Compact dishwashers

Dishwashers are not of great diversity when it comes to size. Standard models height 85 cm wide and 60 deep and 55 cm, respectively. There are modifications reduced by 25% already standard. Compact when everything else is difficult to call. Compact dishwashers placed on the table. They called compact. Similar offers to see the article, a couple of built-in models will pay a little bit of time at the end of the story.


The German company distinguishes clear presentation of information. This concerns installation and characteristics. Similar articles nice paint buyer, on a silver platter presents technical information of the company engineering staff.

class features

These beauties take the middle segment in the price range. If you want a budget option, be sure to keep an eye on Kandy. SKS40E02RU different typical desktop dishwashers dimensions:

  • height 45 cm;
  • width of 55.1 cm;
  • depth of 50 cm.

Bosch Candy SKS40E02RU

It should be noted, if the built-in models manufacturers are trying to cut back on the size of a couple of millimeters to fit into the volumes provided by the manufacturers of furniture, when it comes to desktop models, the savings comes not always. The last two letters in the acronym means that the product is intended for the Russian market.

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This dishwasher is calculated on 6 instruments, not inferior to the characteristics of the Full freestanding models. It provides:

  • Washing class A;
  • drying class B;
  • energy class A.

The small dimensions allow the use of the product virtually wherever possible to ensure the water supply and drain. For small families opportunities will be enough. When full-length advertising models the emphasis is on spaciousness. For example, in the working chamber 12 is placed up devices. Consider the meaning of the phrase.

According to the European traditions in the table set includes 11 pieces. Among other things:

  • soup plate;
  • the second plate;
  • saucer;
  • a cup;
  • dessert plate;
  • three spoons, forks;
  • glass;
  • knife.

So many things included characterizing the dishwasher. Not necessarily use each tray for its intended purpose, the owner can decide on their own what and where to put the boot into the working compartment dishes.


Now we count. Desktop version accommodates 6 sets of 66 items. If the family consists of two people for breakfast in most accrue to wash a pair of saucers, cups, spoons. That's all. Compact dishwasher turn on once a week, and will wash that had gathered. It is pertinent to recall that there is no need to run the equipment immediately after the download, it is permissible to store a set of objects, until you accumulate enough in the compartment. At the end of the week dishwasher starts an hour cooking utensils clean again. For more information on operating conditions written in the instructions.

Compact Dishwasher

From the above example it is clear that the option of compact dishwashers are not so small. The main thing - to stock a sufficient number of units to be enough for a full week. An additional advantage of the dishwasher believe fully automatic operation. While the family is busy chores, household appliances does the job.

specific features

Described model has LED display a lack of salt and rinse aid. Translated into the language of the user, this means that there is no need to bend your head and look for transparency fullness compartments, enough to notice the red light, to understand that it is time to refill special funds. Sometimes on the end of the program shows the spot on the floor.

Recall, the salt in the dishwasher is used for protection against limescale. It softens water by reducing the amount of impurities. Additive effect on the presence of white deposits on the dried utensils. If any, not enough salt.

Rinse performs specific means of reducing the surface tension of the liquid. It is used for the final washing step. Meaning: water, equipped with a fraction of the rinse aid, it evaporates much faster. If this does not happen, there are white streaks.

Intelligent machine detects how many dishes loaded, reducing the amount of detergent and spending on maintenance companies accounts. Regardless of the loaded tray in the substrate (powder, gel and tablets) type would be recognized and apply the appropriate correction program.

As described in practical terms, the manufacturer is silent. For instance, tablets already contain a dose of salt and rinse aid. Obviously, the programmer of the dishwasher simply reduce the consumption of materials, filled in a special compartment. With regard to the gel, the situation is similar.

On what basis such unique properties. It is thought, based on analysis of the medium and the number of acidity points of measurement. The conclusion is clear for a simple reason: a lot of tools for cleaning. For example, a tablet is produced in the format of "All in One" or as a compressed powder. Naturally, these are two different things. Assume that the special sensors constantly evaluate the water content of the certain substances.

This misleading argument in favor is the fact that Bosch dishwasher automatically monitors the consumption of salt, presumably - measuring the level of acidity. However, probably, the Bosch knows another way.

Narrow dishwasher

Narrow embedded dishwashers

double one

Bosch good news is that the company's in store for buyers recessed compact dishwashers. The company likes to authors for a number of reasons. First, the good, smartly designed and informative website. It is said that there is no price, it is rather the rule than the exception. Second, in principle, difficult to find small-size dishwashers built like SKE53M15RU. Separately - please, but the two together to the epithet - is much rarer. Thirdly, the technique is known in comparison, and the model is not very different from those described above. At times - the best!

So, we continue to see:

  1. Capacity for 6 sets.
  2. Sensors presence of salt and rinse aid.
  3. Recognition of the type of detergent.
  4. Indication LED.
  5. Protection of children.
  6. Low noise level (only 49 dB).
  7. List of programs and additional functions.

This is despite the AAA class. Allowed a double loop speed, then the power consumption will increase, washing and drying will remain at the same level. Dimensions for embedding a bit different from the desktop machine sizes:

  • height 45.4 cm;
  • width of 59.5 cm;
  • depth of 50 cm.

It is evident that the dimensions of a compact Bosch release type of embedded dishwashers differ from those of the full-length models only height. And twice. Given that the ability to have a rather big baby, we believe an excellent choice for young families.

take two

If little 6 sets seem successful model dishwasher EG SCE53M25RU. Holds up to 2 sets more. In addition, it will provide the advantages already described model. For example, heat exchanger. Certain types of cookware damaged by sharp contrast to the rinse water temperature.

Built-in dishwasher narrow

To sort happened, the dishwasher is equipped with a special heat exchanger. While there is a rinsing with hot water heated by the cool temperature of the circulating fluid. Therefore, wash the items will be able to without fear of damage.

100% protection against leaks provided by a special sensor on the bottom of the dishwasher. Any signs of fluid block further program execution. water access from the outside is stopped.

We should also mention the Hygiene mode, which is characterized by high temperatures during the last rinse. And the built-in dishwashers dimensions are similar to the above model, except for the height. The parameter is 59.5 cm.


Dimensions dishwashers do not always affect the quality. This applies to drying, washing class, power consumption. Top models cover the full-length parameters of products well-known manufacturers. Do not think that by buying a small-sized dishwasher, sacrificing quality.

As for roominess, shows that sometimes the baby show impressive figures. You feel a little 8 devices. Let's try to calculate.

One hundred percent loading series models is 12 units. This is 1.5 times more than the 8. If larger model lacks a large family of 6 people, a compact version are four. 33% - no difference. Just wash the dishes have 1.5 times more likely. Before enough times in 7 days. Now the period between the inclusions will be reduced to 5 days.

Saving space in this case is also 33%. A lot or a little, decide on their own.

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