How to wash cotton in a washing machine

Shrinkage and color loss of cotton products can be avoided by organizing the proper washing. In the article we will share the secrets: what to do if the cotton gets washed after washing, how to wash cotton things in the AGR and manually.

Content of the material:

  • 1Preparation
  • 2Remove stains and remove yellowness
  • 3Manual way of washing cotton
  • 4Removal of difficult spots
  • 5How to choose a mode
  • 6Optimal wash temperature
  • 7Additional tips
  • 8"Shrinkage" of products
  • 9User Tips


There are several simple rules for preparing cotton lingerie for washing:

  1. Cotton clothes must be turned inside out.
  2. Close all locks and buttons.
  3. Soak clothes for a day in case of strong stains.

Remove stains and remove yellowness

After frequent washing of things from cotton, one may encounter the fact that the clothes are gray or covered with spots of yellowness. It is not recommended to use bleach substances to solve such a problem, so as not to harm the tissues even more. There are a lot of folk recipes that will help get rid of such stains:

  1. Combine peroxide, ammonia and water in such proportions: 30ml - 15ml - 10 liters.
  2. Heat water to a 60-degree temperature, pour in the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Stir. Place things in the water tank for about half an hour.
  4. Rinse well.
  5. Arrange drying in a well-ventilated area.

With this method of washing it is easy to achieve a snow-white color and remove even old stains. If you want to wash cotton so that it does not sit down, remember this method, since it is 100% effective. Having planted a "complex" spot - coffee, chocolate, wine or berry juice, use soap or detergent for dishes. Then boil with bleaching agent. Wait for the water to boil, then make the fire quieter and boil for 30 minutes.

Manual way of washing cotton

Do not know how to wash cotton manually? Consider all the nuances of this washing. Manually most often wear thin, lace and embroidered clothes. Soaking in such cases is not required. Use hand-washing detergents that do not contain chlorine and other corrosive substances. When washing, wipe the fabric very carefully, without putting much effort, so as not to damage the fabric. It is forbidden to twist clothes - gently squeeze out so that as much water as possible glass. Rinse is recommended in water at a temperature of 37-40 degrees. Rinse until a soapy foam is washed off.

Removal of difficult spots

If you do not know how to wash cotton with heavy soiling, it's easy. This requires pre-soaking. Pour warm water into the basin, add a powder or gel for washing, soak the clothes for a couple of hours before sending them to the drum of the styrant. There is another way how to easily remove stains and dirt. Dampen the thing in water, and stain with soap with 72% soap. Rub gently and carefully. After removing stains, you can start the usual washing. If your washing machine has a soaking function or prewash function, use it for the same purpose.

Important! Discard the vinegar. Do not soak things in dubious solutions so that clothing does not lose color and shape.

When you need to wash stains from white cotton clothes, use bleach or stain removers without chlorine.

How to choose a mode

If your machine has the "Cotton" function, everything is simple:

  • Turn on the machine.
  • Put the things in the drum.
  • Pour detergent into the cuvette and air conditioner if necessary.
  • Close the hatch.
  • Set the selector wheel in the Cotton mode.
  • Press the button to start the washing mode.

Optimal wash temperature

Have not decided at what temperature to wash cotton? Then we will tell you the details. Colored things tend to stain when they come in contact with water, and the higher the temperature, the greater the chance of color loss. Therefore, when washing a cotton colored dress, the optimum washing temperature is 40 degrees. When washing white clothes, the temperature regime of 90 degrees will suit the color it does not damage. But remember that frequent washing practically in boiling water will weaken the fibers of the fabric.

Recommendation! Choose the temperature for white cotton things, based on the degree of soiling. To freshen up the clothes, enough and 40 degrees. To wash the stain, a higher temperature regime will be required.

When choosing the automatic mode, pay attention to the fact that modern models of washing machines provide for the program "Cotton which is suitable for washing cotton things.

Additional tips

That clothes did not sit down, it is possible to prevent it in several ways. So, the first option:

  1. Put the clothes in a basin with warm water for half an hour.
  2. After: a delicate mode and a 30-degree temperature is what you need.
  3. Take out and gently stretch your clothes to the desired shape.
  4. Straightening out clothes from time to time, wait until it dries completely.

Option number 2:

  1. Cover the product with wet gauze and iron with iron, slightly stretching the edges.
  2. Use the iron until the thing dries completely.

"Shrinkage" of products

Sometimes shrinkage of things is required. If you already know how to make sure that cotton clothes do not sit down, then "plant that is, reduce it much easier. If you lose weight or the laundry is stretched, wash at 60 degrees. If the clothing is colored, so as not to lose the brightness of the color, use a powder with color-preserving properties. Pressing and machine drying only will contribute to shrinkage.

User Tips

On the forums housewives hundreds of useful tips on the account of washing cotton products. We chose the most useful of them:

Olga, Tyumen

I wash cotton things on the "Wool" mode at 30 degrees. In this mode, both washing and rinsing are at the same temperatures, so nothing sets.

Svetlana, Eagle

I use only liquid powders for cotton - they practically do not shrink.

Alice, Moscow

I put everything manually: temperature 30 and spin to 400. Means for washing liquid, for colored and black fabrics separately. Drying solely on the hanger-shoulders - then do not need ironing.

Irina, Pushkino

I do not buy 100% cotton things, I choose at least with a minimal percentage of synthetics. If not laziness - I wash hands, and in the typewriter - on 30-40 degrees.

Now you know how to wash cotton in a washing machine and manually. Although the cotton fabric and fastidious in care, you can find an approach to it. Knowing which temperature and mode to choose, you will remove dirt and yellowness, keeping your favorite blouse. Successful and effective washing!

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