Error F04 in the Bosch washing machine

What is the fault code F 04 on the Bosch washing machine display?

The appearance of an error indicates the leakage of the machine. How to eliminate the leak and solve the problem yourself, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Troubleshooting options
  • 2How to find out the cause of the leak
  • 3Repair by own hands
    • 3.1Hose fence
    • 3.2The drain filter
    • 3.3Bunker and batcher
    • 3.4Cuff Hatch
    • 3.5Tank connection
    • 3.6Damage to the tank
    • 3.7Drain pump

Troubleshooting options

To remove error F04, you need to correct the situation. If you find a puddle of water near the washing machine Bosch, stick to safety!

Do not step into the water until you turn off the power in the stylalka. In order not to get an electric shock, pull out the plug from the outlet, de-energized the machine, or turn off the electricity on the shield.

Then you need to turn off the water supply. To do this, turn off the tap or turn off the water supply throughout the house.

If the wash program is finished, remove the laundry from the tank. If the failure occurred in the middle of the program, first of all merge the rest of the water through the drain filter. Now get your clothes.

How to find out the cause of the leak

Before you look for the cause of error F04 on the Bosch washing machine, look around. Perhaps the reason is not in the stylalka, but the water just leaked to its base from other sources. Check the sewerage, pipes. Perhaps this is the reason that the system gives an error.

If everything is normal, then the matter is in SM Bosch. How can I fix a fault and remove error F04? It is necessary to examine the probable places of leakage.

Repair by own hands

If your Bosch machine shows error F 04 on the display, you will need to check the parts and parts of the SM to solve the problem.

Tip: To quickly locate a leak, carefully look where the leak began.

Hose fence

Carefully inspect the hose at the time of damage, cracks, which could lead to water leakage. If everything is in order, inspect the hose connection with the machine. There is a gasket that could wear out. Then you need to install a new gasket.

The drain filter

If you previously unscrewed the filter, it may be loose. A reliable indication of the flow of the filter is water under the stylalko. Unscrew it and reinstall it, tightly twisting it.

Bunker and batcher

A sign that indicates problems with the dispenser will flow through the front panel of the washing machine Bosch. The dispenser hoppers are filled with powders and rinses, which means a chance of clogging.

What to do: push the dispenser to the stop, press in the middle on the fixing element and pull it out of the machine. Rinse the hopper and the dispenser under pressure.

It happens that the great pressure of water entering the dispenser is the cause of the leak. Turn the supply tap to reduce head pressure.

Now turn on the CM and see if the error F04 is gone. If the code no longer lights up on the scoreboard, then everything is in order.

Cuff Hatch

The cuff lost weight or was damaged by small items during washing. The water flows from under the hatch, a puddle forms under the SMA.

How to change it:

  • Open the hatch door, pull the cuff.
  • Use a screwdriver to pry the metal clip and pull it out.
  • Remove the upper Bosch dashboard.
  • Unscrew the bolt securing the inner cuff collar.
  • Remove the yoke from the grooves.
  • On the outside of the hatch, remove the cuff with the yoke.
  • Install the new item in reverse order. To help you with the video:

Tank connection

After making sure that all the details are correct, you have found that the error code F 04 has not disappeared. The puddle forms under the machine.

Maybe the fixing of the jar with the tank has decreased. If a fault is detected, the nozzle must be removed and dried. When installing, put it on the glue.

It happens that the reason lies in the inlet pipe from the valve. For inspection, you need to remove the top cover of the Bosch washing machine, as shown in the photo. If necessary, install a working nozzle.

Damage to the tank

This sturdy machine element can also fail. Reasons: loading things with sharp details, small items in your pocket. If the inspection reveals a defect in the tank, it must be replaced.

Drain pump

If, during the inspection of the pump, you found wet spots under it, the internal seals were probably worn out. Need a replacement.

To avoid leakage, inspect and clean Bosch washing machine filters in time. This will help prevent the occurrence of error F04.

SMA should be properly and smoothly installed, monitor the quality of the hose connection, the strength of the connections.

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