Can I wash the crystal in a dishwasher, or better by hand

Almost every owner of the dishwasher wondered: can I wash the crystal in a dishwasher? It is better to clean it by hand, since washing in PMM is fraught with cracks on the dishes. It requires careful care, so there are some nuances: for example, the intensity of the regime.

Consider in detail the details of washing crystal dishes, give advice on how to reduce the risk to a minimum, if you still need to load it into the machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1To wash or not to wash crystal in the dishwasher
    • 1.1Important point: detergents
    • 1.2Location of crystal dishes in PMM
  • 2Thinness of care for crystal

To wash or not to wash crystal in the dishwasher

Crystal - a fragile and demanding material, sensitive to sudden temperature changes and mechanical effects. If you have heard about the concept of "glass corrosion then it is applicable to crystal - with intensive washing on beautiful instruments can remain microcracks and scratches. Have you decided to download the "delicate" utensils in the PMM? Observe the rules:

  • choose the "delicate" wash mode;

  • if there is no special mode, put the machine on a short cycle;

  • set a moderate water temperature - 40 ° C;
  • avoid washing the crystal devices with copper, aluminum or silver - they leave a yellowish coating;
  • Watch for water hardness: if your region has high stiffness, useregenerating salt for dishwashers;

Attention! We wrote earlier,than you can replace the salt for dishwashers. In the case of crystal dishes - after treatment in PMM, you can wash it with warm water with the addition of vinegar or lemon juice to wash away the white coating from impurities in the water.

  • gilded instruments are categorically forbidden to send to a typewriter, otherwise gold will be wiped off;
  • remove food residues by hand, then start automatic washing.

Important! Does PMM support the air drying function? Use it with hard water from the tap. Forced drying will "drive" the droplets from the surfaces, and there will be no stains on the faceted products.

So, we do not recommend sending crystal to PMM - wash by hand. Otherwise, follow the rules so that fragile dishes are not affected by automatic washing.

Important point: detergents

When washing the crystal with other utensils, stop the choice on "3 in 1" tablets or a special powder. To be correctchoose a detergenta variety of dishes, compare the reviews of each of the manufacturers.

Important! Do not use conventional hand washing. Special substances will ensure the quality of washing and protect the technique from breakages.

Location of crystal dishes in PMM

It is important that the products do not touch each other when placing them in a bunker. Fix the glasses and the thinnest instruments on the shelves of the machine so that during vibration there is no broken dishes.

Thinness of care for crystal

When washing in a dishwasher, the crystal needs care before and after. If before you send the decanter or vase into the machine, you notice dirt on the bottom - remove them manually. Fill the granules of large salt inside, add water and vinegar and shake vigorously - the bottom will be cleaned.

After washing in the typewriter you are not satisfied with the appearance of the products made of crystal? Rinse the appliance in warm water with salt and vinegar. For gold-plated products, drip a couple of drops of ammonia into the water.

While rinsing glasses and wine glasses, do not hold them by the foot - there is a risk of breaking it, so hold it in place of the base.

Wipe the crystal with a clean cotton cloth. Avoid napkins and terry towels - they leave on the surfaces of barely noticeable villi.

It's better not to send crystal products to PMM, but it's worth remembering that the technologies are not on place - there are many models that without a problem wash the most demanding dishes on delicate modes. If you are the owner of such equipment, follow the manufacturer's instructions. No? Listen to our advice, and sparkling crystal dishes will last you many more years.

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