Does not work refrigerator Stinol

What should I do if the Stinol refrigerator does not work? It is worth trying to determine the breakdown. Perhaps you can fix the problem yourself, and our article will help in this.

Refrigerating equipment "Stinol" is known for high quality. The metal body of equipment is always covered with solutions against corrosion, a special painting technology ensures long-term operation without scratches and defects. But even high-quality equipment can break down.

The refrigerator does not turn off and constantly works

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  • 1The refrigerator does not turn off and constantly works
  • 2For what reasons does the two-compartment refrigerator "Stinol" not work
    • 2.1No cold in the freezer

The refrigerator does not turn off and constantly works

This is the most common cause of problems in refrigerators "Stinol". If your equipment with one compressor does not turn off, pay attention to the signs of breakage. You can see that the freezer compartment normally freezes, and the upper cold store does not work.

The cause of the breakdown may be in the leakage of gas-freon. It is a coolant that is responsible for cooling the air in the compartments. The leakage can be in the steel circuit. To solve the problem, it is necessary to detect damage, eliminate them and refuel the system with freon.

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But first of all it is worth checking:

  1. The refrigerator door. How tight is it closed? The reason for the loose fit could be loops, which were sagged due to the heavy load of the door. After the fastening of the hinges, the door will close normally.
    It is worth checking the rubber seal - over time, the rubber wears out and gets dirty. You can replace the seal with your own hands.The refrigerator does not turn off and constantly works
  2. The set temperature in the chamber. If the control is electronic, the temperature is adjusted automatically, and if mechanical, then manually. Check if the thermostat is set to "Super Frost" mode.
  3. The quality of ventilation. In case of poor ventilation or installation near radiators, the refrigerator overheats. Trying to compensate for the temperature rise, the motor works without stopping.

If after checking everything was in order, the case is broken. What happened:

  1. The thermistor and thermoregulator broke. In this case, the control module does not receive data about the temperature in the chamber, so the compressor does not shut down. Defective sensor must be replaced.The refrigerator does not turn off and constantly works
  2. Capping of the capillary tube. Due to depressurization, a thrombus was formed in the tube, which prevents the coolant from circulating normally. It is advisable to call a specialist who will find the place of blockage and eliminate the problem.
  3. Malfunction of the motor-compressor. With prolonged use, the parts of the motor wear out, as a result, the compressor does not have enough power to pressurize the tube, so the set temperature is not reached. The motor needs to be replaced.The refrigerator does not turn off and constantly works

Do not expect a complete breakdown of the engine. Call a specialist for repair, because during the constant work on the compressor there is a double load.

For what reasons does the two-compartment refrigerator "Stinol" not work

It happens that the two-chamber refrigerator does not freeze, but the light in the compartment burns. The reason may again be freon. You can understand this by ice on the evaporator or in the area of ​​leakage. The following is also checked:

  1. In modern models, the installation is checked. If the body leans forward, the door may be opened slightly, so warm air enters the chamber. The refrigerator "understands" that there is no sense in starting the engine.
    The body must be slightly deflected back. To do this, twist the front legs of the refrigerator.
  2. When the cells are warm and light is not lit, the electrical parts are inspected: wiring, plug, power cord, socket. Maybe something was pinched or damaged. Then you need to replace the damaged item.

For what reasons does the two-compartment refrigerator

To make it easier for you to understand the breakdown, we advise you to pay attention to the signs of a malfunction:

  1. Did you notice that the light in the camera is on, but the compressor does not start? You may hear a click of the relay, which tries to start the engine. So the engine burned out. Repair the burned part is not subject to, a new element is installed.
  2. Refrigeration equipment (CW) with electromechanical control does not work, but the light in the compartment lights up. The temperature regulator is faulty. It does not send data to the control board, so the module does not include cooling.
  3. If the light burns in the XO with electronic control, but the compressor "is silent the thermistor is checked. It measures the temperature in the chamber.
  4. The light in the camera does not glow, the technology does not turn on. There were problems with the starting relay, which starts the motor-compressor. The relay is replaced with a new part.For what reasons does the two-compartment refrigerator
  5. If the refrigerator does not give "signs of life" at all, while the wiring is OK - a problem in the control module, it can not control the nodes and details in the technique. Therefore, diagnostics, flashing or module replacement are carried out.

No cold in the freezer

Most modern models of refrigerators "Stinol" are produced with two motors. Each of them is responsible for the operation of the upper and lower chambers. If the freezer compartment has defrosted itself and does not cool anymore, there may be two reasons:

  1. Breakage of one of the compressors. Check it easy: touch both compressors. If they are hot, then the case in the interturn closure. Perhaps the problem with the windings happened as a result of a short circuit. Windings are called by multimeter, repairs are carried out.No cold in the freezer
  2. When one compressor heats up and the other one does not, the problem is in the automation or cooling system of Know Frost. The reason can be in the evaporator, the relay, the temperature sensor. To determine the exact cause will help diagnosis.

To cope with the breakdown, watch a video on the topic:


Avoiding troubles with the refrigerator, as well as extending its service life will help compliance with the rules of operation:

  1. Correct placement. It is inadmissible to install equipment near hot batteries, stoves, close to walls and furniture.
  2. Timely defrost. At the same time, mechanical removal of pieces of ice in the chamber is not permitted.No cold in the freezer
  3. Proper loading. Overloading the shelves of the CW and its doors leads to a rapid wear of the parts.
  4. Temperature of products. In the refrigerator you can place only cooled dishes.
  5. Temperature control on the regulator. Do not install the thermostat in the compartment at full capacity for a long time.

If you find a malfunction, do not overtighten, call a specialist. Now you know what to look for, so that the equipment works smoothly for many years.

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