Washing machine motor: the device and replacement in case of breakage

Choosing a home helper, we usually are guided not only in appearance, but also technical specifications. And the motor of the washing machine - it is one of the important parameters that deserves attention.

We are interested in performance, long life, motor impact on the work of the assembly.

The content of the article:

  • Variations and particularly engines
    • View # 1 - a small budget and a collector
    • View # 2 - an innovative and compact inverter
    • View # 3 - a quiet and simple asynchronous
    • Comparative analysis of models
  • Check the operation of the mechanism
    • We are looking for direct-drive motor malfunction
    • Perform diagnostics belt drive
  • How to extend the life of the engine stiralki?
    • Step # 1 - correctly connected to the mains
    • Step # 2 - exploit techniques carefully
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Variations and particularly engines

The washing machine using 3 major types of engines: collector, inverter, AC. They differ from each other technically and functionally, have their pros, cons. Let us consider each type in detail.

View # 1 - a small budget and a collector

The commutator motor is equipped with most stiralok market. Its design is an aluminum housing within which is located a rotor, a stator and two brushes tachometer.

Recent placed in the device to ensure contact between the motor and the rotor. Current is supplied therethrough to anchor formed magnetic field, which starts the rotation. Line voltage significantly affects the speed of rotation.

The commutator motor is located below the construction machine with a drum pulley belt it is connected. Brush and belt belongs to a design flaw. Brushes wear out over time, the belt is stretched, worn.

Brush washing machine collector

The presence of the electric motor brushes distinguishes this species from the others: they are peculiar or rustle rustle while working stiralki

Advantages of the mechanism:

  • It operates on DC and AC;
  • small in size;
  • easy to repair if there was a failure;
  • Simple control wiring.

In order to overcome the force of friction of the belt, the entire mechanism spends more energy. This leads to low efficiency due to the increased power consumption.

But the statement is quite controversial, because the basic consumption falls on the heater and not the engine. The actual savings in comparison with the following type is 2-5%.

View # 2 - an innovative and compact inverter

Inverter motors were equipped stiralki in 2005. The development of this species belongs to the LG's long time producer of innovation provided market leadership.

Later inverter engines began to use Samsung, Bosch, AEG, Whirlpool, Haier.

Inverter washing machine

The inverter is incorporated in the washing machine drum, is a cover of a permanent magnet (rotor) and a holder with coils (stator)

What is special about the design? In the absence of a collector-brush assembly and direct drive. Such an engine is mounted directly on the drum and manages in its operation without transmission belt.

Anchor it is collected on the magnets, the voltage supplied to stator windings in a modified form of an inverter, so the speed of revolutions can be adjusted and controlled.

Inverter Advantages:

  • simple and compact design;
  • efficiency by eliminating the need to spend energy to overcome the frictional force in the collector and the brush unit;
  • almost silent;
  • no fast wearing elements (brushes, belt), so long life;
  • low vibration during the spin cycle;
  • the opportunity to exhibit greater speed for pressing.

In some models of machines with inverter has the ability to customize the drum rotation mode. This advantage allows the manufacturer the LG 6 Motion technology. But such stiralki and are more expensive, and the repair is costly due to the price component.

View # 3 - a quiet and simple asynchronous

Such engines are two- and three-phase. The first model is classified as outdated and in the XXI century, it is almost always taken out of production.

The second can be found in the early stiralka Bosch, Candy, Miele, Ardo. induction motor rotor is located below stiralki, the drum is connected to a belt, so they work at the same time.

The design of the asynchronous motor

Structure stiralki induction motor includes a rotor, a rotating drum, and a stationary stator. The torque is transmitted via a belt

Plus models:

  • easy to maintain;
  • It runs quietly;
  • relatively cheap;
  • simple design - a simple repair.

In the care of the asynchronous motor is unpretentious - the main user task is timely replacement of bearings and lubrication of the engine.

But there is in him and disadvantages. Because of their principle of operation of its characteristics do not find a great power. Torque can be weakened at any time, the drum will stop to perform full speed, the quality of washing greatly deteriorate.

