Convector heater wall

According operate convector circuit of central heating radiators. In school course on physics cited picture where air masses attributed to the current direction in the room under battery heating. Natural convection type began updrafts near the window in place of a radiator installation and the resulting downward trends at the opposite end of the room. According to the air conceived physicists must effectively mixed in practice prevented the flow is too wide window sills, furniture and other items. Convector heater wall like a grandparent, powered by electricity or natural gas burning.

Physical principles of operation of convectors

Electric heaters convectors inside contain intricate element which is washed by the ascending air flow and the device is a heart. Initial velocity is achieved by heating. Warm air begins to move upward, ascends to the ceiling falls on the opposite side of the room. Take note of the main requirements to be observed when installing the convector heaters of any type:

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  1. Sills, including parts of plastic windows, rather narrow (removal of up to 5 cm). This will create an obstacle to the proper flow of air and disrupt the functioning of the convector.
  2. 10 square meters room there is 1 kW power unit. Wide window sills, this rule are cut at the root. Wall heaters need a higher power to solve the problem.
  3. Place the convectors under windows. The rest of the installation should be conducted evenly around the room.
  4. Think in advance how will circulate air masses, not to erect barriers in the way of furniture.

Electric convector heater

There have convector heaters and properties different from those of a typical radiator. First of all, specially designed housing. A number of slits on the bottom to form the air inlet, are set embedded thermostat temperature sensor if conceived plan (in most present models). At the top, on the side of the front face is placed a number of slits covered with a protection device against ingress of moisture. It is too loud for a number of oblique bands like antidozhdevogo mudguard air intake ventilation branches. Rods are arranged herringbone obliquely inwards moisture that gets into the undesired region by arbitrary, drain on the side face.

Inside the dust settles, but the temperature of the internal heating element does not rise high enough to smell of burning. The scheme of work reminiscent of oil heaters with a chimney effect, where the body looks no different from the convector, but has a symmetrical structure. Slit the top on the sides (only at the front of the convector). Most convectors designed for hanging on the wall. However, the complete range of models are special wheels (as a temporary measure or if the heater does not hang out).

the question arises, why do we need oil radiators to say in the light. In a robust housing units, the product is still willingly take businesses and organizations for domestic use. The main advantages:

  • low cost;
  • strength.

Convector heater wall

About the reliability of speech does not go, but the strength of the metal body gives a real advantage, causing an instinctive trust in people. Despite the fact that the structures are made of plastic and longer it remains a strong belief in the intractable ills of steel. However, the average person still does not believe that camping mat thickness of 1.5 cm will save us from the cool ground when the traveler settles to sleep.

convector heater control switch is composed of (at least twice) and the thermostat knob. The man, who had seen once oil radiators, noting that significant similarities. The simplest models may not have a thermostat, often supplied with two toggle switches for coarse speed power control. Claim that the convectors used in automatic mode, by combining groups using rheostats. Experts reply that the safety and efficacy of infrared heaters above. Heated devices surrounding objects, the danger is created solely with the possibility to break a flask with an inert gas. In light of this, the use of infrared heaters against convector automatically says more energy savings. Efficiency is higher in the first, with surpasses 95%.

dust accumulation convectors discussed, the phenomenon is also important for infrared heaters. Heat is transferred to light, contamination on the lamp dramatically lowered the efficiency of the device while increasing the temperature of the lamp.

As for convectors, products are less susceptible to accumulation, the heating element is hidden inside the body, and outside the unit easily wipe cloth. For the effectiveness of both types of equipment are best used in the manufacture of special anti-static coatings such as how to make a duct made of plastic. This step is blocked by dust deposition. It is possible that will be able to develop something similar to glass or metal.

Convection heaters wall hung on metal brackets. One side of the piece fastened to the body of the convector, the second is based on the fasteners. Installation of parts to conduct the wall on dowels, nails, screws.

Convection heater Wall

Electrolux Convection heaters Air Gate

Convection heaters Electrolux latest generation are provided with heating elements with an X-profile, wherein the two planes intersect at an acute angle. This simplified description: Metal surface cut by special grooves, which increase the heat transfer area, is provided with cunning to less dust settled. It eliminates the need to disassemble the device and clean (dirty heating element will reduce efficiency of the device).

The device operates at half and full capacity. Equipped with a touch-screen control system, and a small display. The air passes through the heating element, it is impossible to protect the unit from dust. If you do not use a special reception. Designers go for a genius move, even more - a preemptive strike. On entering the convector is placed three-stage cascade of filters simultaneously cleansing the air. This is valuable for a couple of hours the amount of space passes through the heating element. During this time the air is renewed, and the new comes the dust. So, convectors Electrolux really is an air gate as laid down in the title. Dust is passed into the housing without letting back.


  • Dust and anti-static dust stages.
  • The smell of the coal stage.
  • Bacteria and viruses catechin stage.

The principle of operation of the heater

Additional level of nanosilver "finishes" all that has gone through previous barriers. It remains to add moisture into the device an option to get a full-featured equipment for climate control. Convector heaters Electrolux wall protected from dust, clean the room itself.

Infrared, convection heaters

To become an infrared heater, a heating element has a temperature of 500 degrees centigrade and has a sufficiently large radiating surface. In practice, the index reach the hard and do not need instruments it is difficult to attribute unequivocally to a certain class. Infrared-convective wall heaters are thin plate (heater directly) with the controls. Today laid out two bright representative of the family:

  1. Glass heaters Noboa.
  2. Steel heaters Thermique.

Norwegian Viking Convection heaters Noboa has gained popularity (yielding, however, the air gate for various delicacies), now the company has unveiled a new thermostat Orion 700. The instrument is more like a small monitor, and communicates with the devices by transmitting electromagnetic waves. Simultaneously cope with several glass-infrared heaters convective type.

Norwegian firm stands at the origins of the appliances in this segment. Convector first invented in 1938 in Norway, as the first built-in thermostat twenty years later. Noboa models differ simple controls and unpretentiousness. Convectors are equipped with thermostats company with a runner (as opposed to the traditional pens). This is useful when the top visible range by 100%. Like most convector for heating devices operate in the range of 5 - 30 degrees. Lower mode is needed for anti-freeze option. Working in a style described, convectors do not allow the temperature inside the house go zeroed. The upper limit of the conditions chosen the convenience of human existence.

When buying, be careful. Not all thermostats convectors cope with the simplest task of the temperature tracking. Single devices continue to operate when the desired marker has already been passed.

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