Faults in the refrigerator Atlant

Despite many years of work, the equipment can sometimes break down. Faults in the refrigerator Atlant can be either small or large, and they need repair. Sometimes the reason for the fact that the machinery has broken down is not the fault of the producers and the marriage, but the misuse.


Content of the material:

  • 1Why "Atlant" refrigerator stopped working
    • 1.1The Atlant refrigerator does not work
  • 2Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Atlant"
    • 2.1The freezer works, and the refrigerator is not present - in однокопрессорных models
    • 2.2The refrigerator does not cool, and the freezer works in a two-compressor model
    • 2.3Noisy work of technology
    • 2.4The CW body is shocked
  • 3How much should the Atlant refrigerator work?

Why "Atlant" refrigerator stopped working

Possible malfunctions include breakdowns, which can be easily eliminated by hand. For example:

  • when working, the refrigerator hums and vibrates;
  • products are poorly cooled;
  • malfunctioning with a lighting lamp;
  • unpleasant smell in the chamber.
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The main problems that require the intervention of the master are listed below:

  • malfunctions in the compressor;
  • the growth of snow and ice on the walls of the chamber;
  • one of the chambers of the refrigerator does not work;
  • the cabinet is shocked.

Frequent failures can occur due to network problems. Thus, the display may showDTC F5, which indicates an excess of the voltage norm by 10%. In this case, it is recommended to install a voltage regulator.


There are other breakages. Let us examine in more detail each malfunction, which is typical for Atlant refrigeration equipment (CW).

The Atlant refrigerator does not work

When a red light is on the refrigerator panel, it is an alarm. The most innocuous thing that can happen - after loading the camera with the products the system did not have time to cool everything down to the set temperature. Therefore, the indicator may light up.

The Atlant refrigerator does not work

But if after a few hours the bulb does not go out, the cause may be in the failure. First you need to check if the device door is broken:

  1. Look how tightly the door to the body is snug. Perhaps there was a skew of the hinges or a worn seal. When warm air penetrates into the chamber, the refrigerator does not turn off, it works without stopping. Because the system, compensating for the rise in temperature, chases the cold.
  2. If the motor does not turn off for "rest the cause may be in the failure of the thermostat or the temperature sensor. As a result, the main module does not receive information about the temperature in the chamber, so it does not give a command to turn off the motor.
  3. Capping of the evaporator capillary. The help of the master for cleaning is required.The Atlant refrigerator does not work
  4. The leakage of gas-freon also leads to constant operation of machinery. It is necessary to find and eliminate the leakage point, and also to fill the system with refrigerant.
  5. When the set temperature is not reached, attention should be paid to the operation of the motor. When the compressor wears out, it lacks the power to create pressure in the tube. The temperature does not rise, the red indicator on the panel lights up.

The display does not work in the refrigerator, and the light in the camera does not light up? The point is in the control module. Need to diagnose the electronic card, its re-flashing or replacement.

Of course, the reason for the absence of light could be a light bulb that burned out. You can replace it yourself. Do not forget to disconnect XO from the network.

The Atlant refrigerator does not work

If you notice snow and ice on the walls of the "Atlant" refrigerator compartment, the reason may be in "No Frost" malfunction. What could have broken down:

  • Evaporator heater, which is activated during defrost. Thus, the frost melts, droplets of moisture drain into the drainage hole and are removed from the system. If the heater is broken - there is no defrost, so you need to check and replace the faulty element.
  • Thermostat in refrigerators with mechanical control. Maybe it's set to the "Maximum" mode, so cooling does not stop.

The Atlant refrigerator does not work

  • The drainage system is clogged. Then the drop of moisture at the defrost has nowhere to drain, so there is intentional ice on the walls. It is necessary to perform a defrost and clean the hole.
  • Refrigerant leaks are also accompanied by snow build-up on the evaporator or in the place of mechanical damage to the chamber.

