Inverter washing machine: what is it, TOP-5 best rating, is it worth buying

Recently, an invertor washing machine has been heard by many housewives. But no matter how common this kind of equipment is, not everyone knows what it is.

Many are only convinced that the inverter electric motor is much better than the usual one and has certain advantages over it. Therefore, before buying it will be useful to learn about all the pros and cons.

The content of the article:

  • What is the feature of the inverter motor?
  • The principle of operation of such styralok
  • Pros and cons of inverter technology
  • How to make a choice?
    • Energy Efficiency Class
    • Optimum spin speed
    • Dimensions and capacity of the drum
    • Noise level and functionality
  • Washer which brand prefer?
  • Popular models of inverter machines
    • Place # 1: Electrolux EWW 51685 WD
    • Place # 2: LG F-1096 ND3
    • Place # 3: LG F-1296 ND3
    • Place # 4: AEG L 574270 SL
    • Place # 5: Siemens WD 15 H541
  • Rules and recommendations for care
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What is the feature of the inverter motor?

Earlier this kind of components were used exclusively in microwave ovens and air cooling systems, and in the production of household appliances began to be used relatively recently.

The start was given when Korean and Japanese engineers began using this technology when designing washing machines. This innovation has allowed to achieve improved performance of equipment and extension of its service life.

The main feature of the inverter engine is its ability to “equalize” the current - to convert AC to DC. Thanks to this ability, the user gets the opportunity to accurately adjust both the speed and rotational speed of the drum.

Inverter motor

Compared to a conventional electric motor, brushes are not used in the inverter design. Its rotor moves due to the influence of electromagnetic fields, which increases the service life of the component.

The principle of operation of such styralok

This type of washing machine functions by inverting the current. Simply put, the voltage is pre-converted and only after that goes to the stator.

As a result, engine revolutions are adjusted with greater accuracy, which allows to significantly expand the number of washing modes.

Inverter machines can spin at speeds above 1,200 rpm. Accordingly, after the end of the wash cycle, the laundry and things practically do not need additional drying. It was possible to achieve such indicators thanks to the design without brushes.

The program is selected by electronic or mechanical control. In the latter case, the mode is indicated by the buttons, which is considered a more durable and reliable solution.

Well, in the case of electronic control to start the wash you need to press only one button and the device will do everything on its own.

Electronically controlled inverter washer

Models equipped with electronic control, can automatically weigh linen, as well as determine the optimal cycle time. This relieves the hostess of many problems and prolongs the life of things.

Pros and cons of inverter technology

The emergence of improved models of styralok was a real discovery. After all, in terms of energy efficiency, they overtook all the previous ones by as much as 15-20%. But these are not all the advantages of devices running on inverter motors.

The first and one of the most significant advantages is water saving. Due to small changes in the design of the drum costs decreased by 10%.

Many will say that it is not too large a number. But for those who wash often and a lot, this is a good reason to order such equipment.

Most of the latest models are equipped with a system. Beat wash. Its essence lies in the presence of a special 3D-sensor. This item greatly increases the efficiency of washing.

How does he do it? The whole snag is the adjustment of the movement of things inside the drum. The linen is evenly placed, so washing becomes more delicate and faster.

The list of advantages of the inverter motor should be supplemented with the following characteristics:

  • noiselessness - depending on the selected program, the noise level varies in the range from 52 to 75 dB;
  • high speed spin - linen after washing is almost dry;
  • accuracy - The number of revolutions is adjusted with mathematical precision.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then they should be attributed to the high cost and complexity of the repair. After all, this technique appeared relatively recently, which creates certain problems.

Inverter Washer

The main reason why you should buy an inverter machine is its practicality. After all, the system is easy to adapt to the washing of fabrics of any density.

How to make a choice?

Every developer of home appliances will undoubtedly praise their products and talk exclusively about their advantages, keeping silent about the disadvantages. Therefore, the buyer faces the problem of how to make a choice and not make a mistake with the optimal model.

Energy Efficiency Class

Buying a modern washing machine that runs on an inverter motor, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • energy efficiency class;
  • spin speed;
  • vehicle dimensions;
  • drum capacity;
  • noise level;
  • options.

Each of these factors plays an important role. Having made a mistake in at least one of them, you can waste your money.

Invertor working washing machine

A similar story is with the efficiency of washing. It is also divided into seven categories. So, having bought a unit of class A or B, you can count on a good, high-quality wash that harmoniously combines with a careful attitude to clothing and underwear.

First of all, a wise buyer will pay attention to the energy efficiency of the device. In the case of washing machines, they are divided into 7 classes, which are denoted by letters from G to A.

