Why yellow garlic in the spring - what to do, what to process, feed

The leaves of garlic are yellow... Why is garlic yellow in the spring? What to do? How to prevent this phenomenon? Maybe it's a disease? Then, what to process? And maybe he lacks something? How and what to feed? This phenomenon is not uncommon in our kitchen gardens. Usually we see that the leaves of garlic begin to turn yellow from the tips. Then this yellowing increases, accordingly the development of the plant is delayed, the bulbs are formed of smaller size. The reasons can be different.


  • The main causes of yellowing of garlic leaves in spring
  • Diseases of garlic
  • How to feed garlic in spring
  • Terms of planting garlic
  • Pests of garlic: onion fly, stem onion nematode

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The main causes of yellowing of garlic leaves in spring

First, the leaves of winter garlic turn yellow in the early spring, after it falls under a strong frost. This is one of the reasons.

Secondly, it can happen if the bulb is infected with some fungal disease.

These are only two reasons. They are as if obvious, we can determine the cause of the yellowing of the leaves of garlic. In the morning they woke up, and on the grass frost, puddles turned into a thin ice. Or they pulled out the bulb and saw that on the bottom, the roots turned black, mold appeared.


What to do after spring frosts? If garlic picked up with a light frost, it was frosty, it is advisable to immediately process it, sprinkle the leaves with a solution of any stimulant - HB-101, Epin, Zircon and others.

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Diseases of garlic

At the very beginning, I talked about the fact that garlic can turn yellow from fungal diseases. They can be the cause of the appearance of yellow leaves. To treat fusariosis, bacterial rot is difficult - it is easier to prevent. What to do? Before planting the teeth should be disinfected - pour a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, or the drug "Maxim or the drug "Phytosporin" for 15-25 minutes. If you did not do this before planting, you can water the beds with these solutions for the prevention.

But sometimes such obvious signs of the cause of yellowing is not observed. There was no frost, the spine on the bulb was clean. What's going on? What to do? Than to process? And maybe it is necessary to feed?

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How to feed garlic in spring

One of the reasons why yellow leaves of garlic, planted under the winter - is the lack of nutrients. Most often, he lacks nitrogen or potassium. What to do? For fertilizing, you can use mineral or organic fertilizers.

Rinse gently between rows. Make a shallow (1-2 cm) groove. Pour (pellet) there granular fertilizers, for example, urea (carbamide) or some complex mineral fertilizer. Sprinkle the granules with earth. After this, plentifully pour the entire bed with inter-rows, so that the fertilizer will dissolve, since any plants absorb nutrients only in a dissolved form. After that, you can cover the wet bed with dry soil or compost, so that the soil, as long as possible, remains moist.

This is one application of mineral fertilizer.

The second option. Dissolve first dry mineral fertilizer in water (1 tablespoon of urea or Fertilia Lux for 10 liters of water), pour. Consumption - 10 liters of solution per 1 square. m. This option is even preferable, since liquid fertilizer immediately gets to the roots of plants.

What else can I do? You can make foliar top dressing. Especially it is useful for young plants. You can feed a complex mineral fertilizer or potassium sulfate, which is also often lacking in garlic. The norm of potassium sulfate is 1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water. Adjust your sprayer to a fine spray and sprinkle abundantly on all the leaves. This should be done in the evening in dry, windless weather, so that droplets of nutrient solution fall on the leaves, not dry in the wind, but completely absorbed.

From organic fertilizers for top dressing, I use infusion of mown green grass or weeds, with the addition of wood ash. How to make such a green fertilizer, I explained in detail in the article "Tomatoes - what to feed and what are the top-dressing". A solution of this liquid "green fertilizer" can be watered plants under the root or do foliar top dressing.

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Terms of planting garlic

There is another reason for the appearance of yellow leaves on garlic. This is a failure to meet the deadlines. Beginners truck farmers plant garlic in early autumn, for example, in early September. A planted it should be about two to three weeks before the onset of a persistent cold. For the Krasnodar Territory this is November, for the middle band - the end of September-October. Why is that? He must only be in time to take root, but not go into growth. If we plant it early in the fall, then in the spring, after the snow falls, yellow leaves will appear on the garlic that is too early to rise. They just froze.

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Pests of garlic: onion fly, stem onion nematode

To yellowing of leaves of garlic can lead pests. Inspect the plants carefully. You noticed small worms at the base of the leaves. These are the onion fly larvae. Than to process? You can get rid of them with the help of saline solution. To do this, take 200 g of table salt, we dilute it in 10 liters of water. This solution is sprayed. Worms will disappear.

The reason that the leaves of garlic turned yellow, can be a stem onion nematode. This, perhaps, is the greatest trouble. Fight it is useless. Can live in soil, without water, food for 8-10 years.

What does an infected plant look like? The plant begins to wilt. The leaves brighten, twist, a bulb with cracks begins to rot. Dig one head with yellowed twisted leaves. If it is damaged by a nematode, then on the bottom of the bulb there will be rotten roots and a white or pinkish coating - this small worms, which can be seen only through a magnifying glass with a 10-20-fold magnification - they, mm in length and, mm thick. White or pinkish coating on the bottom of the bulb is a pest accumulation. What to do? Such plants will have to be destroyed. Next year, garlic, onion plant in another garden.

Than to process? Currently, there is no effective means of controlling the nematode. It is recommended to soak the cloves of chicken in hot (40-45 ° C) water for at least 2 hours or in a 3% solution of common salt before planting - 25-30 minutes at a temperature of 20-22 ° C. Such a treatment will not completely destroy the nematode, but it will significantly reduce its quantity, will keep the spread of the pest. In the future, be more attentive to the selection of planting material.

Nematode loves acidic soils. Therefore, the infected area is deoxidized with lime or dolomite flour. The nematode lives in plant debris, clumps of earth. On the infected areas, sow marigolds and marigold (marigolds). Marigolds and marigolds attract the smell of a nematode, it goes to this smell, sucks in roots, and the juice of these plants for it is poisonous and it perishes.

Let's now summarize, briefly list the reasons why garlic can turn yellow.

  • The shoots fell under frost.
  • The soil lacks basic nutrients - nitrogen, potassium.
  • Too early planted - he began to grow before the onset of cold weather.
  • Planting material or soil is infected with spores of pathogenic fungi or stem onion nematode.
  • Larvae of onion fly damaged.
  • Drought, insufficient watering, dense soil can also cause yellowing.

Having determined the reason why your garlic turns yellow, you can answer the questions yourself - what to do, what to process and feed.

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