Where to put a pill in the dishwasher

Where to put a pill in the dishwasher? You bought a dishwasher, as well as special tools for it. It remains to figure out where to put it all, after which you can start the technique. Due to the multifunctionality and abundance of components in the composition, the tablets are easy to use and popular with users. We will understand the features of their application.

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  • 1How to lay the tablets in a dishwasher properly
  • 2Kinds of tablets. Application features
    • 2.1Should the pill fall out, why does it fall out of the office?
    • 2.2Advantages of compressed products in individual packaging

How to lay the tablets in a dishwasher properly

Before using the dishwasher for the first time, open the instruction manual and carefully read it. In most models, the detergent must be stored in the dispenser compartment, which is located on the door.

In the picture below you can see the dispenser. The second compartment (2) - this is the capacity for the powder, tablet, gel. Compartment number three (3) is calculated for detergent (up to 5 g), which is used for pre-washing.

Department F is intended for rinsing, additionally it is twisted by a lid (C). The indicator (D) indicates the presence or absence of a rinse aid.

In the dishwashers Bosch slightly different location. The dispenser is also located on the inside of the door, but the compartments are in different parts:

There is a separate place for the tablets (3), for the powder and gel (1), for the rinse aid (2).

In earlier models of dishwashers there is such a basket:

The concentrated means 3-in-1, 7-in-1 can not be used. Only the simplest compressed cartridges can be loaded.

In addition to detergent, you must use:

  • Rinser. Gives the dishes shine and radiance, removes white coating, stains. It promotes rapid drying, has water-repellent properties.
  • Salt. Softens hard water, reducing the amount of harmful impurities. Prevents the appearance of calcareous deposits, scale.

How do I start the dishwasher for the first time?, read in a separate article.

Kinds of tablets. Application features

Pressed in cubes means are made of powder with certain additives. In stores today a huge selection of detergent cartridges:

  • three-component (3-in-1);
  • multicomponent (5-in-1, 6-in-1, 8-in-1 and so on);
  • ecological (without chlorine and phosphate);
  • with water-soluble packaging.

Each tablet is enclosed in a separate package, so using them is very convenient. If the manufacturer indicated on the package that the bag is dissolved in water, then you can not tear it off, but immediately put it into the machine. This is Finish Quantum, Sodasan, Amway.

If not, then remove the packaging and put the product in the compartment. This is Somat, Frosch, Econta, Ecover.

What's in the composition.If this is not an environmentally friendly remedy, then the content is not much different from powders or gels:

  • chlorine;
  • phosphates;
  • Surfactants;
  • enzymes;
  • bleach;
  • perfume:
  • citrates;
  • salts;
  • silicates and so on.

How to insert and which side to put the pads? Adhere to simple operating rules:

  • Thoroughly clean the dishes of food debris.
  • Arrange them in the baskets.
  • You can fill the pill in the compartment with either side, the main thing is to close it tightly. Also pour in salt, add rinse aid.
  • Start a long washing cycle.

Important! Do not use cartridges for a pre-program or a short program. They do not have time to dissolve, so the dishes will not be washed well, but the plaque will remain on the bottom of the dishwasher.

For compact PMMs or Half Load cycles, you can use half the tool. But this is not always convenient.

Should the pill fall out, why does it fall out of the office?

The reasons lie in the principle of the machine. During the start of the main wash, the compartment ejects the cushion. Under the influence of water, it begins to gradually dissolve.

You can not crush compacted cubes. Each layer dissolves in turn. If they are mixed, there will not be a proper effect, since the rinse aid is used immediately.

First of all, salt and detergent components dissolve, and in the end - rinsing (red ball inside). It happens that the cleaner does not fly out of the dispenser. The cause may be incorrectly placed dishes that block the dispenser. It's worth checking out the lid itself, maybe it's eaten.

Advantages of compressed products in individual packaging

  1. It is convenient to use every day, you do not need to dose and dirty your hands.
  2. They do not crumble, they do not spill, they neatly fit into the compartment.
  3. Simple and long-term storage. Individual packaging allows you not to worry about getting moisture.
  4. Efficiency, multifunctionality.

Important! If the package is water-soluble, do not take it with wet hands, otherwise the tool will soften.

Now you know where to put pills and what mode to put. Follow the PMM instructions, then it will work without fail.

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