Rating of the best massager for legs 2018

Rating of the best massager for legs 2018


Foot massage is the first help in relieving fatigue. The simplest way to remove the uncomfortable sensation is the foot massager. Rating of the best models will help you navigate in the assortment and choose the most convenient device.


  • 1Appointment of a foot massager
  • 2Contraindications
  • 3Basic views
    • 3.1Mechanical
    • 3.2Roller with IR radiation
    • 3.3Vibration type
    • 3.4Hydration
    • 3.5Compression
    • 3.6Combined
  • 4Criteria for choosing to hit the top
  • 5Rating of the 10 best foot massagers
    • 5.1Takasima CY-819
    • 5.2Acupuncture FM-70
    • 5.3OTO Adore Foot AF-80
    • 5.4Marutaka Anion RT-1887
    • 5.5WH 6008
    • 5.6Beurer FM 38
    • 5.7Bliss Plus
    • 5.8Beurer FB50
    • 5.9Beurer FB25
    • 5.10Yin Yang

Appointment of a foot massager

The procedure of massage in the cabin is not an expensive pleasure, besides the master is not always at hand to quickly remove fatigue

On the feet is a large number of points, the impact on which brings tangible benefits to leg health. With regular procedures, the body's defenses are activated, the mechanism of self-healing starts.

But single massage sessions are also useful. Each of them - a full-fledged physiotherapy procedure, which you can independently conduct at home. The list of positive effects achieved with a foot massage:

  1. The activation of circulation in the feet and legs, which is important in the presence of varicose veins and for the prevention of this disease.
  2. Relieve fatigue and muscle spasms.
  3. Positive effect on all internal organs.
  4. Warming and relaxing effect.
  5. Soothing effect on the nervous system.
  6. Improvement of well-being.
  7. The effect of lymphatic drainage, which contributes to the removal of toxins from the body.

There are situations and conditions when the foot massage becomes more than necessary. So, during pregnancy, women often swollen feet, and the first assistant in this case - a relaxing foot massage. These devices are also needed for those who have excess weight. These people in the first place suffer just the legs, undergoing increased stress.


All this applies also to those who, due to the specifics of the work or service, spend a lot of time on their feet: teachers, builders, sportsmen, sellers, servicemen.


It is interesting that there are contraindications to the manual foot massage

But you need to consider the state of health. Despite the benefits of foot massage, in some cases it is contraindicated. This procedure is not recommended in the following situation:

  • with diabetes mellitus I and II degrees;
  • acute and chronic infectious diseases;
  • at an elevated body temperature;
  • with diseases associated with the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • in the case of presence in the area of ​​exposure to birthmarks or moles.

Basic views

Different models of these devices can provide different types of massage;

  • roller;
  • air-compression;
  • acupuncture;
  • thermal.

By type of construction, there are two types of massagers:

  • open;
  • closed.

They differ in that for models of the first type there are no restrictions on the size of the foot. Massagers of closed type are designed taking into account the sizes of feet from 35th to 46th. Some models use infrared (IR) technology, which provides thermal and healing effects.

There are models of massagers and the principle of work:

  • mechanical;
  • compression;
  • hydration;
  • vibratory;
  • combined type.


A distinctive feature of these devices is the simplicity of manufacture and application. These are open-type constructions, consisting of a multitude of elements rotating on solid supports. The simplest devices are made according to the type of accounts. But modern models of mechanical massagers are equipped with additional functions:

  • regulation of the force of influence on various zones of the foot;
  • change in height / depth of the elements of the structure.

The best of this group is considered to be wooden models, the rotating parts of which can be round or multi-faceted. There are also plastic devices, which are often needle type and are a rug with spikes or rollers with needles.

Roller with IR radiation

Today, devices have been developed that can massage not only the feet, but also the calf muscles. These devices consist of many rollers, have a power switching function. Simultaneously, infrared exposure and pressotherapy can be provided.

Vibration type

Vibromassage-type devices have a therapeutic effect through oscillations of different frequency and amplitude. They are the most effective for eliminating cramps in the calf muscles, rapid removal of leg fatigue. Thanks to the effect of lymph drainage helps to get rid of cellulite. Vibration-type instruments are controlled by programs.


Apparatus of this type is a foot bath in which water is poured. At the bottom of the tank there are rollers, which turn on when the device is turned on. In addition to roller, bubble massage is also provided. In the water, you can add broths of herbs, which allows you to simultaneously spend relaxing sessions with healing sessions. There are models with contrast function of hot and cold water.


Compression-type models are equipped with air cushions. By alternately compressing different parts of the legs, they provide a pressotherapeutic effect. In this category of vehicles there are models with air heating, which increases the degree of comfort and usefulness of the procedure.


The devices combining several functions belong to the combined category. These are multitasking, complex and expensive devices. But once bought such a massager, you can use the opportunities of several physiotherapy techniques for many years. And all the procedures are carried out at home.

Criteria for choosing to hit the top

In order to get the title of the best, the massager must meet several requirements:

  • prove its effectiveness by the practice of application and get a large number of positive feedback from users;
  • be convenient to store and carry;
  • the manufacturer must have a good reputation and specialization in the manufacture of products of this type;
  • maintainability of the device should be provided by the availability of service centers.

Recommendations for selection:

  1. Be sure that there are no contraindications to using a foot massager.
  2. Determined from the categories of the device: open or closed type.
  3. Choose the preferred type of impact, given the effect it provides.
  4. Compare the prices and terms of delivery in different outlets and on Internet resources.

Rating of the 10 best foot massagers

In our list are the best models of medium and low price range. Any of these devices meets the requirements for health-improving instruments.

