The dishwasher does not wash dishes - how to fix it

If you are confronted with a situation where the dishwasher does not wash dishes properly, do not rush to break it. The reason can be in careless operation of machinery, blockage, misuse of detergents. Lastly, options are considered with a possible malfunction. What if the PMM does not wash the dishes? Let's look for solutions together.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of poor operation of the dishwasher
  • 2How to fix the situation
    • 2.1Filters
    • 2.2Sprinklers
  • 3Technical malfunctions of the dishwasher
    • 3.1Problems with the heater
    • 3.2Thermal sensor failure
    • 3.3Problems with the circulation unit
    • 3.4Electronic module failure

Causes of poor operation of the dishwasher

Some users neglect the rules: do not fall asleep special salt, believing that the machine and so all will wash. The first time it happens, but then on the plates there are stains, white coating, pieces of food.

What is the reason:

  • cleaning of the machine is not carried out in time;
  • unsuitable detergent or incorrect dosage;
  • improper use of PMM;
  • technical difficulites.
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Errors of users, because of which the dishwasher began to wash dishes badly:

  1. Poor cleaning of dishes before loading. All manufacturers warn that the device must be cleaned thoroughly before washing in the car.
  2. Incorrectly installed program. For heavily soiled utensils, the economical or reduced mode is not suitable. You should choose an intensive program that will cope with persistent pollution.
  3. Incorrect placement of instruments in the chamber or overload. Too tight arrangement of plates or the installation of large objects on top of small blocks the access of water. Place the dishes according to the instructions.
  4. Errors when using detergents, salt. Incorrect selection of "chemistry" or adding the wrong amount leads to an undesirable result. Change the agent or decrease / increase the dosage.

If you have already checked all the possible options, but the dishes are also poorly washed, the reason may be:

  1. Scum. Hard water contains impurities that settle on the internal parts of the dishwasher. Scum clogs the holes of the sprinkler, which interferes with the normal spraying of water. The installation of a flow filter and the use ofspecial salt.
  2. Litter. The inlet and drain filters become clogged with time. Therefore, clean the parts.

Many users are interested in why the dishes are slippery after the dishwasher? Externally, the dishes can be clean, but it feels like the product has washed away badly (and if you start with it, a salty taste appears). What could happen:

  • got a poor-quality rinse aid;
  • the jets are jammed or the rocker does not work, so the devices do not rinse well;
  • the electronic module does not work correctly.

It is recommended to clean the dishwasher correctly, to empty it out with a detergent every six months.

How to fix the situation

The details of the dishwasher can be clogged with debris, remnants of food, bones, napkins. Start with inspection and cleaning.


You canclean two filters by yourself- Filling and drainage. The reason for soapy and muddy utensils may be in insufficient pressure of water. How to be:

  • open the hopper door;
  • pull out the bottom basket;
  • Unscrew the filter, it is in the pan;

  • rinse under pressure from the tap, in addition, you can clean the mesh brush.

Then turn off the water supply, unscrew the water inlet hose. Behind him is a filter mesh. Rinse it with water or leave in a solution of citric acid.

The inner walls of the chamber should also be cleaned of plaquespecial means.


The upper and lower rocker is equipped with apertures (nozzles) through which water enters. They are also clogged with lime coating and pieces of food, so the technique does not wash the dishes. Remove them from the seat. Clean the nozzles with a toothpick and rinse with running water.

After each use, check the elements for blockage.

If, after these procedures, PMM does not clean the instruments, the case may be broken.

Technical malfunctions of the dishwasher

Your technique has ceased to wash kitchen utensils, but there are no claims to exploitation? Hence, the details went out of order. You can check and inspect them yourself. If necessary, it is better to call a master for repair.

Problems with the heater

Scale, overheating, voltage drops can lead to a failure of the TEN. In cold water, the quality of washing is deteriorating, and some PMMs completely stop the cycle, not leading up to the end.How to replace TEN, described in one of the articles. The most commonly installed flow heater, which is located in the block of the circulation pump. To test it you will have to disassemble the machine.

Thermal sensor failure

The latest models use sensors that control the temperature of the water heating. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the sensor sends a signal to the module to turn off the heater. A new item is required.

Problems with the circulation unit

The pump or motor causes the water in the chamber to circulate, giving the jets under pressure to the dishes. The motor winding can burn, then a complete replacement of the unit is carried out:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the communications.
  2. Pull the plug out of the socket.
  3. Take out all the baskets from the bunker.
  4. Unscrew the drain filter, unscrew the bolts.
  5. Turn the equipment upside down or put it on the back.
  6. Remove the bottom cover. Be careful, the float sensor can be attached to it.
  7. You will see the circulation unit and the TEN, the pump and other elements attached to it.
  8. It will be necessary to disconnect the parts, disconnect the wiring and remove the nozzles.
  9. If the motor is defective, replace.

Electronic module failure

Since the control module directs the operation of all elements in the machine, it needs urgent repair or replacement. But only a specialist can solve this problem. Sometimes the cost of a new board is so high that it's easier to buy a new dishwasher. The element may break due to a power surge or moisture ingress.

If your PMM is no longer able to cope with its work, the first step is to look at the instructions. Make sure that you use it correctly.

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