The refrigerator loudly works

Is your refrigerator working loudly? Then you need to find out the reason for the bad "behavior" of the technique. This is not necessarily a breakdown, perhaps for your refrigerator this sound is the norm.

Modern manufacturers point out the low noise level of machinery. In the norm - this is 55 dB, not louder than a person's spoken language. In the article we will consider why the refrigerator works loudly and what can be done to reduce noise.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and elimination of loud noise of the refrigerator
  • 2Common Problems
    • 2.1Problems with the fan
    • 2.2Electrical fault
    • 2.3Motor-compressor failure
    • 2.4Litter in the pipeline

Causes and elimination of loud noise of the refrigerator

If the new LG refrigerator is loud, you need to pay attention to its characteristics. The instructions say that the noise level is 40 dB, but in fact the noise is stronger - in this case, give the refrigerator time to adapt. Within a week, he will "get involved" in the work and cease to buzz so loudly.

Often the causes of noisy work are minor problems:

  1. Bolts of the motor-compressor. The transport bolts attach the motor dampers to prevent damage to the vehicle during transport. If after installation of the equipment they are not removed, the shock absorbers will not work, and the refrigerator will loudly make noise.
  2. Incorrect installation. Check that the feet of the appliance are evenly touching the floor. If not, they need to be adjusted. Keep a space of at least 5 cm between the fridge and the walls, furniture. When the radiator is too close to the wall, access to air is difficult.
  3. Invalid product downloads. If you put the dishes on the shelves, it can come into contact and rattling. It is necessary to place the tanks further apart.
  4. If the refrigerator is noisy only when the engine is started, then there is nothing terrible. This is normal, because the motor needs power to "accelerate" for work.
  5. Use of refrigerant. When the gas is circulating, foreign sounds may appear in the pipes.

There are also more serious malfunctions that require repair.

Common Problems

Of course, the refrigerator can not work very noiselessly. You can hear gurgling, clicks, rattling. The rule is the loud start of the motor after several minutes of rest. However, if the buzz is much stronger than the manufacturer's declared values, the cause may be in the failure.

Problems with the fan

Coolers with No Frost system are equipped with cooling fans. It is necessary to check whether the fans are overgrown with a layer of ice. If so, it's no wonder why the refrigerator makes noise and knocks. Blades cling to the icy parts, normal operation of the device is broken.

To solve the problem, the defrost must be done within 10 hours. Also check the condition of the fan bearing: when grease is washed out of it, it begins to creak or buzz. After defrosting, renew the bearing lubrication.

Electrical fault

The problem with the start-up relay is observed when the refrigerator clicks loudly and cracks during operation. After that, the equipment may turn off. Relay replacement will only help. If you do not know how to perform repairs, it is better to contact the master.

Violations in the winding of the fan motor also lead to increased noise in the refrigerators "Indesit "Bosch" and other brands. To check the condition of the windings, use a multimeter. If a short circuit or leakage to the housing is detected, the motor will need to be replaced.

The same goes for the motor-compressor. With a strong noise, put your hand to the back of the refrigerator. If it is hot, then the motor overheats and needs a check.

If the heater burns out, an ice sheet forms on the evaporator, which interferes with the operation of the motor. Therefore, the motor starts to hum. The TEN wiring harness and its contacts are called with a multimeter. In case of malfunction, the heater is replaced.

Motor-compressor failure

When the motor-compressor wears out, the refrigerator starts to hum. The reason can be in the weakening of knots and other details. The fault can be expressed in the continuous operation of the motor without tripping. The master can install the serviceable part.

It is worth checking the shock absorbers of the compressor, which suppress vibration. If they are worn out or weakened, the vibration during work will be given throughout the body. Shock absorbers need to be adjusted or replaced.

Litter in the pipeline

Excessive noise can be caused by the throttle clogging and the refrigerator filter. At the same time, the cold is produced less intensively, the motor-compressor works with a doubled force and begins to buzz more violently.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to eliminate the blockage independently, since special tools are required. Therefore, it is better to contact the service center or call a master.

To avoid buying noisy equipment, pay attention to the refrigerator body. There is a sticker that indicates the energy efficiency class and noise level. Follow the instructions when installing, do not put the refrigerator cabinet close to the wall. You will avoid many problems, observing the rules of operation.

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