What a good fridge to buy

Get ready to lay out 12 thousand for the refrigerator. Or take Saratov, where the freezer is combined, closed with a plastic lid. We will answer with a decrease in requests for price increases!

Budget selection of a refrigerator

From a category between 10,000 and 15,000 rubles buy:

  1. Indesit.
  2. Saratov.
  3. Nord.
  4. Shivaki.
  5. Atlant.
  6. Biryusa.
  7. Vestel.

Refrigerator Biryusa

Refrigerators Atlant

The Old Man demands to pay in dollars: the currency is growing. Belarusian goods are famous for their frequent marriage, careful attitude to a foreign client. Residents of Russia will get a hot response from the enterprise support service.

Difference of the Belarusian producer:

  • Good engine( compressor).
  • Shaky at first glance, shelves of tempered glass withstand 30 kg.
  • Unreasonable design of door compartments. Shelves fall out, break, hitting the floor. Adult man hurt by accidentally moving his elbow.
  • A simple design that makes good brands of refrigerators maintainable.
  • The thoughtful choice of freon. Cheap replacement. Good performance.
  • Not a bad build.

Prices are rising with European manufacturers, the Old Man is in no hurry to make discounts. This product leaves a favorable impression. Simple models of Belarus are well copied or manufactured according to their own projects. The network has a service manual for the repair of refrigerators Atlant.

Refrigerator Atlas

From the official repair manual we learn: the electronic unit generates an error F4 when the voltage drops below 170 V, F5 when the threshold is 255 V. You should not try to replace the light of the refrigeration compartment with 20 W, the third leg of the electronic unit does not pull more15 WHalf of the damage does not occur if the person bothered to read the instructions.

The repair manual lists all temporary modes of operation. You can take a watch and check if the Atlas fridge is functioning correctly. Speech about the advanced models in which there is a processor. It is worth more than 10,000 - 15,000 rubles.

Refrigerators Saratov

Refrigerators Saratov has not changed outwardly since Soviet times. Outside one door, at the top of the door covering the freezer.

Inspect, try, touch the plastic elements. In the freezers Saratov plastic sticks, jumps off the runners - manufacturing defect. Keep your ear open.

Plastic in Saratov refrigerators is a weak feature. Complaints: the condenser fell off, there is little space. There are no comments on the work of Saratov. The feature described on the official website of the manufacturer:

The temperature of the refrigeration compartment is variable. In the freezer, on top, zero degrees Celsius, to the bottom values ​​increase.

The SEPO recommends storing the following products in accordance: fruit-vegetables in the compartment under the glass at the bottom, where the temperature reaches +7 degrees. Western manufacturers say: there should be 0 on the Celsius scale. If you want to flatter Europe, put the food on the top shelf.

For pickles, marinades in refrigerators Saratov is disposed low( above the freshness zone), it is easier to store drinks in the door compartments. We recommend to check the strength of the freezer door. In the Soviet refrigerators, Saratov, the item quickly froze into the wall. After attempts to open the loops broke. Good manufacturers of refrigerators are constantly improving products, we believe, the EPO too.

Refrigerator Saratov

Temperature distribution indicates: the evaporator is at the top of the refrigerator compartment( Atlanta in the middle).Cold air descends, presumably the designers laid down the property of the device to be cooled by natural convection. The temperature gradient created promotes proper air movement. Factory workers say: sales have been growing since 1999.

We advise you to wait until the brand gains momentum. No advertising, practical reviews. There is a well-designed official website with useful, entertaining information. The plant was not bought by foreigners. There are no instructions on the official site, not enough information. Difficult to choose.

Before you buy, inquire where to buy rubber for the refrigerator, how much it costs. Prepare yourself mentally to finalize the product with your own hands.

Refrigerators Indesite

In Russia, they throw off what is unpopular in the world. Indesite refrigerators are a good choice. Hotpoint Ariston is popular in Europe. Indesit for these models is a synonym.

Refrigerator Indesit

Named Refrigerators - expensive. For 10 - 15 thousand rubles to some models Indesite buy only the door.

Shivaki Refrigerators

Shivaki equipment was always inexpensive. Do not look askance at Japanese refrigerators, the company has long been bought by a European concern. Formed in 1988, the company first completed the product components of third-party manufacturers. Quality equipment went along with consumer goods.

The lion's share of Shivaki technology is collected in Russia. Lack of qualified personnel, unwillingness to create human working conditions is the scourge of Russia. The intricacies of the assembly is difficult to detect at first glance, they will open up during operation.

The consumer positively responds about Shivaki refrigerators, the comments are ergonomic, an unusual design, the equipment performs its functions. Fill in a quality warranty card, free service in case of a breakdown will give a chance to leave an angry comment about the Shivaki refrigerator on the Internet for free.

Refrigerators Nord

These Ukrainian refrigerators in the 90s tried to copy the West. A compartment with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius is a great place for drinks, drugs, and other products. These kinds of refrigerators were new. The technique of 6 years will work without tricks.

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