Pros and Cons of Carbon Heaters

Recently, thermal equipment market filled with new devices - carbon fiber heaters. Variety of infrared heaters. Today article 1 will try to understand, consider advantages and disadvantages of carboxylic heaters, the application of products. The best options wall and ceiling, will be deprived of the possibility to adjust the position of the reflector. Once aim the device at the right place.

Carbon heaters in historical perspective

The infrared radiation heat, by nature more gently, without loss perceived by the human body. Associated with a certain length of the thermal wave. Infrared, long wave without the visible spectrum are absorbed by surrounding objects with minimal losses. Infrared wave lengths. Shorter the wavelength, the intensity of thermal radiation.

Sources of thermal radiation in the universe a lot, are used in various spheres of life. The most common heaters used at the visible light - ultraviolet. Heat sources spend a titanic amount of energy to light radiation, an example - an ordinary incandescent lamp, is the daughter of Ilyich lighting.

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Horizontal carbon heaterTeplonagrevatelnye elements (heater) do not emit visible light. Inside the metal tube is placed in an ordinary quartz sand Nichrome spiral, when electric current passes thread shines like an incandescent bulb. The sealed design just do not see a bright glow.

We list the varieties:

  1. Spiral heating elements using nichrome
  2. Open flames
  3. Incandescent lamps
  4. halogen lamps

In variations of the above of course thermal devices may have a closed structure, only hides the visible glow.

With the development of technologies to replace sources "visible" heat heater elements come cutting off ultraviolet radiation, and chemicals such as ceramic heaters. Modern, infrared heaters carboxylic latest.

Work: Benefits

Structurally, the carbon heater is formed of glass, ceramic tube filled with carbon fiber. Carbon yarn has a high efficiency, electric power is carried out with carbon, it becomes warm, without spending resources on the visible glow. Accordingly, using the carboxylic heaters obtain energy savings.

With the increase of the efficiency in heating buildings get considerable savings, even a small living room, heating efficiently, save the family budget. Offices, industrial premises, especially with a large cross in the cold season properly heated will preserve most of the operating costs.

Wall carboxylic heatersEfficiency heaters backs next factor - the lack of metal stretching when heated. Carbon thread is invariable, permanent geometric dimension on heating, there is no "fatigue" of the metal. Can not open the sudden change in temperature. Linked to long-term performance without requiring replacement of the heater. The average service life of the carbon heater - 100 000 hours (much higher than the LED light bulb).

Commercially available carbon fiber heaters of any power: tens of watts of local heating, mnogokilovattnyh intended give heat production facilities used drying cameras.

Infrared radiation is absorbed by the material as much as possible, the thermal energy is no longer expended on useless warming air space. It contains the distinguishing feature, advantage carboxylic heaters.

Subject the heat is transferred directly without going through an intermediary - atmosphere. Classic heaters, space heating, energy is transmitted through the object air.

An important feature is the distribution of heat in the heating point, giving a working area of ​​the heater, heat up only the chosen object. Movement of air flow in the room does not have any impact on the degree of heating intensity. Classic heaters spend the lion's share of energy for heat delivery destination.

No open thermal heating elements eliminates drying and combustion of oxygen in the atmosphere. For example, spiral, nichrome heaters burn premises 80% oxygen, is particularly relevant Today, with rampant installation of sealed plastic windows violate natural circulation atmosphere. Humidity of the room where the carbon heater is used, does not change, indoor climate remains comfortable.

Vertical carbon fiber heaterThe structure of the carbon fiber structure characterized by a loose, fibrous, with a plurality of micro-emitting surfaces is achieved accelerated entry into the operating mode to the temperature stated by the manufacturer, a carbon heater 10 heats -15 seconds. With low inertia, thermal conductive heater is instantaneously cooled by turning off the power.


In view of the recent appearance on the market of "flashy" shortcomings carboxylic heaters have not been identified, we will note a few:

  • Whether close to the subjects, zaveshivaniem things possible emergency shutdown due to overheating. "Smart" Automation does not allow the risk of fire, turn off the instrument. Restarting is possible after removing the cause of overheating. Not noticed in time off may disturb the temperature room mode.
  • Glass, quartz bulb heater is fragile, neglect, fall, transportation will become worthless simply broken. Is to choose a heater with maximum protection reliable net carbon emitter.

Design features heaters

Today heaters evince the true diversity of variants. Exotic design, light range, methods of installation, work zone action of heat flow - will choose the carbon heater according to practical needs.

Modern devices include controllers that monitor temperature, can be easily programmed, it retains a great number of memory thermoprofiles. Let us dwell on the most sought after and popular designs.

Carboxylic ceiling heaters respectively provided with fixtures for positioning the ceiling and ceiling constructions. placing embodiment has advantages, disadvantages. The installation method is suitable provided that the space is permanently heated, once adjusting the direction of heating, avoid interfere with the operation of the device. Exceptions are heaters with automatic rotary device, or with a controlled angle of the heating remote control.

Heaters admirably suitable setting targets niche tiered ceiling, do not violate design space and do not require any special care. The disadvantage deem dust accumulation, the complexity of cleaning hard to reach places.

Another method of placement, the installation has a wall-mounted carbon fiber heater. Fixing applied niches of the walls, with the correct alignment covers room design can be directed to the desired part of the living room, office. Easy maintenance, convenient access, aesthetics design makes common.

There are universal heaters, depending on the application may be mounted on the ceiling, walls. Using typical installation options for home heaters carboxylic possible harmoniously fit into the interior, without upsetting the balance in the room. Choose for living room, children's room with a variety of proposals will be no difficult task. For example, a carbon heater Polaris manufactured in various versions and performance.

Ceiling carbon heaterAvailable in the following models:

  • vertical, outdoor embodiment;
  • horizontal outdoor option;
  • Rotary model with several degrees of freedom;
  • wall;
  • ceiling;
  • Flush mounting;
  • with several operating elements;
  • cascading.

Modern ergonomic heating systems meet the standards of fire safety, due to the lack of open heating elements are used in environments with an increased risk, such as wood, oil, chemical enterprise.

If home use is safe for the children, not chemically active, do not contain any toxic materials in the construction.

In either embodiment, an arbitrary power consumption of carbon heaters are suitable for virtually any purpose, where the need to provide fast, even heating, fitted with timers, programmable unit will maintain the set temperature indoor climate regime without person.

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