We repair the kitchen hood alone

  • How is the cooker hood
  • How to change the exhaust motor
  • What to do if the control panel has broken down
  • What to do if the cooker hood does not turn on
  • Extract works, but does not eliminate odors
  • Illumination does not work
  • How to keep working

The repair of kitchen hoods is almost always justifiable from a financial point of view, it's quite possible to fix a few small malfunctions with your own hands to every home master.

How is the cooker hood

Before you begin repairing the hood with your own hands, you should understand its device. Such a technique can be exhaust (discharge) or recirculation type (air is cleaned and is released back), but in both views the main working element is always asynchronous engine (8).

In addition, in this technique, there will necessarily be a fan (2), which may be axial or tangential. Axial represents blades, which "tighten" the air inside. The air flow will pass along the axis of rotation of the engine. Fans of tangential type are evenly spaced blade-blades. Such a fan is preferable - its principle of operation provides an increased efficiency.


In the extract will necessarily be filters. For example, a budget coal filter (9) is put on the round entrance window of the motor, and more expensive A filter structure with carbon beads will be one that has a rectangular shape and is installed immediately for fat. The grease filter, in turn, is located immediately behind the working surface (12). There are also fabric filters and paper products with impregnation (disposable), but now the most common are reticular reusable metal grease traps.

As for the control panel, it can be a touch or mechanical type, but it will always be a common unit, as shown in the photo below.

If the device provides a change in speed, then there is necessarily a circuit that generates a control voltage. The design is also supplemented by lighting. These can be incandescent, halogen or LED lamps.


Repair the hood with your own hands is easy, if you act on a certain algorithm. It is clear that in the beginning it is necessary to determine the problem.

In the case when the hood is broken and does not turn on, it is necessary to check the working capacity of the built-in lighting. Thus, the integrity of the power circuit is monitored, the connection to the outlet is correct. If the light bulbs are working, then the problem is in the engine or control system, in this case you need to buy new parts that fit the model of your hood and are approved by the manufacturer.

Spare parts for kitchen hoods are sold in specialized stores of spare parts for household appliances and in online stores.


How to change the exhaust motor

  1. Turn off the power supply of the hood.
  2. Remove the filters by pulling the tab. Unscrew the lower panel of the hood by holding it from the bottom so that it does not fall.
  3. Disconnect the connectors of the backlight wires, so you disconnect both panels from each other.
  4. Remove the hood or remove it from the cabinet by unscrewing the screws and lay it gently on the floor. Attention, the hood is heavy, so it is desirable to shoot it with a partner.
  5. Remove the fan from the engine, releasing the spring clip or other attachment.

  1. Now you need to remove the engine. To do this, disconnect the green ground wire from the screw on the hood, and then cut the wires connected to the motor. Remove the 3 screws from the mounting plate, as shown in the photo below, remove this plate and pull out the fan motor from the hood.
  2. Connect the new motor to the mounting plate, then place it in the hood housing, the ground wire back.

  1. Reinstall the fan blades by tightening the spring clip. Install or install the hood in its place, fix all the panels of the housing and connect the power supply, check the operation of the new engine.

What to do if the control panel has broken down

If the motor is always functioning, but does not change the speed, then in 92% of cases the problem lies in the control panel. Better and easier in this case, just buy a new one and replace it, repairing the board with your own hands is quite difficult.


And now let us consider possible small faults in the hood.

What to do if the cooker hood does not turn on

There are several possible malfunctions here:

  1. The device may not be connected to the electrical network. It is necessary to check the very fact of connection, and the presence of voltage in the outlet.
  2. The operability of the circuit breaker is checked by the tester. If this element does not "ring up it must be replaced.
  3. It may turn out that there are problems with power supply. They can occur due to a breakdown of the machine or failure of the fuses.
  4. The power plug may also malfunction. By the way, the plug can have a built-in fuse, which can burn out - in this case it will be necessary to replace it.
  5. The internal wiring of the device can also cause malfunctions. It must be checked with a tester, and the detected bad contacts are eliminated by tightening the screws or crimping the tips with pliers.
  6. But the malfunction of the electric motor requires major repairs and interventions by professionals.

Extract works, but does not eliminate odors

If there are still odors remaining in the kitchen when the cooker hood is working, then most likely it's in the filter. The efficiency of the hood is reduced if it is not replaced on time (not cleaned). For example, the carbon filter located just behind the intake grille must be replaced about once every 3 months. A filter of this type can be collapsible, then only coal pellets change (photo left).

Disposable grease filters (paper and fabric) are also subject to replacement. They can not be restored and can not be washed. But metal mesh structures need regular cleaning (they can even be washed in a dishwasher - roughly once a month).

If you are sure that the problem is not in the filter, then you can solve the problem in the following way: increase the running time device, including it a few minutes before turning on the burners and turning off a quarter of an hour after the cooker is free.

Illumination does not work

If the hood lighting does not work, then everything can be repaired by the following algorithm:

  1. In the case when the fan rotates without failures, but the lighting does not turn on in any way, the bulb is simply replaced with a new one.
  2. When the replacement of the light bulb did not solve the problem, it is worth checking the operation of the light switch, most likely it simply went off the wire.

How to keep working

  • To ensure that your hood works as long as possible, you should change and clean the filters in time. Modern models are equipped with special sensors (buzzer or bulb), demonstrating the need for replacement;
  • To avoid overheating (breakage) of the engine, it is necessary to prevent the device from working with dishwashers without gas cookers;
  • In addition, the minimum mounting height of the working surface of the hood must be kept - 70-75 cm above the gas stove, and 65-70 above the hob.
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