Review of small dishwashers

Despite the increasing popularity, dishwashers do not occupy an equal place in the apartments with stylalki. After analyzing the choice of buyers, we realized that most refuse dishwashers because of its size. In small kitchens only the most necessary things are placed. Therefore, a small dishwasher can increase the demand for equipment and make life easier for residents of small apartments.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of small dishwashers
  • 2How to place a small dishwasher
    • 2.1Advantages and disadvantages
  • 3Review of small dishwashers
    • 3.1Candy CDCF 6
    • 3.2Bosch SKS 51E11
    • 3.3Gota
    • 3.4Electrolux ESF 2410
    • 3.5Hansa ZWM526SV
    • 3.6Zanussi ZSF 2415

Types of small dishwashers

To facilitate your choice, we will tell you what a small dishwasher is. We will also reveal their advantages and disadvantages.

The size of the mini dishwasher is not more than that of a microwave oven. Due to the different type of accommodation, even in the closest room there is room for technology.

Small MMOs can be:

  1. Desktop and portable. The location of the detached model allows you to rearrange it if necessary. Wash up to 6 sets of dishes.
  2. Suspended models with small depths are suitable for those who do not have a place to place the equipment on the table.
  3. Compact embedded PMM. These machines have a small height, which allows them to be placed under the sink.

There are also narrow machines washing dishes. Their minimum width is 45 cm, so PMM is conveniently located in the kitchen.

Technology does not stand still. Manufacturers release new developments: mobile and miniature dishwashers of the new generation are more like portable gadgets. They are not tied to communications, so they can be used in the country.

How to place a small dishwasher

Before buying a dishwasher, you need to decide where to put it in the kitchen. Built-in devices perfectly fit under the sink or in another cabinet kitchen set. The technique can be partially built in, when the front door is not masked, and also fully-fitted when the headset hides the car.

Where to put a detached washing machine? Wherever you want. The main thing is to have the opportunity to connect to communications. A small PMM will fit on the refrigerator, in the kitchen niche or just on the table.

Advantages and disadvantages

Judging by their size, the compact dishwasher is not as capacious as the standard dishwasher. Portable mini-technology can wash up to 6 sets of dishes, while a full-size machine - from 9 to 17. For a small family, a compact version is perfect if you wash your cutlery every day and do not leave it for tomorrow.


  • space saving;
  • A suitable choice for daily dish washing;
  • saving resources: water and electricity;
  • a small cost compared to standard models;
  • Mini-dishwasher is not inferior in functionality to full-size models.


  • a small capacity - for large dishes there is no room, and if guests arrive, then the re-loading will have to wait several hours;
  • occupies a place on the table or cabinet, unless you buy a suspension model.

Each room has its own nuances, so the advantages and disadvantages of technology are subjective.

Review of small dishwashers

Consider the most interesting and popular models of small dishwashers. Until recently, the market could not boast of a wide choice of compact models, but today manufacturers offer the most unexpected solutions.

Candy CDCF 6

Table dishwasher with dimensions 44х55х50 cm. The compactness of the model allows you to place it even in a cramped kitchen. Due to the small size, the capacity is reduced. The machine's hopper holds 6 sets of dishes.

Electronic control with a display is convenient and understandable. The user selects from 6 programs, among which you can select "Quick Wash "Glass" and the "ECO" mode. When using the latter function, water and electricity consumption is reduced. The delay timer allows you to set the start of the cycle at a convenient time (8 hours).

The technology provides for condensation drying for dishes, as well as protection from leaks.

Candy CDCF 6 is economical in all respects. Class A for washing, drying, and energy consumption (138 kW / year). The noise level is 53 dB. The cost is from 17 000 rubles.

Users note in the reviews that in the CDCF 6 model the door is opened tightly, and the capacity is slightly less than the claimed one, the sets. Whether it is worth buying such a PMM is up to you.

Bosch SKS 51E11

One of the smallest machines for washing. Dimensions - 55h45h50 cm. A bright, interesting design allows the technique to become a "highlight" of your kitchen. At the same time the panel is as simple as possible, no frills. Energy efficiency class (, 2 kW / h) and sink - A, at a decent level, but the drying class is B, which is slightly worse.

The technique consumes 8 liters of water per cycle. The noise level will please users - 48 dB. Thanks to the protection of the housing from leaks, the dishwasher "Bosch" can be launched at night. Electronic control panel without display. You can select 5 washing programs, then dry the instruments in a condensing way.

Technology helps to gently wash off fragile products, quickly cope with slightly soiled dishes. The price is from 23 000 rubles.

Users note the heavy weight of the machine (21 kg), which makes it difficult to install. There is no complaint about the operation of the dishwasher.


The new development of designers in size 35x40x45 impresses not only compactness, but also appearance. Stylish decoration will decorate your kitchen. The hinged cover allows convenient loading of 4 sets of dishes. If there is no room for a standard dishwasher, then the Gota is a great option.

It is convenient to move the washing machine and take it with you to the dacha, because "Gotha" does not require connection to communications. The reclamation system again and again purifies the waste water. Manufacturers have taken care of economy and preservation of the environment.

Electrolux ESF 2410

A small tableware for washing dishes. Dimensions slightly different from the previous model 45h48h46 cm. Allows you to wash 5 sets of dishes at a time. Install PMM can be either on the table, or under the sink or in the kitchenette niche.

Electrolux The ESF 2410 has an energy consumption class of A, therefore it uses 7 kW per hour. 8 liters of water are consumed per cycle. Cutlery can be cleaned with 5 programs:

  • ECO mode for minimal consumption of resources;
  • function for washing glass and delicate dishes;
  • normal and intensive programs for heavily contaminated instruments;
  • fast.

Drying is standard, condensing. It helps to dry dishes by evaporation of moisture. Of the additional functions and technologies there is a delay in the start and partial protection from leaks. After the end of the program, an audible signal sounds.

Users are attracted by the compactness of the model and the possibility of installing under the sink. Management is simple. To get a good result when washing, you need to learn how to install dishes. At the rear wall and the tank door there are "dead zones" where the plates are badly washed.

Hansa ZWM526SV

The stand-alone MMP "Hansa" with compact dimensions - 4, x55x50 cm. At a time you can wash up to 6 sets of dishes. The working chamber of the dishwasher is made of stainless steel.

The machine economically consumes water - 7 liters per cycle, as well as electricity - class A +. The hinged lid is easy to open. The control keypad is easy to use, it will help you select and install one of 6 programs. For lightly soiled instruments, you can set "Quick mode for heavily soiled - "Intensive program." Then the apparatus passes to drying by the condensation method.

Consumers note the capacity of the "Hansa" model. Sometimes you can pawn even pans and pans. Economical water consumption, good quality of washing. The presence of the display is very convenient to monitor the program time.

Zanussi ZSF 2415

A small dishwasher of Italian manufacture. It is placed separately on a table or other surface. Overall dimensions - 4, х55х50 cm. Clean 6 sets of dishes.

Zanussi ZSF 2415 provides economical water consumption in, liter, electricity 4 kW / h. The noise during the operation of the PMM is 56 dB. There are 6 basic programs for effective cleaning of dishes. The machine warns the end of the cycle with a beep. Condensing drying allows you to remove already dry appliances. The housing was protected from leaks.

Customer reviews are mostly positive. Highlight the ease of installation PMM. The dishes can be washed immediately after lunch or dinner, no need to save dirty plates for a full load.

All presented models of dishwashers can be found in stores. Complexities can arise only with the purchase of Gota, as this is a new development.

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