How to wash socks in a washing machine

Socks require daily changing and washing. Usually the hostesses wait for the dirty fumes to accumulate, and then start washing in the car. How to properly wash socks, and what mode to choose? It depends on the type of fabric and its color. In the article, we will consider the basic rules of care for socks.

Content of the material:

  • 1Washing rules for socks: modes and temperature
  • 2Preparation for washing
  • 3Socks made of white fabric
    • 3.1Methods of bleaching
  • 4Wool socks

Washing rules for socks: modes and temperature

How to properly wash: in the typewriter or manually? Here, their number and material are taken into account. If only 3-4 pairs have accumulated, then there is no sense in starting a styalku, it's easier to wash with your hands. If the products are made of white fabric, then they should immediately be washed and not worn twice in a row.

Some people ask: is it possible to wash socks together with underpants and underwear? This is strictly prohibited. If you carry the fungus on your legs, then when you wash it together, it goes from socks to underwear. The same applies to handkerchiefs and other clothes.

If you do not know what you can combine socks with washing, we will answer: it is better to wash them separately from all things.

At what temperature should I wash? It is desirable not less than 80 degrees that all bacteria and pollution have left.

Preparation for washing

Ideally, when buying socks, you need to pay attention to the label. There the manufacturer specifies not only the size, but also the correct washing schedule. What should be done:

  1. Divide the socks according to the color. Black and white are washed separately, wool products, as well as children's socks can not be in the same drum with the rest.
  2. Before loading, they turn around and shake out dirt.
  3. In order not to lose steam, put them in bags for machine washing or fasten with clips.

Some fasten socks with stitches, but it is advisable not to do so. There are holes in the machine with intensive action in the places of stitches.

Socks made of white fabric

Even after first use, white socks can be difficult to wash. To restore the original whiteness to products, soaking will help. If your machine has a special mode, then you can dunk directly in the drum.

  • Type the water in the basin. The water temperature should not be more than 30 degrees if you use powder with enzymes.
  • Dissolve the powder in water, then immerse the stuff there for 2-3 hours (longer, depending on the contamination).
  • You can use the home method. Wipe the moistened socks with soap. It is recommended that they be added to the plastic bag for several hours, and then loaded into a washing machine.

Methods of bleaching

  1. At machine washing in a branch of a tray-dozator one glass of baking soda is filled.
  2. For two liters of warm water, dilute 6 grams of boric acid. You can also use lemon juice. Leave things to soak for three hours.
  3. For cotton products, soaking is suitable: 2 tablespoons of any bleach and 100 grams of powder are added to 2 liters of water. Leave to soak for the night.
  4. For bleaching and softening, use this method: in 1 liter of water, dilute 2 tablespoons of alcohol or ammonia.

What mode do you want to wear socks in the typewriter? Install the "Cotton" program at high temperatures.

To keep the socks their whiteness, dry them on the street or at least on the dryer. Do not place on the battery, otherwise they will acquire a yellow tinge.

Wool socks

Products from natural fabric - wool - can also be soaked. To preserve the saturation of colored fabrics, soak them in cold water with salt.

To get rid of persistent dirt, in 10 liters of water dissolve the powder with enzymes and 3 tablespoons of turpentine. Leave things to soak for a day.

In order not to have spools, use only liquid preparations and the correct mode: "Delicate washing" or "Wool" mode. A small spin has a beneficial effect on woolen products, does not stretch their fibers.

How often to wash woolen socks, depends on the degree of soiling. Dry in straightened form and horizontal position on the dryer. Do not place woolen items on the battery or hang on a rope. Now you have figured out how best to take care of socks made from different fabrics. Keep the wardrobe clean is not worth the small works, but if you choose the right approach, you will save time and return the original look. Remember the secrets of washing from this article and use them regularly.

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