What is a foot washing machine

What are mechanical washing machines? Is it a retro assembly or is it an advanced technology? Both! There was a foot washing machine for a long time, but from a bulky and inconvenient device evolved to a compact helper.

Consider the features, the device and the advantages of this technique - perhaps you will be interested in this unusual option.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where to use
  • 2How the foot washing machine is arranged
  • 3Is it worth buying

Where to use

The first stylalki were all mechanical, and for almost a hundred years nobody had ever thought of them. Electric cars were the only option for quick and not troublesome washing of things. Why then did the developers return to the past and create a foot model?

This option is interesting for avid tourists and lovers of camping. The machine does not require electricity and running water - that is necessary for the traveler.

How the foot washing machine is arranged

If we talk about modern models, then the market in this segment is represented only by one advertised model - Drumi, released in Canada by the company YIREGO. In addition to this model, there is still a modification of AQUA Coton, but the principle of its operation is somewhat different, so let's talk about Drumi.

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Movable parts rotate lightly with the movement of the foot, so the styaralka got the name "foot washing machine".

In 2015, a car with a foot-operated drive became a real find - it was advertised, bloggers offered reviews, people bought up. What is the reason for this interest? The developers have provided three advantages of this machine:

  • It is with a pedal drive.
  • It looks very unusual.
  • Portable and lightweight.

The main "chip" in an unusual design, because none of the modern manufacturers had previously tried to create this, because of which the first wave of sales was crowned with success. It's worth a handful of washing up a lot - about $ 200, so outside the States and Canada has not yet found its distribution. Europeans for some reason reacted weakly to the novelty, so the markets of Europe Drumi never came out.

The mechanical machine "Droimi" has the following characteristics:

  • Drive - mechanical, pedal. The launch does not require any special physical effort.
  • Loading - up to, kg of laundry.
  • The height is 56 cm.
  • Water - for washing you need 5 liters of hot water.
  • Cycles - 3 pieces.

You do not have to believe, but this baby knows how to not only wash. It will rinse and depress things, and all this by pressing just one small pedal.

The principle of the machine with the pedal:

  • Load things, put in a detergent.
  • Fill the tank with water (hot).
  • Close the lid and press the pedal hard for about 5 minutes.
  • Open the lid to drain the water.
  • Fill with fresh water (warm), close the lid. Now you need to press the pedal for 3 minutes.
  • Drain the water, close the machine and repeat foot movements for 2-3 minutes.
  • It remains to drain the water after pressing and to dry the clean things.

Important! Despite the fact that this is a mechanical pedal machine, pressing on the degree of humidity is as effective as in an automatic typewriter.

Is it worth buying

The dignity of such drunkards is much greater than the shortcomings. Let's start with a good one:

  • Modest dimensions - you can throw in the trunk, and it will have a lot of free space.
  • Electricity is not needed.
  • The clothes of any weight are erased - even a pair of socks or a handkerchief.
  • Saves water and detergent.
  • Squeezes underwear.
  • The processes of washing, rinsing and spinning are much faster than in the AGR.
  • Stylish looks - you can put in any room, and it will not spoil the design.
  • There is a comfortable handle.
  • The weight is only 7 kg.

Among the minuses, there are only two:

  1. High price.
  2. Availability. Today, such a car can be ordered directly from America or Canada. The shipment is paid separately, and they will have to wait until the "Droimi" arrives.

But to be objective, the machine is light, functional and pretty. Considering the advantages, the foot drive goes into the background - after all, on vacation even fun to do physical work.

Saving, compactness, use is the perfect conclusion about Drumi.

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