The first category includes those models that provide the lowest level of energy saving, but they also differ in low price. Well, category A is assigned to the most economical units.

Optimum spin speed

Today, manufacturers offer just a huge range of washing machines that can accelerate to 2,000 revolutions per minute.

Spin in inverter washers

But it's not always worth overpaying for high speed. After all, the overwhelming number of things should not be wrung out at a speed exceeding 1,000, - a high load has a detrimental effect on clothing and, as a result, significantly reduces its service life.

Buying a high-speed washer will result in a rather impressive amount. The reason for the high cost is the quality of the components.

Indeed, to ensure such high revolutions, it is necessary to use only expensive electric motors and durable, wear-resistant bearings.

Dimensions and capacity of the drum

A wise decision would be to preliminarily prepare the place where the equipment will be installed in the future. In this case, the optimal size of the equipment will become clear, thus avoiding additional difficulties.

Inverter Washing Machine Drum

Ordering a washing machine in the first place you need to focus on the needs and build on the financial capabilities of your family. This is the only way to choose a model with optimal characteristics and buy it at an adequate price.

When choosing, be sure to familiarize yourself with the capacity of the drum. If the device is used by one person, then a model for 3 kg of laundry will be more than enough.

In the case of a family of 4 people things are very different. Here you need a unit that is designed for 5 or even 6 kg of things.

Noise level and functionality

Loud sound interferes with household chores and can adversely affect health. Therefore, the best choice would be models that make noise during the spin cycle, not exceeding 75 dB.

In the case of functionality, everything is a bit more complicated. As a rule, most washing machines have a pre-installed set of programs.

Machine display

Be sure to take care of the safety of the device. It is desirable that the equipment was equipped with protection against leakage, as well as child lock.

But besides the standard units can boast a few dozen additional modes. Choose them based on personal needs.

Washer which brand prefer?

The first company that started producing machines on inverter motors is the company LG. Of the impressive lineup, devices are most in demand, the principle of operation of which is built on technology Direct drive.

The distinctive features of this motor are the ability to fine-tune the technique, a convenient door, as well as an improved drum design.

LG has paid special attention to detail. For example, engineers worked the drum and made its surface pimply.

Also lifts for clothes were changed. These elements corrected the shape and increased the height. As a result, such solutions have allowed to achieve a delicate effect on the fabric and the highest quality of washing.

Inverter washing machine AEG

Manufacturers believe that such washing machines are reliable and durable. Therefore, many companies provide a warranty period of 10 years. AEG is a striking example.

Europe is not far behind in the production of this type of equipment. On the market you can find many models of inverter technology from companies such as Candy, Whirlpool, Electrolux and many others.

Popular models of inverter machines

The range of machines operating thanks to an inverter motor is expanding from year to year. Such a range of choice allows the buyer with any income level to choose the optimal model that will satisfy all his needs.

But a huge catalog creates certain problems. After all, sometimes it is not easy to find equipment that is worth its money. Therefore, before making an order, it will be useful to learn about the options of devices that have already managed to win the recognition of thousands of buyers.

Place # 1: Electrolux EWW 51685 WD

First place in the list of reliable household appliances is Electrolux EWW 51685 WD. It is equipped with an innovative direct drive inverter motor. Differs from analogs with energy consumption of class A and increased work efficiency.

This is a frontal unit, standing alone. With a depth of 60 cm it is possible to load about 8 kg of linen and clothes into it.

The model is equipped with a drying capacity of up to 4 kg. Thanks to these parameters, she will be able to serve a family of 4-5 people.

As for the management, it is electronic. On the front panel is a display that greatly simplifies operation. The required washing mode is selected using the rotary knob. Well, additional parameters are indicated by the touch keys.

The model differs standard modes:

  • synthetics;
  • cotton;
  • fast;
  • delicate;
  • eco-cabin

In addition, the user is invited to use one of the special modes, if you want to wash down comforters, as well as things made of silk and wool.

Attention deserves the drying function. A variety of modes allows you to dry clothes and things so as not to overdry them.

Place # 2: LG F-1096 ND3

When you need to order a narrow washing machine, the South Korean model LG F-1096 is a good choice. In it you can wash about 6 kg of things, which will be important for a family of 3 or 4 people.

The manufacturer responsibly approached the development of software. An intelligent control system was built into this model. That is, if necessary, the device will independently adjust the washing parameters.

This full-size version of this LG washer, which can be easily embedded in a headset or in the bathroom countertop, as it has a removable top cover.

