How to replace a dishwasher

People are increasingly buying dishwashers, because it saves time, energy and resources. At the same time, the technique requires care and proper maintenance. You need to buy not only detergents, but also a conditioner, cleaning agents andregenerating salt. Sometimes all this abundance of household chemicals pretty badly hits the budget. Therefore, let's talk about what can be replaced with a dishwasher, to wash dishes is as effective, but cheaper.

Content of the material:

  • 1What manufacturers offer
  • 2Powder yourself: the pros and cons
  • 3How to replace the rinse aid
  • 4Tablets with their own hands

What manufacturers offer

On the shelves of stores a huge range of cleaning and cleaning products for PMM. Even if you choose the cheapest ones from them, you still need to allocate several thousand rubles each year, which is not acceptable for every family.

This happens:

  • powder;
  • gel;
  • tablets or capsules.

Particularly liked by users universal tablets "3-in-1 "7-in-1" or "All-in-1." This product is gradually dissolved during washing and rinsing, supplying the desired substance at each stage. But it is worth the pleasure of an order of magnitude more expensive. With the active use of dishwashers will have to pay from , 00 rubles, and this is only for tablets. This amount makes you think and start looking for a more affordable alternative.

Gel is somewhat cheaper than tablets, but more expensive than a powder. The latter is acceptable, but many want to use an environmentally friendly detergent, and the powder is difficult to call it.

Using a gel or powder, do not forget about the expense of a conditioner that protects plates and cups from drips. Therefore, to an approximate 3000 rubles add at least a thousand.

Important! By calculating the approximate annual consumption for tablets, gel and powder, we considered the most affordable options from low price categories.

Conclusion. Even with economical consumption and selection of the most affordable means, it is necessary to allocate at least 5000 rubles for the purchase of all necessary "chemistry". Unfortunately, it is impossible to use the PMM without salt and detergents, but you can try to find an alternative by replacing expensive products with your own preparations. It will not be easy, but we will try to offer you the most suitable analogues to the purchased products.

Powder yourself: the pros and cons

Skillful housewives - those are still experimenters, so came up with a recipe for a dishwasher powder from improvised components. According to their assurances, the expenses for it will not be more than 700 rubles per year. So, for your own hand-made dishwashing product you need these components:

  • soda - food or calcified;
  • mustard in powder form;
  • cheap washing powder for white linen.

Mix soda, washing and mustard powder in such proportions: 100/30/30 g respectively. The mixture is stored in a glass or iron container. Storage conditions: dry place, low temperature. If you follow the rules of storage, the composition is without damage for six months.

Before use, it is sent to the appropriate compartment of the cuvette, then the desired program is selected and the washing cycle is started.

Advantages of home-made powder:

  1. Cost price. The components are the cheapest, so do not hit on the budget.
  2. ECO-formula. This natural product will not cause allergic reactions, in contrast to household chemicals factory production.
  3. Easy to manufacture and no special storage requirements.
  4. The availability of ingredients - soda, mustard and laundry detergent can be found in every home.

Of course, there are drawbacks. Mustard powder, like washing, adversely affects the dishwasher. Examination, during which such homemade compounds were tested, showed: starting from the third cycle, the spray nozzles began to be clogged with small granules of crushed mustard. Applying the remedy, you will have to constantly clean the nozzles with a toothpick.

With the use of mustard, the quality of dishwashing is good enough, but again no one canceled the costs of the conditioner. And if you use such a powder all the time, you need to make regular cleanings of the PMM in the mandatory list of household chores.

On a note! Do you plan to constantly use the composition on the basis of mustard? In this case, reduce its volume to 20 g.

How to replace the rinse aid

Than to wash, we have already understood, but how to save on a conditioner? A safe alternative is created from such ingredients:

  • 100 g of water;
  • 50 g of detergent for dishes (manual);
  • 30 g of alcohol.

Mix all ingredients without shaking the resulting mixture. If after some time the composition is exfoliated, just stir it. Some housewives who regularly use this compound, say that it can be used as a detergent, if it is a dish with a low contamination. So in one stroke, you can prepare an analog of the composition "2-in-1" for 5 minutes.

Attention! Do not increase the concentration of detergent in relation to water, otherwise in the bunker there will be an excess of foam. If you take more gel for dishes, increase the volume of alcohol - it will extinguish the increased foaming.

Tablets with their own hands

Universal capsules, which are gradually dissolved, it is very difficult to prepare. But you can make an excellent substitute for classic tablets, such as Finish Classic. What you need:

  • calcined soda 200 g;
  • borax 100 g;
  • English salt 100 g;
  • lemon juice 100 g (can be replaced with citric acid).

Mix the dry ingredients and add the lemon juice. If you use acid, mix it with everything else and add water gradually. When the mixture is hissing, continue to create a reaction by adding juice or water. When the reaction is over, load the resulting pulp into ice molds and expose it to the sun (or the radiator).

After drying, remove the home "tablets fold it in a container and store it out of the reach of children and animals. This tool is ideal for washing dishes - they can safely replace the usual cleaning capsules.

As you can see, the means of a home "spill" are simple, easy to store, and their efficiency is sometimes not worse than the purchase of analogues. But always remember that by saving on "chemistry you risk the serviceability of the dishwasher. If you carefully studied the instructions, you might notice that the manufacturer categorically does not recommend the use of "handmade chemistry". If you experiment, then with machines that have already expired warranty period, otherwise in the event of a breakdown in warranty repair, you may refuse.

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