Detailed description of the variety of apples


Apple tree is a traditional garden tree, which is one of the most popular among modern gardeners.Fruit culture is distinguished by a variety of varieties and species, each of which in the horticultural community has its fans and opponents. Below you can get acquainted with the description and characteristics of the apple of the brand Shtrifel.


Table of contents

  • Description of the autumn variety of apples
    • In what region grow and when ripen?
    • Characteristics of trees and fruits of the variety Autumn striped
    • Stratifel Sprays
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the Streifling brand
    • How to store correctly
  • Rules of planting and maintenance of trees
  • How to properly cut
  • Reviews of gardeners

Description of the autumn variety of apples

Apples fall striped (Streifling, Strifel)

The apple tree of the Shtrifel variety is known to most gardeners under the name of Streifling, Autumn Striped, Lifland, Gravenstein. The place in the hearts of gardeners, she took because of the high fertility and distinctive taste of fruits.

In what region grow and when ripen?

Apple trees of the variety Streifling are widely distributed along the middle belt of Russia and the CIS. Initially, the variety was bred in Holland, from where it was brought to the Baltic countries.Now Shtrifel is included in the State Register of the following regions:

  • Northern;
  • Northwestern;
  • Central;
  • The Volga-Vyatsky;
  • Central Black Earth;
  • Middle Volga.

The variety is not quick-moving. Strifel begins to ripen in autumn.Harvest is recommended in early September, so you can keep the freshness of the fruit longer.

Characteristics of trees and fruits of the variety Autumn striped

Variety Autumn striped is remarkable for its power.The tree in the adult state reaches 7 - 8 meters, is characterized by high growth rates and a wide-spread crown shape, resembling a dome, which in diameter can reach 9 meters. Large, powerful branches in the crown droop at the ends. Young shoots are thick, very pubescent. The bark is dark with lenticels strongly visible on it, with a light gloss. Buds grayish, strongly elongated. Peduncle long.

A tree of a variety is characterized by a wide spreading crown shape

Leaves of apple-tree rounded large-sized along the edge, folded along the central vein. Sheet plate strongly twisted, wrinkled. The surface of the leaf is densely pubescent (felt). To shoots are attached almost at right angles, are densely located in the apical part.

Fruits and inflorescences are formed by a mixed type. Blossoms a variety of flowers. Flowers large, saucer-shaped, painted white. Buds have a light pink shade.

Inflorescence of apple blossom

Apples are large:Their weight can reach 80 grams, and under the conditions of watering - 110 grams. Most often rounded, less often there are slightly lopsided fruits. The rind of apples is firm and smooth, has a small layer of wax coating. Ripe apples have a greenish-yellow or yellow color. A characteristic blush is collected from vertical red stripes and covers the fruit by about half. On the cut, the flesh is yellowish, sometimes closer to the peel with a slight pinkish tinge. A ripe apple is very juicy, has a sweet taste with a slight sourness.

Known are the red-berry varieties of Streifling, obtained as a result of mutations. The skin of such apples is painted in a dark red tone.

Fruits in fresh condition are stored usually up to two months - longer storage can greatly reduce the taste of apples. Because of what it is recommended to process apples of Streifling variety for jams and jam.

Stratifel Sprays

Sort of Streifling is not self-pollinating, therefore before planting it is necessary to choose in advance the variety by which pollination will be carried out. In this case, the ratio of pollinating trees to the number of apple trees of the type Strifel .

In the foreground Blooming Streifling, followed by Kutuzovets

Experienced know thatThe best pollinators for Steifling are varieties Rossoshanskoe striped, Antonovka and Slavyanka. In addition, it is possible to use Papirova and Welsey.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Streifling brand


  1. Average frost resistance- inferior grades Brown striped, Grushovka Moscow, Anis and Antonovka. However, it surpasses the Welshie and Pepin varieties in the variety index;
  2. High productivity of the variety- up to 300 - 430 kg of apples from one tree;
  3. Distinctivegustatory and decorative qualitiesfruits;
  4. Fruits easily carrytransportation;
  5. Preservation of taste qualitiesin the processed form.
The pin is easy to transport


  1. The period of fruiting is relatively late- the apple tree enters into fruiting for the eighth year (1-2 apples), in the fifteenth year the life of the tree rises;
  2. Trees are very large, spreading;
  3. The fruit of the variety may have a periodic character;
  4. Strong riskcontamination with scab;
  5. Weak drought resistance- The tree can discard the leaves already in the second half of the summer;

How to store correctly

In winter it is best to keep apples in boxes, turned over by the newspaper

To increase the shelf life of Strifel, the following measures are taken:

  1. Harvesting starts from the first of September. At this time, the fruits have a greenish tinge;
  2. In a wooden boxand in a dry, cool room, apples will last longer their taste qualities.
In order to preserve the apples longer, it is necessary to carefully review them and check - the fruits should not be flawed and damaged. From time to time, it is worthwhile to sort out boxes for rotten apples.