The list of modes is quite extensive - it includes about 13 different programs. Therefore, to choose the best for a particular fabric is not difficult.

The main advantage of the LG F-1096 ND3 can be considered its efficiency. It corresponds to class A ++, but this has affected the performance of the technology. When ordering this washing machine, get ready that the linen after the completion of the program will remain quite wet.

This situation can be remedied by restarting the spin mode, but this, respectively, will increase the cost of electricity.

The model belongs to a number of high-tech equipment - thanks to the function of Smart Diagnosis, you can quickly determine the cause of the fault. This will help the service center specialists to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Place # 3: LG F-1296 ND3

The dimensions and maximum weight of linen LG F-1296 ND3 is comparable to the above analogue. The main difference is in appearance. In this case, the machine is painted white, while on the door there is a stylish chrome bezel.

The energy efficiency of the model corresponds to class A +. In practice, it was proved that the entire wash cycle requires about 1 kW of electricity. Water also needs about 56 liters. This is a pretty good indicator.

In addition to the standard modes, the LG F-1296 ND3 boasts the following washing programs:

  1. Duvet blanked - using such a solution, you can not be afraid that the filler will get into a single lump.
  2. Kids' things - This feature will be useful for families with small children.
  3. Health care - The program is relevant for users who are prone to allergies, because it allows you to wash the powder much more carefully.

The model is equipped with a system against water leakage and has a lock on children. It should be noted that the latter function works with all buttons except for the off and on keys.

The LG F-1296 ND3 is equipped with a direct drive system. This means that the electric motor is directly attached to the drum, which provides greater efficiency and durability of the device.

Place # 4: AEG L 574270 SL

AEG L 574270 SL is a great choice for a large family. This model provides the ability to wash at a time about 6.5 kg of clothes and clothes. In addition, the spin is carried out at a speed of about 1200 rev / min, so even things from the coarsest fabric after washing will be almost dry.

The controls are simple and intuitive. On the front panel of the device is a display where the washing parameters are displayed.

Attention deserves technology OptiSens. This is a smart system, due to which the washing machine adjusts the washing time depending on the type of linen. You can find out the exact cycle time after 15 minutes from the start of the program.

Thanks to technology Fuzzy logic the model was able to assess the type of fabric and the amount of linen. The device compares the data with information stored in memory. After that, the optimum cycle time and spin speed will be selected.

Depth AEG L 574270 SL does not exceed 45 cm. Such dimensions make it an ideal choice for small apartments.

At the same time the washing machine is equipped with a reliable and highly effective security system - there is blocking from accidental pressing, protection against water leaks, as well as control of imbalance of things in the drum.

Place # 5: Siemens WD 15 H541

Cost-effectiveness, efficiency and capacity are only a small part of the advantages of Siemens WD 15 H541 inverter technology. Due to its unique characteristics, the model stands out from the gray mass of its competitors.

The unit is equipped with a luminous display, thought out to the smallest detail. At the same time, management is as convenient as possible. It is seen that the engineers paid attention to every detail.

With regard to energy consumption, the model Siemens WD 15 H541 corresponds to the highest category (A +++).

But this did not affect the performance - it is characterized by a high spin and wash class, which correspond to the class A. That is, the clothes will be perfectly clean, while for one cycle you will need a minimum of electricity.

The washing machine Siemens with the item number WD 15 H541 at a time can wash about 7 kg of laundry. This will be enough for a large family of 4 or even 5 people. In addition, the machine is equipped with a drying mode (up to 4 kg).

If we talk about the minuses, the above technique consumes a considerable amount of water in one cycle. Yes, and there is no mode of washing sportswear, as well as shoes.

Rules and recommendations for care

If it was decided to purchase washing equipment with an inverter type engine, it would be useful to learn a few nuances related to its operation.

First of all, the floor surface should be level, there should not be any slopes on it. In this case, the device works properly only with constant pressure. Details on the rules can be in the instructions attached in the kit.

To increase the life of the electric motor and protect it from any overload, there must be a mark on the washing liquid or powder. Automat.

It is also highly not recommended to use the equipment, loading one portion of things after another. After all, such a technique needs rest, the duration of which should be about one to two hours.

When buying an inverter machine, be sure to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of such an investment. In addition, it will be useful to learn more about the technical characteristics of a particular model.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What a direct drive inverter motor looks like:

Recommendations for choosing a washing machine:

Washing machines running on inverter motors can rightly be called innovative and high-performance household appliances.

They fully justify their value and make the life of a housewife much easier. And thanks to a wide model range, you can choose a model that will satisfy all the wishes of the buyer.

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