Installing the refrigerator with your own hands

Buying equipment is only an initial stage. Next are the work on the choice of location, installation of the refrigerator and its connection. Well, if the kitchen is quite free, but if the technology has to be built in, the task becomes more complicated. How to properly install the refrigerator, from which options should be discarded, read in our article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Fundamental rules. Select a location
  • 2How to install a refrigerator
    • 2.1Connection of refrigerators with ice maker

Fundamental rules. Select a location

The correct location and connection of the refrigerator is a guarantee of its long and trouble-free operation. Therefore it is important to take into account a number of rules and requirements of the manufacturer. First of all, refer to the instructions.

Where can not install the equipment:

  • Under the window (refers to the technique of small sizes). This threatens high humidity, direct sunlight on the body, which leads to damage to the housing cover.
  • Next to the battery, radiator, oven, stove. In this case, the unit overheats, the risk of a quick breakdown increases.
  • The sink. The device is powered by electricity, so this installation is unsafe. The humidity in the room should not exceed 80%.

When choosing a room to accommodate any brand - LG, Haier, "Bosch "Indesit" and others - pay attention to its climate class. There are temperatures at which the unit can be operated. Often this is 10-32 degrees.

It is desirable that the distance between the stove, sink and refrigerator is more than 50 cm. And when installing a device type Side by Side, you should consider the size of swing doors.

It is important to ensure the normal ventilation of parts, so the distance from the wall should be from 7 cm. This applies to the refrigerator built into the cabinet or niche: be sure to observe the gap between the shell walls and the facade, otherwise the technique will overheat and come out of standing.

If you have a small kitchen, and you have to put the refrigerator next to the stove or battery, glue a special foil on the body, which will act as a reflective screen.

What else needs to foresee:

  • Location of the outlet. The technology must be connected to a grounded network. If the voltage is unstable, it is recommended to installstabilizer. It can protect simultaneously for several devices: for this you need to calculate their total power.

  • The floor in the kitchen should be strong, even. You can use anti-slip stickers or patches on the legs of the device so that the body does not move.

There is not enough space for accommodation in the kitchen? Then read our publication:"Is it possible to put a refrigerator on the balcony". If you have a heated loggia, you can put the device there.

How to install a refrigerator

First of all, you need to inspect the equipment after delivery. Remove the packaging, look at the body: there are no damages, dents. Inspect the continuity of the power cord and plug.

Attention! Do not connect the Nau Frost unit immediately as carried into the room. He must adapt to the temperature in the room. This takes from 6 to 12 hours.

During transportation, the device is often turned over, tilted. Therefore, the oil in the compressor must drain into the allotted space.

The unit must be installed in a level, clearly along the horizontal and vertical planes. But in order for the doors to close tightly, the front legs must be adjusted so that the body swings back a couple of degrees.

Before moving the refrigerator to the installation site, secure the power cord to the condenser. Otherwise, it can be bent or transmitted.

The cord must be connected to the outlet without breaks.

Before you put products in the chamber, it is advisable to wash the internal parts and parts, especially if you did not buy new equipment.

For the built-in refrigerator ("Ariston "Liebher "Samsung "Atlant") the installation rules do not differ. The only thing to consider is the canopy of the front part. A detailed outline should be indicated in the instructions. Also included in the kit are fastening elements.

It remains to insert the plug into the socket. Check that the lighting in the camera is working properly, set the temperature with the thermostat. If there is a display on the panel, then all settings are made with it.

Connection of refrigerators with ice maker

In some models ice makers are provided. This is an additional device for creating food and technical ice.

They are divided according to their purpose:

  • Professional produce ice for food.
  • Pickle ice freezes ice by shape.
  • Household can be used for making drinks.
  • Compressor ice is produced using an evaporator.

The ice maker can produce ice of any shape and for all occasions: the scaly one is used for decorating beverages, cubes and granules for any reason. Instruments are divided into two main types:

  • Pouring requires you to pour water into the special tank yourself.
  • Stationary needs to be connected to the water supply.

You can make a connection yourself. To do this, it is sufficient to connect the hose with the water supply and connect it to the mains.

What is the advantage of models with an ice maker:

  • Continuous work. You will always have fresh ice.
  • In units with touch controls, you can set the type of ice.
  • Some devices are equipped with additional functions for making ice. Once the molds are empty, the sensor will signal a refill.
  • In more expensive units there is a dosage function. You can pour a cold liquid with ice cubes right into the glass.

Do not be frightened if after the start of the refrigerator you will hear gurgling sounds: this refrigerant circulates through the system. Check all the features that are in your model to make sure they function properly.

See the video about the correct installation:

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