Error codes for AEG dishwashers

The dishwasher "AEG" does not start, the fault code is lit on the display. What does it mean? So the system of self-diagnosis of the machine informs the user about the appearance of a breakdown. Having deciphered the code, you will understand where to look for the cause of the malfunction.

If the breakdown is not serious, you can fix it yourself or call a specialist.

How to decode the "AEG" trouble codes

If you started the dishwasher and saw the malfunction code for the first time, try rebooting. Perhaps there was a network failure, so the system gave an error.

How do I reset the AEG dishwasher? Unplug it from the mains for a few minutes, then turn it on again. Did the error disappear? You can load and wash dishes. If the code lights up again, search for a breakdown.

DTC Number of blinks for machines with an indicator Value Reason for occurrence Repair by own hands
I 10 1 There is no water in the car. The timeout period has been exceeded. 1. Problems with the water level sensor.

2. The filler hose clogged or jammed.

3. The entrance faucet is blocked, there is no water in the water supply.

4. The intake valve is broken.

1. The details are given. If a fault occurs, it is replaced.

2. Inspection of the inlet hose, cleaning from the blockage.

3. Checking the water in the water supply.

4. Filling valve diagnosis. Replacement if necessary.

I 20 2 There is no draining of water. 1. The drainage system was clogged.

2. The drain hose was transferred.

3. Problems with the water level sensor.

4. Damage to the PMM drain pump.

How to fix the situation:

1. The drain hose is checked for blockage and kink.

2. The level sensor is inspected, a new part is installed in case of a malfunction.

3. The drain pump is inspected and cleaned of debris. If the pump is faulty, replace it.

I 30 3 The protection of "Aquastop" has worked. Water is found in the dishwasher tray, a leak has occurred.

Or the float sensor is defective.

1. The inspection of the PMM body and connections is carried out at the moment of leakage.

2. Diagnosis of the system "Aquastop".

I 50 5 Problems with the control module. The triac of the module that controls the pump is defective. Need diagnostics and repair of the main module.
I 60 6 Which means the code: water does not heat up or overheats. 1. The heating element is burnt.

2. Level sensor failure.

3. Faulty pump.

4. There were problems with the thermistor.

4. The dishwasher control module is defective.

What can I do if this code appears:

1. Check and replace the heater.

2. Inspect the level sensor, its connections. Install a new part if it breaks.

3. If there are problems with the installation of the machine or pump, the water is constantly drained, so the heating does not occur.

It is necessary to check the connection system, as well as the operation of the pump.

I 70 7 Problems with wiring, NTC closure. Check and replace wiring. Inspection of the NTC sensor.
I 80 and I 90 8-9 Problems with eeprom communication or with the firmware of the module. Faulty electronic module. Diagnosis and repair or replacement of the module.
I A0 10 The sprinkler does not work. It is necessary to check and unlock the sprinkler.
I b 0 11 There were problems with the turbidity sensor. 1. The turbidity sensor does not work.

2. The dishwasher must be cleaned.

1. Check and replace the turbidity sensor.

2. Cleaning PMM.

I C0 12 There is no connection with the user interface. The main module malfunction. System failure. The dishwasher needs a reboot.

If the error does not disappear, the module is diagnosed and repaired.

I Ad0 13 No tachogenerator signal. 1. No water heating.

2. Uncontrolled engine speed.

The tachogenerator needs a check and a replacement.
I F0 14 There is no water intake. Low pressure in the water supply. It is necessary to wait until the normal water supply resumes.

Now you know the mistakes of AEG dishwashers and can read their codes. Each user can eliminate the clogging in the machine. As for replacement and repair of parts, it is better to entrust this work to the master.

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