The problem of the formation of a snow "coat" can be in another. For example, you put hot dishes on the shelves, set the wrong temperature in the chamber.

Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Atlant"

Sometimes in the refrigerator there are problems with the operation of one of the cameras. Why does not the refrigerator work, while the freezer cools regularly? It is necessary to understand.

The causes of the malfunction may vary - depending on whether 2 compressors are in your refrigerator or 1. Perhaps there is no breakdown - just need to check the correct operation of the equipment. For one- and two-compressor refrigerators it is necessary to check:

  • Tightness of closing the door. Maybe, from the inside, the dishes are hampered, or the shelves are full of food. If the door seal is dirty, clean it, otherwise it will not fit snugly against the body.

Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator

  • Fan work. In the "No Frost" systems, the fan accelerates the cold air by separation. If its blades are overgrown with ice and do not rotate, perform defrosting of the equipment within 10 hours.

In the single-compressor models, the temperature controller is also checked. In the hot season you can not set the regulator to maximum. Since the freezer is first cooled, there is not enough power for the refrigerator compartment. Adjust the reading.

The freezer works, and the refrigerator is not present - in однокопрессорных models

Pay attention to the work of the refrigerator.

The freezer works, and the refrigerator is not present - in однокопрессорных models

  1. After defrosting the fan did not start working. The motor of the fan is defective. This could happen as a result of moisture ingress when the part freezes. A complete replacement of the elements is carried out.
  2. The fan does not rotate, snow and ice on the walls of the compartment, especially at the location of the evaporator. The evaporator heater broke. The defrost does not turn on, the evaporator is covered with ice, which hinders the rotation of the fan. TEN needs replacement.
  3. The freezer compartment is covered with icing, the motor works without stopping. The thermostat or the evaporator sensor has failed. The control card does not receive a signal.
  4. The upper refrigerating compartment does not work. Rusty streaks formed on the freezer. As a result of corrosion, the steel circuit is damaged, the refrigerant exits. When the drainage hole clogs, moisture drops fall on the steel circuit, which leads to corrosion. It is necessary to fix the problem and fill the system with freon.
  5. Did you accidentally damage the separation wall? Through the damage, the refrigerant may leak. Call the wizard to restore the tightness.
  6. When the wall is swollen, gas also flows, only into the inner part. I'll have to completely open the wall to fix the problem.

The refrigerator does not cool, and the freezer works in a two-compressor model

Again, the fan is inspected and the equipment is defrosted.

The refrigerator does not cool, and the freezer works in a two-compressor model

Damage likely:

  1. Motor-compressor. At the same time, the engine is started for a short time and turns off. Branch does not freeze. Diagnosis is carried out, and then repair or replacement of the motor.
  2. Freon leak. The symptoms are the same as in the previous case.

Noisy work of technology

Is the refrigerator loud and noisy? Check the mounting of the compressor, as well as its shock absorbers. When the fasteners are loosened, vibration does not muffle during operation.

Noisy work of technology

Look in the refrigerator compartment. Are the dishes correctly positioned? Pots should not touch each other, otherwise the technique will hum and vibrate. Installation of the housing is carried out according to the level. It is important that the refrigerator does not stand against the walls and furniture.

The CW body is shocked

This is a serious problem that requires immediate resolution. In the event of a failure in the insulation of the mains lead, it must be replaced. The reason may be in wiring or other electronic parts. To check everything and diagnose the problem, it is better to contact the master.

The CW body is shocked

How much should the Atlant refrigerator work?

The working refrigeration equipment works for 15-20 minutes. Within an hour the motor should be switched off several times. In order to accurately calculate the performance of your model, it is necessary to detect the operating time of the compressor, and also to note the total time during operation and rest of the motor. If the indicators are higher or lower than the norm (, ), then there was a breakdown.

Having determined the possible malfunctions of the Atlant technique, you now know what to do in case of a breakdown. Do not delay with repair, because one problem will pull the other. Then you have to spend more time and money on fixing the refrigerator.

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