Why you need a stabilizer for a washing machine

The acquisition of an automatic machine does not end with its installation and operation. If you want to keep your technique from premature failure, install a voltage regulator for the washing machine.

Voltage drops in the domestic electricity network - not uncommon. Moreover, there are cases when deviations of 10-15% are allowed. No one will return money for the burned-out equipment, so you need to secure yourself and the machine in advance.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to choose a voltage regulator
    • 1.1Relay
    • 1.2FERR resonance
    • 1.3Stepped
    • 1.4Electromechanical (servo)
  • 2Do you need a stabilizer
  • 3Stabilizer power for washing machine
  • 4Popular Models
    • 4.1Voltron PCH-3000
    • 4.2UPower ACH-3000
    • 4.3Energy of ASN-5000

How to choose a voltage regulator

Today on the market you can find different types of devices. They differ in their technical characteristics and the principle of operation. Each species has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's consider each type in more detail to find out what you need.


The simplest and cheapest type of stabilizer. The device is suitable for home electrical power with small voltage drops - no more than 10-15 V. Otherwise, the relay contacts are damaged, which puts your equipment at risk.

FERR resonance

This stabilizer is the most expensive and unstable. They release it abroad, they use it there. Occasionally it is used in enterprises, but for a home network it does not fit.


The name of the stabilizer indicates the type of its operation. Semiconductor components in the structure stabilize the voltage jumps in stages. Therefore, the device does not respond to distortions so quickly, but it protects home appliances 100%.

It is recommended to install a step type for a washing machine.

Electromechanical (servo)

It consists of a drive and several units. Inexpensive stabilizer, which produces a stable output voltage. But it has a small operating range, and its servo drive often fails.

Advantage - low price.

Do you need a stabilizer

To understand if your machine requires an uninterrupted power supply, within a few days, measure the voltage in the network during peak hours. Match the deviation from the normal voltage of 220 volts.

  1. If the indicators are not more than 235 V, then installation of the device is optional. You can only do it for safety.
  2. The network needs a fail-safe for all equipment, if the deviations from 200 V are 7-10%.
  3. With a deviation of 10-15%, it is generally dangerous for you to connect household appliances. A stabilizer is urgently needed, not only for the stylax, but for the rest of the devices.

Having drawn conclusions, it is possible to proceed with the selection of a stabilizing device.

Stabilizer power for washing machine

Before you go shopping, decide how much power the device should have. For this you need to calculate:

  • Select the devices you want to connect to the stabilizer. He must withstand the load from the most powerful technique.
  • If you decide to connect only the machine, look at its instructions. Find the line that indicates the power it consumes when working.
  • Power stiralki is 2000 watts. To this indicator, add 40% and round up. At the output you get 3000 watts. That's how much the stabilizing device should withstand.
  • It is important to pay attention to the number of phases. It must match your network. You can check this by looking at the meter: it indicates a single-phase or three-phase network type.

For additional protection it is recommended to installautomatic circuit breaker. This is a protective device that will prevent electric shock when there is a sudden voltage surge.

Popular Models

Experts have determined the best models in accordance with their parameters.

Voltron PCH-3000

The relay type relay is designed for operation in a single-phase network. Can effectively maintain the voltage in the network 220V ± 8%. The device includes two types of protection - relay and stepped. Thanks to the high speed of operation, the stabilizer will reliably protect household appliances.

The device is equipped with protection against overloads, it is not subject to short circuit. The range of input voltage is quite wide: 105-265 V. The power of the product is 3 kW, it can be used in houses without heating.

Production is handled by Russian companies, so beware of cheap Chinese counterfeits.

UPower ACH-3000

It is used in household single-phase networks, operates in the range of 140-260 V. The deviation from the norm is 6%. You can connect devices with a total power of 3000 watts. If the permissible voltage is exceeded, the device automatically turns off. The work is started as soon as the voltage stabilizes.

Install the device in a room with a humidity level of not more than 98%. The design of the stabilizer combines relay and step protection. The microprocessor controls the operation of the relay. Thus, it reacts to a voltage jump after 4 ms. Equipped with a display.

UPower ACH-3000 is designed for installation in homes without heating. Withstands temperatures from -30 to +40 degrees. It is made in China.

Energy of ASN-5000

Stabilizer of relay type with a range of operation of 120-280 V. Automatically turns off if the voltage becomes higher than the permissible value. One of the most economical devices, since its efficiency is 98%. Power - 5 kW.

The hermetic case has two displays and light indicators. Stabilizer works quietly, can be installed in an unheated room. Permissible temperature: -20 - +40 degrees. The compact dimensions of the device (203х192х285 cm) and light weight (9 kg) make the operation convenient.

Now you understand that installing a stabilizer for household appliances is very important. Choose the right one is easy, the main thing is to know the total power of the equipment. If you do not know what type of network you have, consult a specialist.

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