F61 error in Bosch washing machine

The washing machine Bosch, like all modern washing machines, is equipped with a self-diagnosis system. Thanks to her, the eraser detects breakages at their earliest stage.

The user learns about the results of the self-diagnosis system thanks to the electronic display. And that's what error F61 means, and what to do when it appears is not written on the screen.

Read this article to the end and find out everything: why it gives an error, how to reset errors, and how to fix the problem that caused the error.

Content of the material:

  • 1Decoding the value of the code
    • 1.1Self check
  • 2How to fix an error and close the washing machine
    • 2.1Can not fix the closed position of the hatch
    • 2.2The hatch is closed, but not blocked
    • 2.3Damage to the handle of the hatch

Decoding the value of the code

If the Bosch washing machine shows error F 61, the corresponding code is displayed. This simple combination means that an incorrect door code (hatch) has occurred.

This is expressed in the fact that the SM does not start washing and can not block the hatch.

Self check

To confirm a malfunction (perhaps it's just a software crash, and not a crash), you need to act like this:

  • Disconnect the AGR from the mains.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes for the control unit to reboot.
  • Reset the error by pressing the "On / Off" button.
  • Check the hatch lock.

The fault is confirmed, you start the wash, but the machine does not want to erase and lock the hatch, still shows an error on the display. It will take a partial disassembly of the styralka for its self-repair, and maybe even the challenge of the master.

Usually, if F 61 burns, the following repairs are needed:

  • Replacing the UBL (lockout device).
  • Repair or replace the control board.
  • Check and possible replacement of the wiring leading to the UBL.

Next, we'll look at everything in order and find the best solution for your Bosh SM.

How to fix an error and close the washing machine

In order to close the hatch washing machine Bosch, and thereby remove the annoying mistake, you need to understand what caused this failure.

Can not fix the closed position of the hatch

This breakdown is usually not typical for the brand Bosch, but everything happens for the first time.

The malfunction is caused by the failure of the guide. If this element is plastic, it is in a risk zone and can break at any time. This part can be found under the fixing tab and check.

Damage to the guide can be accompanied by a slight curvature of the hatch. Solve the problem simply - you need to replace the part, and later, using the machine, carefully close the hatch door.

In some Bosch models, this problem can be caused by a latching locking tongue. When it is bent, it can not get into the lock slot, so the hatch does not close. The failure provocateur is a drop-out rod, on which the tongue holds. To return it to the place, we need a disassembly of the hatch, we will describe it later, and show how to change the rod (rod).

The hatch is closed, but not blocked

In this case, the error F 16 is accompanied by the fact that washing does not begin, although nothing prevents it. In fact, if the hatch does not lock, the smart washing machine will never start washing.

Replace the lock (UBL) is easy, just watch the video:


Damage to the handle of the hatch

The handle is an important mechanism involved in both opening and closing the CM door. Of course, over time it can break down. Sometimes manufacturers of Bosch machines are not at all to blame for this problem - the handle could wear out due to careless use.

The handle is worth changing - no need to try to glue it or rewind it with electrical tape.

To replace the handle without the help of the wizard, you need to remove the door and disassemble it. Above, we've added a video that shows howproperly disassemble the hatch.

The replacement of the handle should be done like this:

  1. Remove the hatch.
  2. Put it on the floor and unscrew the fasteners.
  3. Use a flat screwdriver to pry the edges of the hatch along the entire perimeter.

  4. You will see the following:
  5. Remove the glass, remembering its location. Turn over the hatch and, armed with a thin screwdriver, push the metal rod.
  6. Turn the hatch and pliers to pull the rod out.
  7. Take a new part, install it.

If everything is done correctly and no longer see Fault code F61 on the scoreboard, then the repair is successful. Use the hatch carefully so that this error no longer lights up.

You can watch the video:

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