What to do with an old TV

What to do with an old TV


In the age of high technology, the replacement of models of such equipment as TVs occurs very quickly. Today, almost everyone is striving to acquire a new "technological miracle after which the happy owners begin to wonder where to rent the old TV.

In this case, there are several options for the development of events:

  • give in "good" hands or give to friends;
  • throw old machinery in the garbage can;
  • to hand over to a specialized company or to private buyers of non-working household appliances.


  • 1To give in good hands
  • 2Throw in the trash
    • 2.1Video: Where to rent an old TV
  • 3Rent a "valuable" TV

To give in good hands

Of course, if a person has friends, relatives or just acquaintances who show interest in the old TV, then this option is the most optimal. If such people were not there, and the technology itself is in good order, then you can try to sell it with the help of an announcement. Today, there are many low-income families, students who do not have the opportunity to purchase an expensive model. They will gladly buy an old TV set at a low cost, while they themselves will come and take the equipment. In addition, on the territory of almost any city, there is a large number of charitable foundations created to help refugees, orphans, victims of various cataclysms to families, etc. Helping your neighbor is a good thing, especially since nothing is required from the owner himself.

Throw in the trash

Most often, if there is a thought about how to get rid of the old TV, its owner very quickly realizes that the best option is to throw it at the garbage. Especially if the equipment is already out of order. Here it should be noted that this option can be dropped immediately. Of course, today it is increasingly possible to contemplate the huge warehouses of old household appliances near city garbage cans, but this is an unacceptable option to part with an unnecessary TV. Such decisions lead to very serious environmental problems. Thus, old picture tubes include many poisonous substances (lead, barium, strontium). Their entry into the soil can have a detrimental effect on the health of humans and animals. These metals lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, liver, vascular system, etc. Therefore, kinescopes need specialized disposal.

In addition, for the environment, plastic is a big danger. The cases of old TVs are made of special polymers that do not carry threats, but during burning, they emit huge amounts of toxic substances, including the strongest carcinogens (chlorine, dioxides). Atoms of chlorine sharply increase the harmfulness of plastic during combustion, which carries a huge danger of the digestive and respiratory system.

Danger and represent the wires of the old TV, containing phenol-formaldehyde, olivinyl chloride, etc. Also, many elements of these devices include mercury, arsenic, lead, antimony, which in the view do not need. Therefore, if you do not know where to put the old technique, you can forget about this method.

Moreover, it is illegal to send the TV to the garbage. The legislation of the Russian Federation prohibits the disposal of household appliances that have been used for a long time, including television sets, for disposal. Most of our compatriots disregard this law, hoping that their crime will remain without punishment. In reality, very often vigilant neighbors can learn about the offense and inform the appropriate authorities. The result of this situation will be the presence of a heap of problems and a banal shame before neighbors for what they have done. Also, for such actions, you can pay a serious fine. Therefore, the option of throwing an old TV into a garbage can is simply unacceptable.

Video: Where to rent an old TV

Rent a "valuable" TV

Often, the owners of old idle TVs make the wrong decision - throw away the equipment, because they do not understand its value. In fact, even the "antediluvian seemingly useless TV, contains elements and materials that cost a certain amount of money and can be used to produce other products. When a person realizes the value of old technology, he refuses his intentions to throw out the TV, begins to wonder about where to rent the old TV.

There are a number of materials that are in the above products and are of some value. Televisions are almost half composed of metals. In addition to the previously mentioned metals (lead, cadmium, antimony), which are part of the electronics, in modern liquid crystal models there is indium. All these materials are of some value. Also, there are elements on which silver, gold, and other precious metals are mined in the minimum amount. Therefore, if you find a specialized company or an individual who is engaged in the reception of old household appliances, you can get a small reward. Such entrepreneurs come, they take out their equipment on their own and immediately pay money. As a result, the owner is completely spared from the big problem and receives a small amount of money.

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