How to install a dishwasher

Under the non-standard size dishwasher understood. Innovative items from the exhibition Electrolux impossible to get at retail. Hung on the wall cabinet, able to clean the plate, it looks profitable. But the installation instructions do not get it. How to install a dishwasher, distracting from the usual framework? Consider on example SC76M522RU. In dishwashing machines are usually 3 feet, available for adjustment from the front of the plinth: the fundamental difference from the washing.

Compact dishwasher SC76M522RU

Compact dishwasher SC76M522RU said to be non-standard. Height - 60 cm. Standard dimensions height dishwashers:

  1. 85 - 87 cm - freestanding.
  2. 81 - 82 cm - recessed.
  3. 45 - 47 - Compact Embedded.

The encyclopedia Yandex-market there is no information about other models. Dishwasher fit under the kitchen sink. Sink built into the tabletop (sometimes need flat siphon). Modern headsets fit easily equipment. There is no need to build in equipment. Place the dishwasher inside, close the door of the cabinet.

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Installing the dishwasher

Baby will fit 8 sets of dishes, consisting of arrangements of 11 pieces. Among other things:

  • Three plates of different formats.
  • Three spoons of differing size.
  • Saucer.
  • Fork.
  • Knife.
  • Wineglass.
  • A cup.

Custom dishwashers SC76M522RU able to simultaneously wash the mountain of dishes. A family of two-person unit available include once a week.

It indicates a set of programs: does the equipment cost is not cheap. The average price of products is 26,000 rubles. Inverter motor quiet, durable. water consumption is above average, 8.7 liters per cycle. Dishwashers Siemens bigger spending less (12 liters to 14 place settings). For the year spending an average of 8 cubic meters (cold water) for 4 people. For two people to get much less.

embedding dishwashers

No half-load option, but in the presence of a final rinse at 90 ° C with a condensation drying. This is called the "Hygiene". The manufacturer does not specify the type of drying, the conclusion follows from the operating instructions. Ordinary condensation drying - process long time, but economical. Available Vario Speed ​​Plus option to cope with svezhevypachkannoy dishes faster.

After you download a special sensor determines the amount by weight, it calculates the cost of water and detergents. Hardness sensor is trying to decide whether you need to add salt - the only drawback of the dishwasher. Sol after update cycle has protected the bottom of the working chamber in the filler neck from corrosion. In operation, brine is poured around a powerful factor of corrosion. When adding the salt water in the compartment is filled through the neck for the first time. In other cases sypte the contents inside. The excess water will automatically merge through the drain hose.

Dishwasher allow the use of means of 3 to 1, automatically detects the type. Recommended for water with low hardness using special pills to get rid of the refueling compartment every time.

Installing the dishwasher

Clean water in the loop is controlled by a special sensor, each drop is used as much as possible. Save without sacrificing quality. Do not attempt to load the dishwasher by means of 3 to 1. Undulating rocker arm, upper and lower, alternately pour plates that provide additional savings, while maintaining effectiveness. Let's see how to install the dishwasher with your hands.

Installation of compact embedded dishwasher SC76M522RU

'Ve encountered with the installation instructions. Dishwasher non-standard, but is set as the standard. One difference there. Take a look at the marginal compartment dimensions:

  • Height is not such a great spread for both full-length outdoor units. Adjustable feet not. Horizontal is a wardrobe. It builds a compact dishwasher. The product is placed in the compartment is devoid of the decorative panel. Managing mind.

Box for dishwasher

Note: Instructions for the two types of compact models. To describe the size in brackets. Obtain compartment for mounting height 60 cm + 4 mm tolerance. In Figure allowed small inaccuracy: if the door is suspended below the hull, in fact the opposite. Upload, along with installation instructions for the dishwasher design with Siemens official website, where the dimensions of the product are given in profile, print.

Zapihnete dishwasher compartment with a height of 59 cm, the front panel will protrude outside. The door width of 59 cm is not held in the mounting portion width of 56 cm. If the highlight for the installation of 59 cm, are formed on the sides of the gaps will close the front panel.

No screws to fix the product in a niche. With an increase in the compartment under the dishwasher will have to take care that nothing is loose.

Install Integrated dishwasher harder. We'll have to find the exact size compartment. If you find a cabinet department 60h56h50 cm, stick the corners of plastic supporting the product. Known soft options. Find a thin piece of rubber area slightly less than the bottom of the dishwasher. Put on paper, perched on top of the dishwasher. If you strongly not to pull the product aside, the friction force is sufficient. Newspaper, clipped sheet A3 put to save polishing. Moisture at installation ensures marks on the polished a couple of months.

Why stubbornly refuse to consider this model built? Full built model should be built, he said just put on the shelf. It is supposed to fix the fasteners, methods of fitting sizes, such as adjustable feet and hung decorative panel. Considered freestanding model is also impossible. No legs, how to put on the table? The manual does not say.

The only touch, hinting at Integrated dishwasher - to hang from a decorative edging profile, protective faceplate under the tabletop. Will protect furniture from steam. With her installation begins. Stroebe holes for communication size 5x10 cm stretch hose, cable, carry out the connection. As gorizontirovat dishwasher, it remains unclear. It is assumed that the furniture is level.

The bottom compartment is separated from the wall by 40 mm. Worth a little tear off the back wall to attach the back if needed. The clearance required for ventilation, the course is definitely needed. If dishwasher will be removed, the rear wall to attach the back. The apparent sequence, but the subtleties can not pay attention to the product to overheat. Then will wonder why the dishwasher stops. Floating problem harder to catch the master.

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