How to wash white things in a washing machine

Wiping off any clothes or underwear of white color, you need to be extremely cautious and understand the seriousness of the process. If you break the washing process, then your favorite blouse or dress will lose its snow-whiteness or simply shed. We will tell you how to erase white things correctly.

Content of the material:

  • 1Washing of white linen: preparation
    • 1.1Sorting stage
    • 1.2Soaking the laundry
  • 2Let's start washing
    • 2.1On a note!

Washing of white linen: preparation

Before we deal with how to wash white things, we will conduct a preparatory stage. You probably know that before loading dirty clothes into the washing machine it is necessary to sort the laundry in different piles. In one - white, in the second - black, in the third - color. Do not wash white and colored clothes together, as things can be painted, and it is unlikely that they will be able to return their former color.

Sorting stage

Now you need to go to the second stage of sorting to understand how to properly wash white linen. And again we will divide things into several groups: slightly stained and with spots that are difficult to remove. The first pile is in the drum. But a stack of stains needs the initial disposal of them.

Soaking the laundry

Removal of stains is not always under the power of SMA, which is why first, soak dirty laundry. It is most effective to collect a container with warm water and add a stain remover, then place the laundry with stains. Depending on the complexity of the problem, leave things for no more than 4 hours. After this, drain the water, rinse the laundry and send it to the stiralku. How else can I wash clothes to remove non-standard stains? Let's approach the solution of the problem in a non-standard way. You can use:

  • specialized stain removers;
  • solution made of hydrogen peroxide and soda;
  • detergents for dishes;
  • household white soap.

The list can be even longer, but when getting rid of complex spots, you need to act non-standard. On your favorite T-shirt appeared a large fat stain, or on the collar of the shirt traces of sweat? Do you want to know how to wash the stains so that the thing does not deteriorate? Pour a little dish detergent on the stain, carefully wash, leave for a while and rinse! The better to wash white things? To give the clothes a pleasant freshness, it is recommended to use high-quality, expensive detergents of well-known manufacturers.

Let's start washing

So we came to the main stage. Now you will learn how to wash white things in the washing machine. After you have looked through the white things, if necessary, they were soaked in the stain remover and rinsed, go to the next step. Do not know at what temperature to wash white things? Here the type of fabric is important: cotton - 90 degrees, and better 60; silk and wool - 30 degrees. Always look at the clothing tag - it indicates the permissible temperature regime.When using a substance with a chlorine content, you will be able to whiten the yellowed things. Special gels or tablets are added straight into the drum of the stylalki along with the things.

Interesting! Often, many owners of washing machines wash clothes on a program designed for washing things from synthetics.

You should know that you do not need to select the spin at the maximum speed, as this can damage the fabric with a strong twist of things.

On a note!

We suggest that you take into account a few more recommendations that will come in handy:

  1. An important rule that you must remember is best withto wash white linen in the sun, because it has properties to whiten things. It's great if you get to dry clothes on the balcony.
  2. Bright things are recommendedturn inside out, as in the sun they burn out and lose their color.
  3. Always before hanging white linencheck the cleanliness of the drying rope: it should not have dirt and rust.
  4. When the clothes dry,immediately remove itand put it in the closet.
  5. Before hanging bed linen or towels they needcarefully spread outand shake.

Important! Try to dry clothes on the street so that the sun's rays hit it. This will give the belly snow white.

Such simple recommendations will help you not to wonder how to wash white things, giving them a nice and neat look. Let your clothes always be clean and snow-white!

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