Takasima CY-819

Takasima CY-819 is a multifunctional massage machine

Multifunctional device with a stylish and concise design. Developed and manufactured in Japan, the manufacturer - the company Takasima. The device is designed for several types of massage.

  1. Calf muscles, ankles and thighs: using elastic wavelike pads alternately filled with air.
  2. The sole and the upper parts of the feet: by acting on the acupuncture points with protruding elements and rollers rolling in the soles of the soles.

Achieved Effects:

  • activation of blood circulation;
  • removal of fatigue;
  • elimination of spasms and convulsions;
  • getting rid of neuralgia;
  • relief from muscle pain.


  • 3 programs: shiatsu, kneading, rolling;
  • timer;
  • adjustment of the speed of action.


  • elastic inserts;
  • stand;
  • packaging;
  • instructions.

It is recommended for people with excess weight, sportsmen who spend a lot of time on their feet. The average price is 24500 rubles.

Acupuncture FM-70

Acupuncture FM-70 provides a pleasant sensation and is recommended as a gift for active people spending their day on their feet

Acupuncture massager is designed with all the requirements of oriental massage. The design of the device includes 192 protrusions, affecting the sole and arch of the foot, the toes. In addition to acupuncture, there is an air-compression effect. There are several advantages:

  • three modes of operation speed;
  • manual adjustment of the degree of air filling of compression pads;
  • 24 points of IR warming of the plantar zones;
  • setting the timer in automatic and manual modes.

It is recommended for elderly people to improve their well-being, helps to get rid of many diseases. The average price is 25000 rubles.

OTO Adore Foot AF-80

OTO Adore Foot AF-80 provides active finger and foot study

The device, combining the possibilities of oriental massage and modern physiotherapy. Equipped with a roller mechanism with 24 heads, 2 blades for impact in the ankle area, has a heating function. The complete set includes replaceable fabric covers and a set of kneading blades.


  • 3 programs;
  • 2 levels of intensity of impact;
  • timer for 15 minutes.

Recommended for pregnant women to relieve fatigue and leg swelling, pensioners and flatfoot. The average price is 23000 rubles.

Marutaka Anion RT-1887

Marutaka Anion RT-1887 provides a powerful blood flow to the feet

Apparatus for acupuncture and roller massage. Equipped with a source of IR radiation, it has an ionization function. It has a warm and healthy effect. It has a stylish design and a solid body.


  • 3 modes;
  • timer;
  • multifunctionality.

It is recommended to all who do not have contraindications for carrying out foot massage. Manufactured in Japan. The average price of 19900 rubles.

WH 6008

WH 6008 massager makes deep shiatsu massage

Perform a roller massage, has the function of IR exposure. The design of the device includes 18 rollers equipped with magnets. Effectively removes pain in the feet and calf muscles. It improves blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. It will help to warm the frozen feet quickly.


  • 2 massage techniques: shiatsu, kneading;
  • 3 programs with manual control and 1 auto program;
  • 3 zones of exposure: legs, feet, calves.

Recommended for anyone who wants to quickly get rid of fatigue and pain in the legs, effective to relieve stress, which occurs when using shoes with high heels. The average price is 5100 rubles.

Beurer FM 38

Beurer FM 38 can do a mashing or pressing massage

A distinctive feature of this device in the ability to simulate the movements of the fingers of a professional shiatsu masseuse. This effect is provided by 2 heads with rotating ball-shaped elements. The device is equipped with a source of IR radiation, which guarantees a healthy and warming effect. Made of plastic, it has an attractive design.

Result of application:

  • activation of blood circulation;
  • normalization of well-being;
  • soothing and relaxing effects;
  • warming up the feet and ankles.

Recommended for self-healing to all who have no contraindications to massage procedures. The average price is 4400 rubles.

Bliss Plus

Bliss Plus helps in restoring normal blood circulation

Inexpensive device, different from similar devices of this price category, a wide range of functions and capabilities. Provides two types of massage: acupuncture and kneading. Has 4 programs with the ability to manually adjust the intensity of exposure. Equipped with additional protrusions, allowing the heels to work.


  • remote control with the help of the remote control;
  • 4 automatic programs;
  • timer.

Recommended for flatfoot, pregnant, elderly, athletes. Effective to relieve fatigue after performing heavy work. The average price is 5600 rubles.

Beurer FB50

Beurer FB50 must be used without the addition of salt or other components in the water

The device is hydromassage type. It is a comfortable foot bath. Equipped with interchangeable attachments. Pumice and brush are included. In the walls of the bath magnets are built, which allows you to receive sessions of magnetotherapy. Hydromassage provides a quality relaxation of the feet and ankles, eliminates edema, relieves fatigue.



  • can be used without water, which is a rare function for models of this type in this price category;
  • made of high-strength plastic;
  • adjustment of water temperature;
  • 4 kinds of massage: roller, vibrating, hydromassage, with the use of magnetotherapy;
  • LCD display.

It is recommended for all those who need general restorative procedures, elderly, pregnant, suffering from flat feet, working in harmful industries. The average price of 7150 rubles.


Beurer FB25

Lack of Beurer FB25 - short power cord

Hydromassage bath with needle bottom. Easy to use, provides bubble and vortex massage. The design of the device includes 16 magnets, which makes it possible to obtain a health-improving effect by means of magnetotherapy. There are no contraindications to use. The average price is 2600 rubles.

Yin Yang

This massager is considered the best choice for pregnant women, as for its use you do not need to bend over.

The only mechanical participant in Top 10

The device is a rubberized mat with dotted protrusions. Diameter 34 cm. There are 9 magnets built into the mat. The average price is 990 rubles.

Each of the proposed types of massagers in the ranking of the best deserved many excellent reviews, and the pricing policy on them is so flexible that any fan of foot massage will find something for themselves.

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