Drying types in dishwashers

Despite a million designs and types of dishwashers drying principles are realized in three directions. A lot or a little, would be possible to find some interesting numbers in addition to already hackneyed information, try to answer these questions and consider the types of drying in dishwashers from a new angle.

Three Pillars, dried surface

So hackneyed information. drying types:

  1. Condensation (passive).
  2. Active.
  3. Turbosushka.

Now, the unique information.

The natural way

The capacitors are arranged simply, but in terms of evolution appeared later. The last rinsing is performed with water of high temperature, which naturally improves the volatility. Droplets dry quickly due to the cold chamber walls. Cold causes condensation as a result, there is a decrease in air humidity inside the dishwasher. The phenomenon will contribute to the further evaporation of moisture from the plates surface, and the condensate is discharged into the house drain - the drain.

Dishwasher with different types of drying

The work is a natural way, if you do not take into account the increase in water temperature, so condensation drying in the dishwasher - the process is relatively slow. Sometimes further cooled chamber wall, which increases the flow rate of the process and, therefore, energy. However, it is justified. With prolonged period of drying on the dishes are divorces that adversely affect the appearance of the cookware. Naturally, manufacturers try to avoid the negative impression of the dishwashers.

active drying

It is more evident by the active drying method. Evolutionarily first, it provides heating chamber bottom with a special electrical element used to heat water during a last rinsing.

Preheat the bottom rapidly increases the temperature inside the dishwasher, the moisture begins to evaporate. The housing vent, through which the humid air leaves the device. This method is common in American dishwashers budget and middle segment. Experts argue that, opening the door will speed up the drying process. Shine + system provides for the automatic opening of the door. Slightly, just enough to get through the crack steam to escape.

Regime expends more energy in Europe is used relatively rarely. Russian Web portals are full of information about the active condensing dryers, but the fact of the foreign press does not light. Therefore, the authors attributed to the category of epic tales.


Forced air showed their best in many areas, it is not surprising that they decided to use the technology and dishwashers.

American dishwashers high-end model and the European manufacturers prefer the method specified. Sometimes called Dry +, Turbo Drying and other terms. In view of parsimony option is considered to be the know-how of a number of companies that supply colorful demos with attempts at scientific bias.

How the system works. The last rinsing is traditionally carried out with hot water with an additive that reduces the surface tension of water. The moisture begins to evaporate, the work of the fan, the exhaust air to the outside. The combination of the method with the active leads to the appearance of jets of steam around the dishwasher.

Preparation of dishes to wash in the dishwasher


Now try to understand how this happened in the evolutionary perspective. Information gathered from sources and verified. In the study, corrected information on Wikipedia. We hope that the information is now correct.

Women and dishwashers

The first wooden Dishwasher bad cope with responsibilities. American Joel Houghton took the patent in 1850. manual drive fitted Mahina has not found application in people's lives, it took 40 years to invent something workable.

Women are underrepresented in science. But to complete the program offset the fact the kitchen.

Granddaughter of John Fitch once said: if no one invents a businesslike dishwasher, it is - a granddaughter, not the machine - do it himself. The inventor, who worked a century earlier on the design of the steam engine, would be proud heir. In 1887, Josephine Cochrane (in some sources Josephine Houghton) has implemented a brilliant idea at the basis of the work of modern dishwashers.

For each item of a set of table arched wire basket. Saucers, plates, cups held the appointed place, the percentage decreased battlefield. The motor rotates the shaft, the top pouring streams in hot soapy water. By the way, the dishwasher has received the highest award at an exhibition in Chicago in 1893.

Being a wealthy lady, Josephine Cochrane implemented invention in your own home. Dishwasher and used as servants like friends and guests at home, that soon the majority of hotels of Illinois got their copies of the invention.

You never heard of premium technology KitchenAid. The company operates today and is considered a pioneer in the manufacture of washing machines. Josephine Cochrane did not make up for the company's original name (KuhonnayaPomosch). Why involve words, when there is so wonderful invention! When it becomes to lay the plates in the dishwasher, do not try to reproach women masculine genius.

Meanwhile, other companies produced complex assemblies, where utensils passed through a jet of hot steam on a conveyor belt. Apparently, the idea was inspired by the automotive industry, a la Henry Ford. As is known, the inventor has laid the foundation of the conveyor industry (analogue of the European monopolies).

Convenient built-in dishwasher

Military and dishwashers

Then it took a military officer, has already demonstrated the ability to construct a deadly weapon in the Somme during the First World War. April 21, 1923 William Lievens created based on the invention of Josephine Cochrane prototype of a modern dishwasher, having attributes inherent in the class:

  • the instrument was implemented in domestic water supply;
  • boiler heated gas;
  • sprinklers are mounted on the movable frame, rotating due to the reactive force of jets;
  • Water temperature is regulated by a special crane;
  • waste liquid discharged into the sewer.

He assumed control of the instrument's ability thermostat. In a first embodiment, a dishwasher so frightened housekeeper that an officer of the British Army had 15 years to tinker further on improvements.

Finally, in 1940, he coined the term dishwasher and dryer. Special electric element heats the bottom of the chamber to a high temperature to accelerate the drying process. From under the cover beaten out of steam. Nobody wanted to wipe saucers hand, liked the novelty of the public.

Later guessed to accelerate the process to use the fan to the specified class is the type of drying in the dishwasher Turbo Drying. The first word alludes to the turbine with blades engaged ejection air outwards.

Current state

Wrong to think that condensation drying in the dishwasher came first evolutionarily, on the grounds that the method does not require energy consumption. Opposite is true statement: The invention is introduced in 1990.

Modern dishwasher

In the west, drying types in dishwashers are classified differently than in the pages of the Runet. And faith classification more, especially when I read about Turbosushki system resets the air to the heat exchanger.

According to Western notions drying in dishwashers is:

  • ventilated;
  • unventilated.

Condensing models are second class. With regard to a ventilated drying air is removed out in two ways:

  • through special holes;
  • through the open door.

The microprocessor takes control, the sensors are interesting aspect of drying trays. The first dishwashers operated timer, but the Internet is an information, that is not the only way to ensure the highest rate of drying efficiency.


Today tried to present critical information to indicate types of drying in dishwashers.

Satisfied housewives, magazines 50s, patent offices, standards and commercials - these sources can tell a lot of patient person, if you find time to look! Practice will show who was right.

Drying performance is one of the non-essential performance of the dishwasher. Perfect Score - A. However, guided by the washing of the class.

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