Why the dishwasher does not turn off, what should I do?

Why does not the dishwasher turn off? It does not have to be a serious breakdown. But if the work of the dishwasher can only be stopped by disconnection from the network, it is urgent to look for the cause of the problem.

Users of Bosch, Electrolux and other brands may encounter such a problem. What to do if the machine does not stop, read in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Troubleshooting in the dishwasher
    • 1.1Filling hose
    • 1.2Drain hose
    • 1.3Drainage filter
    • 1.4Sewerage clogging
    • 1.5Drain pump
  • 2Why is the motor freezed?

Troubleshooting in the dishwasher

You started the program in the car, but the washing does not stop even after the end of the cycle? First of all, exclude the system failure - this sometimes happens. Everything that's needed:

  • turn off PMM from power supply for 10-15 minutes;

  • restart and check the operation.

If the dishwasher continues to work uninterruptedly, unplug it and start troubleshooting.

Filling hose

The dishwasher works, but does not turn off. See if there is enough water to run the dishwasher properly.

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Check the location of the intake hose. If it is bent or imparted by an extraneous object, the water does not enter the system. Also, the cause of this situation is clogging. Disconnect the hose from the PMM housing, rinse it under the pressure of water.

The case can be in the protection of "Aquastop". Sometimes the Bosch system gives outError E15. The sponge, located in the filler hose, swells with water leakage and blocks access to the stream. If the "Aquastop" has worked, you need to buy and install a new hose.

Consider the situation when the dishwasher is hanging on the sink, while the pump hums and does not turn off. This could be affected by several factors.

Drain hose

Incorrect hose connection can lead to a siphon effect - the flow of water back into the machine. Therefore, the pump constantly works, trying to pump out water. What to do? Review the instructions carefully and make the correct connection of the machine:

  • disconnect the hose from the machine body and from the drain;

  • make sure that its length is no more than 2 meters;
  • check the bend and hose height above the floor (no more than 45 cm).

Drainage filter

Remains of food and small debris clog the filter. Therefore, the technique may hang on the sink. To resume the outflow of water, you need cleaning:

  • pull the bottom basket out of the hopper;
  • unscrew the filter in the pan;
  • rinse under running water.

Clean the filter twice a month.

Sewerage clogging

The dishwasher tries to drain the waste water, but nothing comes out. It is necessary to disconnect the drain hose from the sewage system, drain the water and clean the pipes with special means.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended to connect the equipment through a siphon.

Drain pump

The principle of the PMM is as follows: water rotates through the circulation pump. It is fed into the nozzles and flies out with jets. Flushing the dirt from the dishes, drains into the pan, gets into the filter and drain pump. To start the pump, the electronic module gives an impulse.

If the dishwasher freezes, hums and does not shut down, a problem has occurred:

  1. In the control module, in the wiring from the board to the pump.
  2. In the level sensor. Incorrect readings (excess water in the chamber) "force" the pump to run without end.
  3. In the installation. If the machine is on an uneven surface, this can cause permanent work.
  4. In the pump.

Be sure to check whether the equipment is installed exactly. Models of the Bosch brand can be installed with a slight slope of up to 10 degrees. While the PMM "Electrolux" is rather capricious and should be located on a flat surface.

How to check the drain pump:

  • open the camera door;
  • remove all baskets;
  • disconnect the machine from the communications;
  • flip on the back wall;
  • remove the bottom panel by unscrewing the screws around the perimeter;

  • on the side, at the assembly of the circulation unit, there is a pump;
  • measure the resistance of its contacts with a multimeter;
  • for replacement, disconnect the wiring;
  • unscrew the fixing screw, twist the part counter-clockwise.

The new element is installed in the reverse order.

Why is the motor freezed?

Happens, that the technique hangs on 1 minute after inclusion. The control panel does not respond to commands, the engine of the technician is started, but also freezes. The problem is in triac triage.

On the electronic board are triacs. Each of them is responsible for the operation of a specific node in the system. As a result of short circuit or moisture exposure, the board elements fail. As a consequence, the module can not control the motor, heater or other part.

Important! Should repair the electronic circuit board must master. But if you wish, you can carry out the diagnosis yourself.

Prepare the multimeter. Set the device to the Voltmeter mode. Remove the module:

  • disconnect the equipment from the network;
  • open the door;
  • unscrew the bolts from the inside of the door;
  • close the door;
  • disconnect the front panel;
  • disconnect the wiring chips from the module (take a picture of the location).

Alternately, apply the test leads of the multimeter to the triacs. Found a faulty item? Then take it off and take it to the store as a sample. It is important that the new part exactly matches your PMM model.

The element is fixed to the place using a soldering iron. To perform such repairs, you need to understand electronics and "make friends" with a soldering iron. We recommend to consult a specialist.

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