What are the most reliable Multivarki

Special tests have been conducted. Talk about multivarka, go over the options, we estimate the varieties of coatings. The reader will conclude what Multivarki most reliable. Broken equipment rarely serve 5-10 years or more.

Pot heated

The simplest Multivarki called "pot heated" electric pan with non-stick coating. This is not true. People suggest: decent Multivarki begin above 7,000 rubles. What multivarka considered the best?

In the countries of the Commonwealth of buyers prefer to Redmond. This applies to the budget "pots" and expensive induction multivarok with non-stick coating. Redmond normal model is equipped with decent functionality. It works like a pressure cooker, pressure cooker, medlennovarka. Multivarka much better.

Modern saucepan - multivarka

Steamer cooks steamed multivarka cook two dishes at the same time. We put the meat down on non-stick coating on it fries on the grid. In multivarka will be ready at the same time. Multivarka solve the range of problems: fry, extinguish, bakes. This kitchen universal machine for almost any kind of food.

Pressure cooker cooks at high pressure. The process is faster, less water is required. Multivarka can also:

  • relieving excess pressure through the pressure relief valve;
  • off when lower pressure still can not;
  • monitor humidity within and terminate the cycle when falls to a fixed value.

Multivarka a magic pot. Smart sensors Multivarki monitor humidity, switch off the device when the water droplets to be absorbed into the pulp. Krupa turns crumbly, steamed, not overdried, with no signs of burning. These wonders of the most reliable Multivarki accomplishes until the owners are absent. Then automatically maintain a predetermined temperature.

Medlennovarka sprays, dish languishing for hours out tender, juicy. At a temperature not exceeding 80 degrees Celsius is retained maximum vitamins, nutrients. In the absence of oxygen from the outside retain most of the nutritional value of foods.

Convenient opening Multivarki cover

How does multivarka

We have already mentioned that Multivarki trying to divide into "pods" heated and masterpieces in its class. The principle of division multivarok.

  1. Light weight category described as a saucepan with electric tiles in one housing. Good multivarka with the heating element has a dozen programs, an excellent drain valve and condensate collection with cover, timer and other extras.
  2. Multivarki induction heating - advanced multi-layer pan, does not burn anything. A rich set of sensors under microprocessor control. Ability to fully seal in the manner of a pressure cooker, with Switch without the bowl.

Why pay 20,000 rubles per multivarku? Besides the advanced heat sensible sound sensors; further, since multilayer coatings and finishing seal, looks bleak. The thing is gorgeous. Cheapest model will be constantly snapping the thermostat when you change the heating mode; multivarka in advanced electronic control, acoustic effects are absent. Expensive models reliable plastic taste absent in the first four cooking, stainless steel container products does not supply a fair share of nickel, causing allergic reactions.

Multivarka - better plate

Talk about multi-layer coating in multivarka. Tefal manages to produce pans with non-stick coating of Teflon. Manufacturers of devices considered doing the same. What is the best coating for Multivarki? Judge for yourself:

  1. Teflon. It serves a couple of years, then the pot Multivarki wear. Material is gentle, it is impossible to scrape a metal grid scratching forks, knives. If formed scratch Teflon begins to flake. We heard, if this material is harmful to health. Indeed, previously used in the manufacture of a fluorine-based acid toxic properties, but decay temperature at 250 degrees Celsius it, and the coating was applied at a temperature of 150 degrees above. Know that acid in the manufacture of Teflon multivarok no longer involved. Studied German laboratory result confirms that the coating is harmless to health.
  2. Ceramic, marble. Non-stick properties are maintained for three months. Then the dishes loses quality. Pottery easier breaks off with Multivarki, should be washed with care, can not be loaded into the dishwasher. Coating gaining pigments of fruits and vegetables, is afraid of sharp temperature drops.
  3. multivarok stainless steel products leaves a metallic taste, not like nickel allergies. Milk to the metal burns, scared acids. But stainless steel is everlasting, cleaned, lightweight, durable. Scratching is not necessary.
  4. Clay pots until they gained popularity in the production multivarok. Eco-friendly, but it is unlikely the product will be called a non-stick. Have to be soaked, gently wash the delicate work of potters. Durable, not afraid of high temperature.

Millions of people use the product. For a long time we eat food cooked in a frying pan Tefal, drink from clay cups, boil the milk in stainless steel pans. Why embarrass Teflon, nickel? The tendency to allergies? Choose the clay (ceramic bowl, devoid of metal and polymers)!

bowl Multivarki

Disputes about the dangers multivarok useless. It is proved that the products have undergone radiation of the microwave oven are harmful. But people continue to buy the furnace, it is convenient. Someone might say that the induction heating multivarok far removed from the microwave generator? The product of the field and reliable metal that absorbs energy.

And now look at what is in the induction heating multivarka.

Unlike trivial heating spiral electric current induction method is multivarka by thin. The process takes place at a distance. Warmed ferro-magnetic metal pot Multivarki due to induced currents inducer. We emphasize safety of the appliance with a radiation standpoint, burns. The frequency is selected so as not to cause harm regularly multivarku heating. The alloy must be ferro-magnetic part of the energy released during the reversal material.

eddy currents are displaced structure formed on the surface of the magnetic field. The density increases, metal pot is heated, transferring heat to the food. Manufacturers conceal what frequency multivarka operates at 2 MHz current penetrates the iron to 1 micron. Food does not receive radiation doses, is safe for humans.


The device provides a tremendous breadth of choice. Preferred multivarka baking - with the program "bread", provides proofed dough to maintain the necessary temperatures to obtain full confectionery. Do not judge the design, choose the functionality. What better multivarka bake, set programs respond. Learn the stands, there is a right.

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