And one more feature - electrical complex to manage. With all its advantages, the induction motor has sunk into oblivion, the main competition in the market place between the inverters and collectors.

Comparative analysis of models

Data on the type of engine and drive can be found in the passport machine. This information is required to own and Sales.

Pre can compare which of the engine is best for each list of customer requirements. But first, a look at the deceptive maneuvers manufacturer of a type of engine.

AND The first myth - no rubbing parts in the inverter. It is not true bearings in the same number of mechanisms, but the brush is not there.

But how are the brushes, which are so afraid of the collectors of buyers? 10-15 thousand. hours or up to 15 years of work on a daily basis for 2-3 hours a day. In this case, the guaranteed service life of the machine itself - 7-10 years. And the cost of the brush around $ 5.

Replacement brushes in the motor stiralki

Statistics repairs stiralok shows that much less likely to require replacement of brushes than the heating element bearings or electronic control unit, and the cost of replacing the brushes below

The second parameter for comparison - the noise. Yes, the "brush" the engine noisier, but the inverter also produces a characteristic squeak. The main sound is produced is still not the motor and the pump in tandem with the drum. During spinning the inverter and beeps to remind mosquitoes.

The next thing to dispute - energy savings. The inverter consumes 20% less power than the collector. This is due to more accurate rotation control and the load on the engine itself.

How does it look in practice? You load the drum part. Collector promote it as much as possible, and the inverter turns stabilizes. But we looked at earlier, that the savings resulting from insignificant, because heater still spend on heating energy in full.

Conclusion: if the noise is not so important and you're ready for a permanent care stiralka, select the collector. This type of engine can significantly save on the purchase.

If the priority is for the power characteristics, low noise, durability, should pay attention to the inverter.

Guarantee it a manufacturer sets a minimum of 10 years. But it only applies to the inverter, the remaining parts of the machine can not be too resistant to wear.

Check the operation of the mechanism

On sale there are only machines with inverter and commutator motorsSo consider these two species, asynchronous omitted.

We are looking for direct-drive motor malfunction

The inverter is not intended for the repair at home. The surest option - try the system testing, if your model is capable cars on.

Self-diagnosis will give the fault code, decryption, and will help you understand where the problem is and whether or not the master services are needed.

Test washing machine mode

testing method and error codes for each machine on your own. Prior to testing, you need to release the drum of the laundry and tightly close the hatch

If you still want to stay in the inverter, follow the correct algorithm:

  1. Unplug the appliance. It is recommended to wait a few minutes to all the elements have been de-energized.
  2. Unscrew the bolts, remove the rear panel.
  3. We find under the rotor screws that attached the wiring, remove them.
  4. we sketch or photograph them, then to properly connect all sources of supply before disconnecting the wires.
  5. Remove the central bolt, which holds the rotor. In the process you need to hold the rotor to prevent rotation.
  6. Remove the rotor assembly, and behind it - the stator.
  7. Disconnect all wire connectors.

Now you can see the engine. Thoroughly test the inverter is unlikely to succeed. What can be done? Check the integrity of the rotor winding.

Often such engines breaks Hall sensor. whether it is functional - it can be found out only in the workshop, if you replace the item for a new one.

Perform diagnostics belt drive

To check the collector, you must first remove it from the body. Why remove the back cover, we disconnect the wires and unscrew the bolts. Permissible podkovyrnut screwdriver in places bolts, which often accumulates dirt and sticking occurs.

Now we proceed to the diagnosis. Connect the wires according to the scheme of the stator and rotor windings. Connecting it all to electricity. Since the device is all right, if the rotor began to spin.

Scheme compounds for testing

This verification method has its own characteristics: the inability to test the operation of the engine in various modes, plus there is a risk of direct connection circuit

To avoid circuit, in this circuit, you can connect the ballast in the form of PETN. Ballast connect the rotor side. It will begin to warm, thus protect the motor from combustion.

Collector - construction of several parts and they all need to be checked. First on the line - the notorious brush. They are located on the sides of the body. We obtain and inspect them.

