How to connect a washing machine to hot water

In all modern washing machines there is a heating element for heating water. But some users for the sake of economy decide to connect the machine immediately to the water pipe with hot water, while dreaming of saving on the communal.

How justified this decision is and when the connection to the hot pipe is really rational, you will learn from this article. We will consider whether it is possible to connect a washing machine to hot water, describe what it will take and how to do the work with our own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1Worth it or not
  • 2What you need to connect the machine
  • 3How to connect

Worth it or not

The manufacturer usually only provides connection to cold water. But there are models in which the possibility of a double connection is realized - both to a cold pipe and to a hot pipe.

If you have an ordinary machine, and you do not know what kind of water it should be connected to, then you should know that it is better not to violate the manufacturer's instructions. If the instructions say that the connection is only cold, then do it. Otherwise, such consequences are possible:

  • TEN will burnmuch faster, despite the fact that, logically, it should not be used and, it seems, can last longer.
  • The quality of washing will decrease. Some things, especially from delicate fabrics, can just get messed up. If water is supplied in your water pipe with a temperature of 60 degrees, even if you select a 30-degree mode washing thing will get into the water with the temperature that goes in the pipe - to lower the temperature of the water machine can not.
  • In the case of the AGRcan get a lot of rubbishand dirt, since hot water is considered technical and does not go through such cleaning, as cold. In order to get clean water into the machine, you need a fine filter, and such a purchase will pour out to you "a pretty penny."
  • The water intake hose is often made of plastic or other materials not designed for high temperature water, so be prepared forfrequent replacementthis part.

There are pluses of this connection, for which, in fact, it is selected by some advanced users. You can save on electricity - it's a fact. But, given that the cost of hot water is not much lower than the price of energy resources,the benefits are very doubtful.

What you need to connect the machine

If you have a machine without heating water or a model that connects to both hot and cold water, further instructions will be helpful. In the design of this AGA there are two filling hoses at once, so the connection will be different from the standard one. Read how to connect such a machine, below.

Let's start with the toolkit. You will need:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • ¾ inch gasket rings (silicone or rubber);
  • 2 main-taps for ¾ with a lateral outlet to the water intake hose;

If the crane-tee will be installed in a conspicuous place, for example, in a bathroom on a mixer, then choose beautiful chrome-plated options. For concealed, any taps will do.

  • adapters for ¾;
  • flow filters for ¾.

Important! Carefully use the adjustable wrench to avoid damaging the chrome-plated mixer nuts. If you are afraid of spoiling the cover, seal the elements with electrical tape so as not to scratch the chrome parts.

How to connect

There are several options for connecting: simple - to the mixer (here you will understand it yourself) - and more complex, but reliable. On it and stop.

Do this:

  • First, screw the flow-through filters into the taps so that there are less dirt and debris from the pipes in the CM system.
  • Close the risers with water.
  • Get under the sink and find the place of docking the pipe with the hoses that go to the sink mixer. Disconnect the hoses from the pipe.
  • Screw on both pipes, using adapters, tees assembled with flow-through filters.
  • Connect the hoses from the mixer to the tees.
  • Screw both tee hoses from the stirring spigots into the tees. Without FUM-tape here can not do, since it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the connections.
  • Turn on the water, start the test wash. When checking, observe the tees and hoses to make sure that nothing is leaking anywhere.

Now that the washing machine is connected to both pipes, you can use it according to the instructions.

And if the plant in your styralka does not provide a double connection, we recommend that you avoid it - it is better to pay a little more for utilities, than to soon go for new details to the machine.

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