How to wash shoes in a washing machine

Probably, you have repeatedly questioned whether it is possible to wash shoes in a washing machine. It is very difficult to answer it immediately, because there are many factors that affect the process. We will share with you some useful tips on how to wash your shoes in a washing machine and not spoil it.

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  • 1Is the washing of shoes allowed in the stilalki
  • 2Preparation
  • 3Wash
  • 4Drying
  • 5Useful recommendations

Is the washing of shoes allowed in the stilalki

Here you are already ready for this desperate step, but you can have quite a logical question, what shoes can be washed in a washing machine, and which one is not worth. Experiments are good, but few people will dare risk their favorite pair of shoes. It is difficult to say with certainty that only specific footwear is allowed to be washed, because almost any can deform. That is why, before you send the product to the styralka, it must be carefully studied.

  • If there is an information label, then it will be easier for you to understand how to wash shoes in a washing machine. You can get acquainted with the rules of care on the sites of manufacturers.
  • Consideration should be given to the material. For example, fabric sneakers and sneakers wash in a typewriter will be easily transferred. But suede shoes are 100% spoiled.
  • If, on inspection, you notice that the shoes are glued and are not stitched anywhere, set them aside. The washing of glued footwear will end badly, because under the influence of water it will fall apart.
  • Metal inserts or elements from leatherette, most likely, will spoil when machine wash. Metal rusts, and leatherette can go cracked. Appearance of such shoes will be completely unattractive.


If you are ready to wash your shoes, do not throw it immediately into the drum, because this will lead to a negative result, and you can forget about your favorite shoes. In addition, you can damage the styralka. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the washing correctly, accurately and deliberately. Before washing, boots need to be protected from excessive loading under the influence of a rotating drum. At the same time, it will not hurt to protect the SMA drum, because it will be pounded with a firm sole. There are situations when there was an imbalance when washing a heavy pair of shoes. This problem is solved quite simply - to immerse your favorite pair in a special bag for washing, after which you can select the appropriate mode.Is it possible to wash the ballet shoes in a washing machine? A pair of fabric material can be loaded into the drum simply, but ballet shoes sewn from leatherette or other dense fabric should be washed in a laundry bag. Do not forget to wash your shoes thoroughly, removing dirt from the sole, and dust on the outside. Also need to get rid of any metal parts and laces. Insoles are not an exception, they also need to be washed separately. Put the shoes in a bag and put them in the machine.


Such bags are usually sold in sports stores (in Decathlon the bag costs 119 rubles. and the like) and on (look for a "shoe bag" on request).

Important! If there is no possibility to purchase a special bag, then an old pillowcase will be used instead of it, which you no longer need.



The washing of shoes in the washing machine starts after all the recommendations are fulfilled. Add the detergent powder, preferably liquid, to the powder container, as it has an excellent emollient property. But if you still use the usual powder, then 50 g will be more than enough. On how to properly wash shoes in a washing machine, you can hear a lot. In this issue it is very important to choose the appropriate regime. If not special, turn on the delicate mode, because it will not hurt the shoes, while softening it. Set the temperature at 40 degrees. Turn off the spinning and drying - this should be done manually. Now turn on the "Start" and wait for the end of the AGR.

Important! Big turns will damage not only the shoes, but the very stick!

If you have a question how to wash leather shoes, you should be aware that from soaking in warm water it will lose shape and deform. If you doubt whether it is possible to wash shoes or dentists in a washing machine, then, as we have already explained, they have a firm sole, which means that you will need to use a bag for washing.


You already know how to wash winter boots, now you should talk about an equally important process - drying. Drying is a very important stage.

Important! Do not dry shoes on the battery or the sun, because at high temperatures it deforms and can become unstuck.

  • Inside the boot, put a lot of white paper to give the correct shape, tamp it. Under the ban newspapers and glossy magazines, as the illustrations can be transferred to the inside of the shoe.
  • Dry your favorite boots on the balcony. It is well ventilated, and the air positively affects the shoes, ensuring an early drying out.
  • After drying, treat it with a means to repel moisture. Such a tool you will find in any shoe store.

Useful recommendations

If the washing in the AGR has not yielded a positive result, and the contamination has remained in place, it is necessary to fight them manually. To handle difficult stains on shoes, you can use a dishwashing detergent - it will remove the engine oil. Apply the substance to the stain, after which let it stand so for a day. Then you can fill the styralka. Grass stains can be cleaned with a solution prepared from ammonia and warm water (:). Then treat the stain using a laundry soap.If the shoes accidentally dripped paint, use acetone. A few more tips for the note:

  • Do not wash damaged shoes in the machine.
  • Do not load more than two pairs of shoes into the drum, they will simply damage your stylalka and its accessories.
  • If your boots are decorated with satin bows, rhinestones, pebbles and other ornaments, it is possible that during the washing they will disappear.
  • Low-quality shoes in the stylalke will immediately disintegrate, so try to clean the shoes by hand.
  • If you are offered to use liquid soap, shower gel or shampoo, ignore these tips. Means are not designed for machine washing, you risk damaging the AGR. It is better to buy liquid gels or powders for colored fabrics - they soften and take care of shoes.

Important! Do not wash the shoes repeatedly, as this will damage it. It is better to inspect it carefully before loading it into the AGR.

Washing the shoe does not cause trouble, the main thing is to study it as closely as possible. Do not forget to use a special bag for washing and quality products that soften shoes and do not contain bleach. Enjoy your laundry!

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