Dimensions of the refrigerator: standard and non-standard dimensions

Dimensions of the refrigerator: standard and non-standard dimensions


Dimensions of the refrigerator - one of the main parameters that affect the choice of household appliances when buying. Optimal choice of the refrigerator, which will be the keeper of the freshness of your products, is not always easy. The main task is to observe the optimal ratio of "necessary and sufficient" in relation to the value of refrigerators. You can be content with a minimum, but it's inconvenient. Occupy the kitchen with a cumbersome device that is empty most of the time - too.

It is usually believed that a single person does not need a large-scale refrigerating cabinet. "What is there to store it, if one lives?" - a typical mistake. A single person can go to the store once a week, preferring to periodically store food for a relatively long period. A single person can have a large dog, the meat for which stores the same refrigerator. He, after all, may have a habit of storing a box of beer in his refrigerator in case of unexpectedly unexpected friends. So all these pegs of the refrigerator's dimensions to the number of people living in the apartment are a real convention and a matter of taste.

More important are the dimensions of the apartment for which you buy a refrigerator, and in particular - the area of ​​the kitchen, where the refrigerator usually finds its place. An exception may be a mini-fridge, installed in the living room for storing drinks.

Dimensions of refrigerators should be selected so that when you open the door nothing interfered. External dimensions should optimally relate to the internal useful volume. The ratio of the volume of the freezing and refrigerating compartments is important. If you prefer only fresh products, it is better to sacrifice the volume of the freezer for the sake of increasing the refrigerator compartment. If there is a habit of freezing mushrooms, greens and other crops for the winter - it is worth considering models with a large freezer, or even buy a separate freezer.


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  • 2Built-in appliances
  • 3Installation Rules

Dimensions of standard refrigerators

The smallest sizes of refrigerators are bars. They can often be seen in hotel rooms, but not only there. A small refrigerator is appropriate in the living room, and its dimensions can perfectly fit even in the separation of the furniture wall. The width of the refrigerator-baby is 50 cm, the height can be from 50 to 120 cm.

Then follows the medium low model. Usually they are single-door, with the top freezer. The height of such refrigerators can be up to, m, the depth and width are standard.


The height of medium tall models reaches 180 cm. They can be both two-chamber and one-chamber. The freezer compartment is located on the bottom or top. It is these sizes that usually have embedded models.

A large refrigerator is designed for tall people: their height can be up to 210 cm, and getting food from the topmost shelf of a low lady can be difficult. The depth of all refrigerators of the types described above is usually standard and is 60 cm, as is the width - from 50 to 60 cm.

The largest refrigerating cabinets belong to the category Side by Side. They have two cameras next to each other. Freezer compartment on the left, and refrigerator on the right. Their dimensions will impress even Gargantua: the width of a refrigerator of this type can reach up to 1 m or more, at a depth of 60 to 80 cm. Of course, such giants buy for spacious kitchens, in a small kitchen of Khrushchev such a miracle-refrigerator simply can not fit. The size of this monster allows you to store a whole mountain of fresh and properly frozen foods.

Table of standard sizes of refrigerators of the most common types is given below.

A type Height, cm Width, cm Depth, cm
Mini 50-120 50-60 60
Medium Low 130-150 50-60 60
Medium high 150-180 50-60 60
European 170-205 55-65 55-65
Side by side 170-190 Up to 100 60-80
Asian 160-180 55-80 55-65

Built-in appliances

If you ordered kitchen furniture, it is likely that the manufacturer will offer you a built-in refrigerator of a standard size. Since furniture is assembled from standard units, it is designed for certain dimensions of built-in home appliances. On the one hand, it's good, because you will be offered to equip the kitchen with the technique of one brand, having the same design and dimensions. On the other hand, it can prevent you from using existing household appliances, and also choose for the kitchen those models that you find more attractive in design or price.

But, most likely, you will not have problems with service: the company for the production of kitchen furniture usually cooperate with large manufacturers of household appliances, having an extensive network of service centers and a good reputation.

The built-in refrigerator fits perfectly into the kitchen space. But the stand-alone model has its advantages. For example - there is no need to select equipment for furniture dimensions. If the size of your kitchen is large enough, you can put there at least a huge cabinet Side by Side, fill it up with stocks, and forget about regular trips to the supermarket for something other than fresh fruit and milk.

Installation Rules

  • The refrigerator should take its place so that it is separated from the plate and the radiator by at least 50 cm.
  • It is advisable not to put it close to the sink. It is also not good if in the summer time a lot of sun will fall on him.
  • It is also necessary to provide some distance from the back wall to the wall surface, it is impossible to put it close.
  • You can not have the opening door blocking the entrance to the kitchen. This remains relevant for small kitchens in the apartments of the old layout.
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