Dishwasher repair AEG

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Usually including a dishwasher, do you see that it does not start? We will tell you what to do in this situation. Before calling the master, you need to understand the cause of the failure.

Perhaps you can repair the AEG dishwashers yourself. Let's consider the basic malfunctions and ways of their elimination.

Error codes for AEG dishwashers are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

Dishwasher repair AEG

Content of the material:

  • 1The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher "AEG"
  • 2How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands
    • 2.1Problems with the drain and circulation pump
    • 2.2Faults in the priming system
    • 2.3Malfunction of the heating element
    • 2.4Problems with injectors

The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher "AEG"

Find the cause of the malfunction will help her symptoms. If you start the car and the error code is displayed, try resetting the settings and rebooting.

How to reload the MMP "AEG

  1. Disconnect the equipment from power for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Connect to the network, look at the scoreboard.
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If the code again appears on the screen, then you need to find its value. Each code indicates a certain malfunction in the dishwasher.

In case the machine does not turn on at all, does not react to commands, the indicators do not glow, you need to check.

The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher

  • Start with the outlet where the PMM is connected.
  • Connect another device to it to check operability.
  • Inspect the power cord for damage. In case of insulation failure, the power cord must be completely replaced.
  • Diagnose the power button. Check the integrity of its contacts.
  • The control module and fuses are checked last. As a result of a short circuit, the fuses could burn. It is necessary to do repair of the module - this job is better to entrust to the master.

Common problems in the dishwasher "AEG

  • Why does not the machine pick up water? The reason may be in the clogging of the filler hose of the filter or the valve. Damage to the input valve is not excluded.
  • No heating. The heating element (heating element) is defective. It is also likely that the thermostat breaks down, which measures the temperature when heated. Probably, contacts were cut short.

The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher

  • The dishwasher badly washes the dishes. This is due to the clogging of the nozzles on the sprinkler, it can affect the lack of water heating.

Next, we'll start troubleshooting.

How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands

There are such malfunctions as blockage - any mistress can eliminate it. But there are also breakdowns that require major repairs.

Problems with the drain and circulation pump

How to understand what the problem is in the pump? Pay attention to such signs:

  • can hear engine noise, but the water does not leave the tank;
  • Before the water is drained, the machine stops working;
  • the display shows error I

Let's start with the simplest reasons why the dishwasher does not drain the water. This can be a blockage in the drain system. Inspection and cleaning:

  1. Drain filter. To get it, unplug the machine from the mains, shut off the water supply. Open the door and remove all baskets and trays from the tank. Remove the filter at the bottom of the PMM, rinse the part under running water.
  2. Pump impellers. It is behind the filter. Remove water from the hole with a sponge, remove the pump cover. Wear gloves and inspect the impeller. Most often, the impeller is clogged with food debris and glass fragments, which blocks the operation of the pump.
  3. Drain hose. Disconnect the hose from the PMM and check for blockage. Sewerage could also be clogged. For cleaning, use special tools.

The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher

The drain system is clean, but does not drain the water? Then the diagnosis and replacement of the circulation pump is carried out. Below is a step-by-step guide for replacing the pump. Before repair, check the MMP manual.

  • Prepare the dishwasher as described above.
  • Turn the cabinet over to open the bottom.
  • If the bottom is covered with a panel, unscrew the screws that secure it.
  • Disconnect the drain pump by unscrewing the fixing screw.
  • Disconnect the circulation pump wiring.
  • Unhook the clamps, disconnect the hoses that are attached to the pump.

The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher

  • Press the metal latch.

To replace, move the latch from the defective part to a new one. Reinstall in the reverse order.

Faults in the priming system

When the water is not poured into the tank for a long time, the dishes are badly laundered - clogging in the system is likely. First of all you need to check:

  • whether there is water in the system;
  • sufficient pressure for normal washing of dishes;
  • whether the shut-off valve is fully open.

Then inspect the flooding system:

  • Disconnect the filler hose from the PMM housing.
  • Check it for clog.
  • Remove the filter mesh. Clean it.

Faults in the priming system

  • Inspect the fill valve at the time of clogging.
  • The valve coils are called with a multimeter.

How to check:

  • Take the multimeter and set it to the ohmmeter mode.
  • Attach the instrument probes to the valve contacts.
  • The item is OK when the display shows 500 to 1500 ohms.
  • There is no indication on the display - it means the coil is faulty. It is necessary to replace the valve.

Malfunction of the heating element

Diagnosis of the heating system is carried out, wiring is inspected. In the case of burnt parts, the entire wiring harness should be replaced. When the heater is broken, a new element is installed:

  1. Turn the dishwasher "on its back" - the flow heater is attached to the pump.
  2. Disconnect the heater contacts.
  3. Remove the fixing screws.Malfunction of the heating element
  4. Taking the heater out of the housing PMM, install a new serviceable element.

If the thermostat fails, you can repair yourself:

  1. Pull the circulation pump out of the machine housing - how to do it, described above.
  2. A thermostat is attached to the body of the pump assembly.
  3. Remove the cover from it.
  4. Disconnect the wiring from the sensor.
  5. Remove the fixing screw.
  6. Pull the sensor out of the socket.Malfunction of the heating element
  7. Before installing a new part, put on the rubber seal and insert it into the socket.

Problems with injectors

The nozzles on the sprinkler can also become clogged. If this happens, remove the sprinkler from the body and clean the holes with a toothpick.

Problems with injectors

Now you know what to do if the AEG dishwasher does not work. Do not over tighten with repair, then you will be able to avoid serious malfunctions.

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