicated on the package, the manufacturer is in Moscow - this is the company OOO MG-Chemikl. The agent is made in the form of white granules without impurities and impregnations. Packaging powder - carton boxes or packages of polyethylene.

Main components:

  • Surfactants;
  • oxygen-type bleach;
  • phosphates (in high concentration - more than 30%);

30% concentration of phosphates is unacceptable, even for washing powders, not to mention the products in contact with the dishes.

  • enzymes;
  • silicates;
  • active component enhancers.

The composition of this powder can be characterized as aggressive. To clean dishes is a good quality, but it requires proof and verification.

Important! Detergent "Sanit" is available in several forms: powder and "3 in 1". In the latter version, in addition to the detergents, salt and rinse are present.

How to use "Sanit" for a dishwasher

We will not talk about where it is sold - it can be found in any outlet with household chemicals. And on the official website of the company are detailed instructions for use. Concentration of the agent is important for the qualitative cleaning of dishes from contamination. Increase the dosage can be in case of heavy dirt on the dishes. If you are concerned about the abundance of phosphates in the composition, choose the function of double (intensive) rinsing.

Judging by the reviews on the network, the remedy is potent and works no worse than expensive gels and tablets. Unfortunately, such a high capacity for washing is due entirely to chemical composition.

Reviews about the powder "Sanit"

Olga Valeryevna, Sochi

Like any woman, who has a dishwasher in her arsenal, I did not immediately choose what would suit me at the price and quality. I actively bought tablets 3 or 5 in 1, but then I felt a good blow to the wallet. Walking along the "Auchan I noticed this miracle-tool on the lower shelves. I did not like the composition, but bribed the enzymes - they are still suitable for fighting various types of pollution (remembered from advertising). I fell in love "Sanit" with the first use: careful washing, without streaks. The agent was washed off without leaving a sharp odor. The only "but" - now you need to separately take salt and rinse, but all the same, with a ridiculous price of powder, it goes much cheaper.

Daria, St. Petersburg

Constantly I change all household chemistry in my house to find an optimum parity of the price and quality. "Sanit" was a means of Russian production, so the price is cheap. A consumption - 1 pack for 30 cycles of washing, sometimes more.

Impressed by the results to this day: clean dishes, not a single divorce, and the quality of washing is better than "Finish" and "Kalgonita". I try to close my eyes to cons (I'm talking about surfactants and phosphates), but even more in chemistry pills. If you think that everything is very harmful around you, then buy the powder safely and do not worry. Well, of course, if you are leading a healthy life style, this is not for you - you will have to shell out what's more expensive or wash the dishes yourself.

Dmitry, Kaliningrad

Lovely ladies, do not you think that this powder is "slightly" harmful? Spoil yourself, but if there is a family - a husband, children, older people, then why make fun of them? Read carefully: more than 30% phosphate! This is a lot, too much. I found this nonsense at home in my wife's closet, made a severe reprimand, explained what's what, now only ECO funds are taken.

Vasily, Orenburg

I buy SANIT powder for dishwasher almost a year - during this time I did not notice a single defect. Why overpay for advertised money, if there are cheap and the same quality.

Georges, Krasnodar

I am a lazy greedy, so I always take a few packs. So it was with Sanit. I did not like the pack - I thought in polyethylene already good powders do not produce. Maybe I messed up with the dosage, but everything was rinsed very badly - there were some divorces. Tried with a double rinse - it's getting better. The water is soft, so I do not add salt. Advised to add a little soda ash to the powder, it became much better. But anyway, there are means for the dishwasher more interesting than Sanit.

We hope that the review of the tool and user feedback will help you get the right opinion about this powder for PMM.

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