How to remove the smell from the refrigerator

The problem of refrigerator odor contains two solutions in global terms. We are struggling with the causes and consequences. Consider today both techniques. We will help to remove the smell from the refrigerator. You will see some steps you can take.

Causes and consequences of the smell in the refrigerator

The reason for the unpleasant smell is not spoiled product. Putrid bacteria become the cause of such destructive consequences. Europe was in trouble. Not on the scale of a single country - they conquered the Old World. Bacteria as a nutrient medium use almost everything. Only metal is categorically inedible. Plastic sheeting, rubber inserts refrigerators contaminated act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

With products with similar causes. Bacteria multiply in a nutrient medium, emit an unpleasant odor. Rarely fresh produce causes the opportunity. Salted, sea fish are dangerous. Not the only way to create a bad smell of the refrigerator. Thawing occurs by drip. Temporarily the temperature of the compartment rises, it becomes above zero. Dirty water flows down the ducts, filling a special container. Dear creek leaves traces of dirty drips. Formed by the breeding environment of bacteria.

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Dispose of spoiled products by holding your nose.

Microorganisms die, affected by dryness, low temperatures - some. The latter feel great in the freezer when the refrigerator is idle for a long time. Bacteria spontaneously disappear rarely. We have to fight. Antibiotics are used for the human body, surfactants are more suitable.

Methods of dealing with the consequences of the smell of an refrigeratorFound a number of popular recipes to help quickly eliminate the effects. The smell disappears for some time. In the absence of further measures, the negative effect will resume.
  1. Good against the smell of the refrigerator helps white bread. Endowed with porosity, the absorption surface increases many times. Suitable loaf, white loaf.3-4 slices of bread should be carefully cut, put on a white saucer.
  2. If you divide a lemon into slices, put it on a plate, put it in the fridge, after waiting for time, the smell will subside.
  3. Helps against odor soda. It is optional to wash a compartment with solution. Take the trouble to put the active substance in a saucer, leave it for some time inside. Acids, fats provoking a chemical reaction, will lose their stink.

    Use soda

  4. Activated carbon collects toxins of the human body, eliminates odors. Created some models of individual means of chemical protection. Mostly gas masks. Draw your own conclusions.
  5. Tea is considered an effective anti-odor agent. It will help eliminate the smell of the refrigerator, a standard cabinet. If you are worried about an unpleasant smell, put the bag on the shelf, let him do business.

For a number of useful tips, we thank the http: // channel UCiVAkpYmoOMizHWa7ABzueg. Without the help of lovely women, the authors had to be tight, collecting tips together. Let's deal with the elimination of the cause of the smell. Products used to absorb aromas, avoid eating.

Elimination of the causes of the unpleasant smell of the refrigerator

An unpleasant smell is caused by bacteria. Where can microorganisms find food? Methods for eliminating odor are universal, the best manufacturers cover the insides of the compartment with special bio-enamel, supplemented with silver ions. From the above it is clear: indicated the first place of the search. The plastic looks smooth and clean, causing an unpleasant smell. In many models of refrigerators, there is a special mode called Leave, the temperature is kept close to zero. After a long absence of owners, thawed chambers do not wallow.

Wash the refrigerator with

cleaning agents. When you get rid of the trouble, it is recommended to clean the surface of the compartment with a cleaning agent. Suitable hydrogen peroxide. A weak solution of the substance is suitable to kill microbes. To give the womb a pleasant smell, it is recommended to add detergents for dishes, liquid soap, shampoo. The purpose of the component is the creation of an active foam, odorization.

The above measures did not help - pay attention to the following units, parts of the refrigerator:

  • First of all, we investigate the drain bowl. It happens that when the freezer is thawed, the blood water flows down. Capacity formed elegant conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. The water starts to stink. As conceived by the designers, the liquid evaporates in natural conditions. Various fats cover the surface with a thick film that disrupts the evaporation process. If there is an unpleasant odor near the refrigerator, first check the drain bowl. Capacity standing on the floor compressor. Less commonly, the bowl becomes a compartment attached to the refrigerator. It is necessary to move the device from the wall, otherwise it is difficult to remove the capacity.

    Forget the bad smell

  • It did not help, the drain bowl does not become a source of smell, we will pay attention to the defrosting system. Regardless of the cooling technique, channels are present that allow excess fluid to flow down. It concerns the drip defrosting method, the Nou Frost system. Unambiguous recommendations can not be given. In the defrosting drip system, water from the radiator flows downwards by flow, bypassing the tube, reaches the bowl. A good option would be to rinse the chute with the bottom end. Provide a fluid collection option. Easier to find a special water pump. Inside fill the cleaning solution. The No Frost system is processed by a quartz crystal steam generator. Frost will settle in the evaporator, you can pull out the power cord. Cleaning will start automatically in the next defrost cycle. The cleaning solution will melt, flow through the channel, reaching the bowl. Dear will kill germs. Perform the operation, having previously removed the products from the refrigerator. You may have to apply a sequence of actions several times.
  • Occurs, bacteria breed in a compactor. Rubber rim, going to the perimeter of the door. Simply replace the entire element. Today on sale there is any seal. Usually fixed with glue. Ask why not just wash. The seal inside is hollow. Problem place becomes the inside. The stench accumulates in the cavity of the seal, to defeat the problem hard.

Please note that if you have the Know Frost system inside the refrigerator, a compartment with an evaporator is equipped. The cavity will cause an unpleasant smell. In most refrigerators, one single evaporator per refrigerator and freezer combined. As a result, the air is continuously circulating. If fish is put in the freezer, fatty aromatic acids will fill the volume of the refrigerator. As a result, it will be difficult to erode the smell. It is difficult to clean the evaporator compartment.

The odor absorber for the refrigerator will be an effective measure to combat the effects. Powerless to eliminate the causes. Removing odor will produce with the help of a suitable steam generator. Artificially increase the humidity, reducing the time between defrost. Further action plan is determined by the intelligence of technology. The unpleasant smell of the refrigerator will be eliminated with detergents during several defrosts.

Where an unpleasant odor can accumulate. The smell of the refrigerator is concentrated in any cavity. For example, behind a decorative panel that hides a thermostat. After reading, the regulars of the VashTehnik portal will be able to understand what caused the unpleasant moment. Add an unpleasant synthetic smell capable of provoking decaying polymers. Plastic. It is especially difficult to give advice on how to remove the smell from the refrigerator. Negative factor created by materials. You can try to paint the depolymerized material with special enamel with the addition of silver ions. The topic of a separate conversation, and professional.

Goodbye. Hopefully, the problem of the unpleasant smell of the fridge will stop bothering readers.

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