If they are worn out, you need a replacement. Explicit indication of such a need - the engine spark during rotation. To buy new brushes, please bring the old and record information about stiralki model.

The next element - slats. They are agents of transmitters of current to the rotor. These parts are bonded to the shaft and in the case of engine seizure does not exclude their detachment.

If you lathe is available, it is possible to eliminate the small detachment. Do not forget to clean out the chips small sandpaper.

Burrs on the motor lamellae

Pay close attention to the burrs and delamination of the lamellae, they are often the cause of poor performance stiralki engine

We now proceed to the windings of the stator and rotor. If they appeared circuit, the collector is heated, it triggers a thermistor. The result - the power is lost or even stops working mechanism. Winding a resistance multimeter test mode.

The stator is checked at the buzzer mode. cable ends are tested alternately probes. If it should not be any signal, with the part all right. Determine the fault point can be by connecting a probe to the wiring, and the second - to the body.

Check multimeter

Probes are applied to the motor slats. The display shows less than 20 ohm - have a circuit of more than 200 ohm - interruption windings

If the instrument is silent, it is normal. In case of failure, will create a new winding need for self-repair, and it is difficult for a layman.

If you still need a replacement engine, this usually just install the new part in place of the old. Do not forget, after all the manipulations include machine and check its operation.

How to extend the life of the engine stiralki?

Adherence to electrical safety, not only will save you from accidents, but also extend the life of any of the types of engines. Also on the performance stiralki affects correct operation of the owner.

Step # 1 - correctly connected to the mains

To properly connect the machine to a network, you need to comply with all criteria 6.

The first thing that will pay attention to - the power section and mark the wires. Power of most models is in the range 2000-2500 watts. We define the power supply section wires. Table with the required parameters can be found in ISO 31946-2012.

Sturdy aluminum cables for power stiralki outlet is not suitable, it is necessary to lay copper and three-wire. Most often in our apartments are equipped with copper cable is a cross-section parameters in a 2.5 sq. mm.

Protect this line, you can use a circuit breaker whose rated current value indicators are given at 16 A.

Now you need to determine the brand of the supply wires on the basis of power and sectional. The wire can not be used SPAP.

A grounding type plug

Many modern machines models have first class protection against electric shock. Provided it is due to the protective earth - Plug the power cord has a special touch

The next point - grounding. If the home is not grounded, it is necessary to take care of yourself. You can divide the PEN-conductor, not to have problems with it.

Still need a grounded outlet. Ideal - ceramic valves and high protection class for areas with high humidity (if the outlet in the bathroom).

Tee, adapter, extension, better connected not use. And if your house is the case of frequent power surges, connect the car through the converter.

It is recommended to buy RCD - a machine that turns off the power in case of problems in the network. Its parameters must not exceed 30 mA. Ideally, if we can arrange meals stiralki from a separate group in the switchboard.

Absolutely can not make ground by combining body cars and heating or water pipes. The second taboo - setting jumper in the socket, where zero and ground contact.

Stiralki connection to the shield

Do not confuse the ground and working zero, the ground wire can not be put to zero, connect each core to "their" bus, or get a short circuit

Step # 2 - exploit techniques carefully

There are certain rules of operation that affect the operation of the engine. You should not allow children to play softkeys. Do not open the compartment for detergent during the wash cycle.

By the prohibition also applies to the sudden change of program. If you have a machine with mechanical control, do not turn the program selector anticlockwise.

Correct loading of the drum

An important rule of operation stiralki - correct loading. Do not overload the drum when washing, avoid using the maximum spin

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How to fix the engine came out of standing with your hands, you can learn from the useful 'video.

Repair stiralki if the inverter does not spin:

How to check the collector ohmmeter:

Select the section of the wire to connect the washing machine:

Each type of engine their advantages and disadvantages. Choose a variety to fit your requirements. If you prefer the most modern design with excellent technical parameters and it does not matter the budget, choose the inverter. If you need reliable equipment for a relatively small price, and you are ready to repair in case of breakage, buy collector. And do not forget to properly connect the machine to the mains.

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