Fruits that can not be preserved for a long time, it is better to immediately put on jams, juices and jams. In addition, approximatelyIn late December, Streifling significantly loses its juiciness and vivid taste.


Rules of planting and maintenance of trees

The survival of a young tree is due to many factors:the right choice of soil, rational application of fertilizers, observance of agrotechnical methods.

The best survival of fruit trees is observed during the spring planting. A seedling, planted in the spring, has more chances to take root and gain a foothold in the soil. In other cases, the early autumn season is preferable. With an unprepared landing pit, the seedling is recommended to prikopat until spring. However, in regions with warm autumn (southern areas), planting can be carried out in the late autumn.

The survival of the seedlings depends on proper planting and care

The landing pit is prepared one week prior to landing:

  1. Dimensionsit is from 1 to, meters in diameter, and the depth is up to, meters;
  2. The earth at the bottom of the pit is loosenedto a depth of 0.3 meters;
  3. Before boardingThe third part of the pit is filled with the upper fertile soil layer, after which fertilizers are introduced:
  • 10 tablespoons of wood ash;
  • 4 tablespoons of potassium sulfate;
  • 250 grams of superphosphate;
  • 3 buckets of overmanned manure;
  1. The remaining soil is poured to half the pit. After that, the apple seedlings are centered on the planting site and a support (col) is placed next to it;
  2. Landing is carried outso that a small soil mound rises above the surface of the soil, while the root neck of the apple tree does not recede, but lies a couple of centimeters above the ground level;
  3. The landing site is compacted and the sapling is watered abundantly. It is possible to create a small mound along the perimeter of the pit, which would not allow the outflow of water from the young tree.
Young Seedling Streifling should be planted with allowance for size in the adult state

Apple trees of Streifling variety in the adult state are very large trees with a crown overlapping large areas, which is rare in fruit trees in orchards. Because of what a young seedling should be planted in the light of the area that may take in the future.The minimum allowed distance between trees is increased almost twofold, so that growing trees do not compete with each other.

The grade is demanding with respect to soil moisture. The place where the seedling is planted should be well hydrated.

In the hot season, additional water is added to the soil under the plant:

  • Up to 50 litersunder young trees;
  • From 80 to 100 litersper square meter of the near-barrel circle during the fruiting period.

Based on moisture requirements, it is obvious that fertile land for Streifling is preferable to clay, not passing moisture to the roots, and sandy, which easily pass moisture into the underlying layers soil.

Urea is recommended to feed the apple tree during the blossoming period:half a glass on a bucket of water, counting on 1 meter of a barrel circle. Shtrifel will react well if in June to introduce into the soil under the tree microelements - copper vitriol, boric acid. Sederates sown in July under the crown (lupine, rapeseed, clover) and dug up with soil in a month will become an excellent fertilizer. At the end of summer, the plant needs a reserve of elements for the rest period, while superphosphate and calcium chloride are added.

Top dressing is extremely important in the flowering period

The variety is resistant to frost.Also, flower buds also rarely freeze. However, the probability of frostbite of Streifling is quite high. With proper care, the restoration of damaged branches is possible within two years. The roots of the plant can be protected from freezing if the drench is covered with dry compost at a height of 15 centimeters.

After the spring pruning, it is recommended to treat the tree from insect pests with copper oxychloride or a special preparation "Inta-vir". After the appearance of the buds, in May, the treatment is repeated.

One of the most unpleasant features of the autumn variety is itspropensity to mushroom diseases, including scabIs a disease of the integumentary tissues of a leaf or fruit, in the place of which cracked crusts are formed. For a human, this pathology does not pose a threat, but it strongly affects the decorativeness of the plant itself. In order to avoid defeat it is necessary to initially plant the seedling in a well-ventilated, sunny place, and also to regularly cut and thin the crown.


How to properly cut

Strifel needs regular pruning

The sprawling crown of Streifling, formed by large skeletal branches, requires regular formation and pruning. It is recommended to start pruning with the first years of life of the apple tree.Harvesting and decorative qualities of the crown will be greatly improved if in spring or autumn cut out of the crown all the old branches and shrinking shoots. This measure will help rejuvenate the overgrown apple tree.

Shtrifel - a variety, the kidneys of which quickly and easily move into growth, in addition, it is characterized by a dense branching, which is why it is prone to rapid thickening. At a young age, strong branches of the apple tree are not recommended to shorten, since in the future this will lead to rapid and strong growth of the crown.

Reviews of gardeners

Gardeners unanimously note the taste of the Steifling fruit and the large size of the apple itself.The fruit crop is appreciated by them first of all for winter hardiness and high decorative qualities of an adult tree. The reviews of the owners of the variety are dumbfounded only by a long wait for the first fruiting.

The late terms of the beginning of fruiting are more than offset by the longevity of the tree itself, which is not yet one ten years will please the owners of the site with delicious apples and homemade ecologically clean, useful jam.

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